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Hulu Complaints & Reviews

Hulu / streaming service

Susan on Sep 1, 2018

I was very satisfied with Hulu and all of a sudden it went bonkers. What's going on? It doesn't save my shows anymore and I've tried resetting. It used to be a pleasure going to Hulu but now it's a chore and who's got the time to search all over for the show I want. I've been watching more...

Hulu / online tv service — digital tv

Sher_dhan on Jul 16, 2018

I know that there is a 98% chance that nobody is reading this and this Is a useless attempt. However, I am angry, so I had to try. I am writing this complaint to address the lack of user friendly service. I am going to compare Hulu to Netflix-- on Netflix, everything is very simple, easy to...

Hulu / missing points

Aureliane Wise on Jun 16, 2018

I joined Hulu April 20 but never received the 5000 bonus points. I have sent several missing points requests. Same thing happened when I joined Disney movie club months ago. I never got my points even tho I sent several emails to my points. Please advise. It makes me not to want to use my...

Hulu / overload of commercials!

PCJohnson on Apr 5, 2018

I am extremely dissatisfied with the overload of commercials before and during programing. I have on average between programing viewed no less than 8 commercials. Before you can watch a show it is normal that I forget what I am trying to watch. The advertisements last for up to five (5...

Hulu / the streaming service never works

PissedOff@Hulu on Mar 10, 2018

When I first got Hulu the excuse the streaming service didn't work is because I needed to download Internet Explorer as my browser. It would work for a little while then stop working. So the excuse was I needed to download firefox. It worked for a little while then stopped working again...

Hulu / commercials

sriff on Feb 7, 2018

I upgraded to the 43.99 no commercial plan and have been forced to watch 15-20 commercials during a one hour show. I've tried to go back to the other plan and it doesn't give me the option. The Hulu help page doesn't even work and when I've tried to call the wait time is in excess of an...

Hulu / done with them

Gail Aston on Sep 12, 2017

I really liked it, never regretted I spent some money to get the best service from them. On the other websites I saw many complaints regarding the new update, so I will be one of those people who really disappointed with what you did to the app. It's terrible, guys. Not everything in thi...

Hulu / The website had problems and sometimes it didn't show properly

Gedoon on May 28, 2015

People, avoid the website I used it within two weeks, but I stopped. The website didn’t show movie or TV programs all the time, every 5-10 minutes it stopped to work at all. Once it hadn’t worked for 20 minutes. Total scam. I simply stopped to visit the website and closed my...

Hulu / Scam, scam and impossible to cancel subscription

Otsn on Jul 6, 2014

I found the website, which offered to watch videos and other stuff. I subscribed for them and started to get different emails from them. At the beginning it was fine, but later they started to send so much rubbish that I was furious. I wanted to stop this scam and tried to... / Labeling Dubbed/Subbed Anime

V_M on Aug 22, 2011

I do really love hulu, and I love the strides that they have taken with anime distribution companies in order to make anime more available to a wider audience. One thing that does bug me about their practices is how they go about separating dubbed anime and anime only with subtitles. There... / intra episode navigation

While attempting to watch an episode of a TV show on, I attempted to pause the program. Instead of pausing by pressing the space bar, which usually works. Instead, the program jumped to an earlier part of the show, without pausing. I then tried to return the progress indicator to...