Nicor / Tenants Bill on Landlord.

IL, United States

We have been sent a huge bill of 1300.00 dollars by NICOR for one of our rental property. This is so shocking for us. Since couple of months we were having problem getting rent from this tenant and whenever we visited our property it looked like no one was living over there but gas meter was on. This made us suspect that something dubious is going on.

Based upon this doubt and understanding our responsibility we called NICOR to make them aware of some thing wrong is happening. We kept calling NICOR to know whether gas service for this property is still ON or not? They refused to give any answer saying it is not our responsibility.

Now when we are going through eviction process with this tenant and want gas connection on our name; NICOR comes with totally different story that connection was switched off couple of months back and somebody was stealing the gas. Since we were sensing something wrong is happening we tried to inform NICOR long back. They ignored our request and now they want us to pay this huge amount which is because of Tenant misusing gas and NICOR ignoring our request.

If NICOR would have told about service being switched off at the time we called, we would have escalated this issue and would have stopped this from happening. Now we are being asked to pay this huge amount which we are not at all responsible; we are feeling totally ditched and is looking for Justice. We have been talking to all level people in NICOR once we came to know about this; but no one is at all helpful.

We will be taking this issue to Court.

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