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hulu streaming service

So we run on a newer vizio, its updated, yet hulu still pauses and sometimes doesnt even stream. We pay our bill each month for this so why is this issue happening? The stream freezes, gets "unclear" or generally doesnt work. Our internet speeds are fine and it streams thru the switch or playstation just fine. This is rediculous we shouldnt have these issues which we pay for.

hulu interface

We use Hulu everyday. It's our go to place for all our favourite shows. But the interface is difficult. it shouldn't be this difficult to search or look for our shows. If it was simpler it would be better to use.

The fact that we have to scroll through shows we don't even watch to click on the show we want... it just doesn't make sense. I remember when Hulu was easier and perfect.


I like watch anime on hulu but there is a problem . For some anime hulu stops the dubbed in the middle of the series and l don't like how that. Because I was rewatching naruto supputian and it has a total of 500 episodes but hulu only has 141 dubbed episode meaning I have to watch the rest on subbed which I don't want to do . And that why I might stop my hulu account



I have two separate complaints both involving my children. The commercials my children watch when viewing...


hulu live

The ads are too frequent and excessively long. There are so many ads that the next program starts before I have ever even seen the ending of the program I am watching. This may be what prompts me to drop Hulu Live. I want to see the ending of the show. I have yet to see the ending of any program. Apparently you can not shut off Autoplay on Hulu Live either, it goes on to the next scheduled program whether the show you are watching has fully ended, To me, it's POINTLESS to even watch it if you can't see how it ends. I otherwise love Hulu and likely will ditch Hulu Live.

offensive and medical commercials

Sexually explicit commercials, to increases sales of medicines and treatments, such as the one for Peyronie's Disease, and the Dexcom G6, both of which occur at least once during every movie or episode watched, every day. We don't mind car commercials, computer commercials, or even rap/hip-hop commercials, but the sexually explicit and health related one, especially when they do not apply to the family, are beyond annoying. When it's sexual, it's offensive.

last update

The last update has caused major issues I noticed all the issues started around July 17th 2019. It took a call back from Hulus escalation team for me to find out they updated the software
The menu is displaying the recent channels when it is on all channels. Often I have to move up to the top menu to get back to the right location
When you are at the bottom of the menu you have to flip all the way down to get back where you were.
The menu is often wrong at the beginning of the hour showing you the last show and the one that will be on later.
When it is the top of the hour the menu pauses and reloads on every station making it painful to use it.
If I browse to movies start watching a movie then have to continue later the movie is not in the list. It is not in keep watching you have to dive deep to find it again
Half the time when browsing the all channel menu it changes to recently viewed so you have to start all over again
sometimes the advertisements restart over and over then hulu exits or gets locked up
if you are watching a show that you restarted from the beginning and the show is over live if anything happens you will lose the ability to keep watching
if the dvr has an error the only way to start over is to call in so they can do it
The recent channels often does not list the last channel you tuned into if the channel was on an advertisement
The limited commercials feature is false advertising it only pertains to 3 shows not all of them.

The community is useless since Hulu never looks at it
The chat is useless since they keep wanting you to reboot and reinstall
The phone contact usually requires a call back from the escalation team to get someone that knows what they are doing
If they credit your account they change your billing date. No other business does this.

hulu’s live tv

Shows keep freezing up and not loading. Everyday I have trouble getting Hulu to load and stream without...

payment not received

I had finished my task in Hulu for 40, 914 credits, I put all the information in, as I was getting it processed for a little bit, I finished. So I was satisfied and started watching some shows, I never cancelled right away . Anyways that's when I came back to imvu an 2-3 hours later and my credits weren't there, I was very upset, I complained but nothing happened, even though I finished my task.

live tv

I have two homes - one in houston and one in austin. When subscribing I saw that there could be 2 users at a time which is fine. But when going to austin with my roku ultra and connecting to hulu live tv I was prompted to "make this my home location" which I did and then the message that I had used 1 out of 4 location changes and I only have 4 location changes a year. This is one of the most disgusting issues I have encountered. Why only 4 changes a year when I have to login into hulu anyway? Absolutely ridiculous!!! What are the admin folks at hulu thinking that this is an item to enforce - how dumb. And, why is this when paying for a service that one cannot use in two locations. What difference does it make to hulu where one watches their programing. Yes, the local channels are involved but I would rather just watch the local channels on the digital antenna and not at all on hulu live tv. It's sad to see such a large company have such stupid individuals running it. No wonder at&t wanted out of hulu.

live stream buffering

Please fix your live stream buffering! You've raised your rates — what for? We are getting worse service than before. Shame on you. Last night — 3-06-19, I finally just turned it off because buffering was happening 20+ times. I will go elsewhere if you don't do something about this. There are plenty of other reviews about this same issue, so I know this is not just me. You don't get a raise for substandard work. The buffering issue is still happening on 3-07-19.

hulu is racist

On feb 1 hulu added "celebrating black stories" without a stop suggesting or remove button. Lineup is the first page that starts on a mobile device and guess what.. That page pops up first.. Every time.
It is the only page that does not have a stop suggesting or remove button in the entirety of the content list. This is racism and censorship at its best. Not because I said something but because hulu has chosen to offer no choice to consumers on this page and this page singles out race defined by color - racism and offensive - and because every other page in the entirety of hulu's content list has a choice but this one - censorship.

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    UserNameHere Jun 29, 2019

    They are doing the same thing with pride stuff.
    Before the haters chime in my best friend growing up is gay and I know many gay people
    I don't care what you do in your bedroom I am just tired of hearing about it
    The 3% of the population is forcing their wills on the other 97%
    They want tolerance but happen to be the most intolerant people I know
    In this day you are accepted by most and you would be upset if heterosexuals went around being just as proud

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subscription options

Your subscription options suck! If I'm paying for it at all then there shouldn't be any damn commercials!!!...

premium streaming service

Don't even start with the [censored] about streaming rights! You are putting more commercials at the beginning...

hulu streaming services

I am not pleased at all about the way the Hulu service is performing. Every time I go to click on something...

operations officer

Wow Hulu what is going on Everytime I go to watch a show it pops up sorry we are having trouble loading thi...

sara silverman

She is a very distasteful, rude, and extremely disrespectful Comedian and human being. You should be...

streaming service

I was very satisfied with Hulu and all of a sudden it went bonkers. What's going on? It doesn't save my show...

online tv service — digital tv

I know that there is a 98% chance that nobody is reading this and this Is a useless attempt. However, I am...

missing points

I joined Hulu April 20 but never received the 5000 bonus points.
I have sent several missing points requests.
Same thing happened when I joined Disney movie club months ago. I never got my points even tho I sent several emails to my points.
Please advise. It makes me not to want to use my points and it's promotions any more as it seems like the requests for missing points are been ignored.