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Netflix's service has gotten terrible.. We've been members at least 13 years and used to be they received the films back and the next day new ones would be sent out, not any more. In Brooklyn, a one day service to return to them now it's 3 or 4 days before they show them returned and another few days before they ship out the new ones. I believe they are doing this on purpose so people cannot get movies faster and Netflix can save on postage. When you call to ask about what is going on, why is it taking so long they are rude. We have about had it with them, NOT reliable anymore and many of the DVD's we received are damaged and can't be watched when you get them.

Dec 15, 2014
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  • Ka
      21st of Feb, 2015

    I too have been getting less and less service from Netflix. It started getting worse around Veterans day. We used to get 4 dvd's a week. Then It was only 3 no matter if there was a Holiday or not. Now we are luck to get 2. There was a crack on a DVD so I reported it the same day. which was Sat. 14, 2015. We sent it off the same day. I figured 1 would be sent off Monday at least. No they didn't send it 'til they received it. Actually they sent it the next day after they received it. It was supposed to arrive here today. Nope not today. we only received 2 DVD"s this week. Are they punishing those that don't stream their DVD's. That is what it seems like to me and My Husband.

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