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M Nov 06, 2017 Review updated:

When watching the TV show Ozark (Season 1 Épisode 1) tonight I was actually chocked by a scene happening from the 50th to the 51th minutes of the episode!
The character simply amalgamated Muslims and Terrorists... not even mentionning that this disrespectful and insulting comment comes out of the blue, since it has nothing to do with the topic of the show/scene...
Let me quote the script as it clearly speaks from itself :
« Mexicans, Mafia, Muslims. We all want to believe that these people are more than they are. And they're not. If they weren't... dealing drugs, extorting businesses, flying planes into buldings, they'd be cleaning toilets.
They're not criminal geniuses. They're pathological liars on the path of least of resistence. ... »
It is our responsability to ensure that racist, islamophobic or any disrespectful comments about any type of community are noticed, reported and not accepted as if it was a thruth or a normal thing to say... We must not exploit the fear of Muslims within the world by popularizing Islamophobia!


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      Feb 02, 2018

    It's disgusting and calculated. That's the zionist jews' agenda, to brainwash the sheeple. Remember people, the minorities that you're talking about are 2 billion people AND GROWING IN NUMBER. You'll never see or hear anyone bashing jews, if you do, they will be scrutinized, persecuted and exiled from planet earth.

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  • S
      Feb 04, 2018

    Have you whiteaphobia? You never seem to care about all the other crap that is told, except when it tells the truth about your faith that is renowned for the destruction of other lives. Sure have your own faith but when it harms another, then i guess people have a right to retaliate. Point is stop believing in such nonsense as religion, it is the most destructive obsession on the planet the one that kills the most people, whether Muslim, Christian and what have you. I get annoyed how others wish to stop what they want to stop but when it comes to stopping certain things they then think that is unfair. For example White men stole Australia but i was never born for a start and secondly it was a queen that stole the lands, A WOMAN... Stil l have to suffer all the racism and just have to accept it, well i don't no matter what any of you hypocrits say. we should remove all the war movies and all the feminist crap and all the other garbage as well. In fact ets remove BEE Movie since it promoteds kids following a corrupt leader and doing as they say or else. Hell lets just get rid of all the earth. When the truth is denied, then the problems are never going to end.

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  • S
      Oct 06, 2018

    So I'm not the only one who found it it uber disrespectful. This was an insul to all Muslims and I can't believe that it even happens in a tv serie...

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  • D
      Oct 26, 2018

    Shame on Netflix

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      Apr 28, 2019

    I've found that the more devout a Muslim is to the Koran, the more likely he is to be a terrorist.
    Don't like it???
    Ask your bros to stop killing people. Maybe get out of the 17th century.

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  • H
      Jun 29, 2019

    @45DaBest In fact I think there’s always been something going on between muslim terrorists and USA governments.
    Let me remind you of Alqa’edah and ISIS .
    Alqaedah was the right hand of USA government during the war against Soviet.
    After defeating the Soviet USA Government started the war against Alqaedah to get red of them and thats when small fanatic groups started showing up including ISIS .
    They can’t get to USA because it’s way too far so they decided to kill muslims in islamic countries because some of Islamic countries are allies with USA that’s how they wanted to get revenge.
    13 people of them did fly a plane into 2 buildings in usa once but thousands of them still killing muslims in islamic countries including SAUDI ARABIA .
    Why don’t you grow up and start thinking.
    The KKK is the worst terrorist group on the planet does that make all christians terrorists ?
    YOU CANNOT delete 2 billion people existence but this way you can make them your enemy and that’s why grown up people believe that usa and most of western countries are driving the world to a brutal disaster
    To defeat terrorists we need to stop covering the ones that might be related to us In skin color or religion

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  • M
      Aug 11, 2019

    They again followed it up with a comment after some episodes, BUDDY saying "I would never vote for a Muslim (referring to Obama).

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