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Netflix / quality of movies and consumer satisfaction

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Greetings .
I'm a Netflix registered user with over 3 accounts, and I don't mind paying as long as I get good movies including older ones . Yet, I am not satisfied with the movies that are already on Netflix . Every time I try to search for a movie that isn't found on Netflix, I send feedback with the names of the movies that I need to see, but not one of them since 3 months I have seen .
So without making this longer, I would say please include more nicer and better movies than the ones that are being brought . No need to subscribe and be a user here if I only browse movies that I don't want to watch . Please seek our satisfaction or I will have to cancle my 4 accounts on here .

Jan 16, 2019
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  • Fr
      16th of Jan, 2019
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    I have had this service for several years. The quality of the movies are horrible, and many of the different types of genres only offer duplicates of the same thing. Many of us are considering deleting and cancelling our service because of the fact that a number of months go by before you offer new movies which are also horrible, or update seasons. When there is a series we enjoy, you remove it from our selection and we have to resort to either going to the library and continuing to watch it or watching Hulu. Quite often I spent two to three hours trying to find a movie to watch, and end up rewatching old series as a result. You basically are not concerned about the quality of the product as long as you can rip us off and waste our nights thinking that somehow we may have missed a good movie because we didn't look hard enough. You lack the decency and imagination to keep us entertained, while you think that we will just idly sit by and tolerate this lack of concern for quality programming . The majority of the good movies are in a foreign language that one must either become distracted by reading the captioning or take a crash course in the language. On top of it, you add insult to injury by thinking that your company is entitled to an increase in rates as if you have given us something phenomenal? Believe me when I say, your customer loyalty will decline and your stock will bottom out if you don't resolve this and treat us with decency as a paying customer.

  • Lo
      20th of Jan, 2019
    +1 Votes

    In light of Netflix' resent announcement of intent to raise their monthly rates and the fact that I can't determine which is worse, Netflix or CumCast with their exorbitant fees and increasingly poor service, I'll happily be dropping my Netflix subscription and most of CumCast. In fact, I doubt they could pay 'me' enough to trouble myself with watching this garbage tripe.

    Cumcast, with their constant (in all to high a percentage of literally years of the same old 2nd and 3rd class 'B' movies in most cases). And Netflix with their amazingly huge mountain of crap programming ever so slightly peppered with not quite enough quality movies and/or outdated documentaries to maintain interest over cost.

    Between that and Netflix' attempt at pushing their thinly veiled and utterly sickening ultra liberal agenda coupled with so damned many foreign crap movies that no one in the western world is interested in and can't be watched for having to read their subtitles...

    Are you BLITHERING IMBECILES actually trying to put yourselves out of business?

    I already pay thru the nose for internet service. I think it's about time I drop the bunch of you jerks and start streaming or even pirating what programming that might be out there worth the watch. You jerk-offs certainly aren't providing any.

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