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I have my account closed by nfcu when learned I filed a bankruptcy against them. My account is where my paycheck goes twice in a month and I need that account to pay my bill, buy food for my wife and two daughters, withdraw cash from atm's and to pay some other expenses. Now that my account is closed I don't know what to do to all of these personal business.

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  • Fe
      Oct 08, 2008

    NFCU did not scam or cheat you out of anything. You state that you filed a bankruptcy against them, which leads me to believe that you had credit accounts with them that were discharged due to the bankruptcy. If you file a bankruptcy and it causes a loss to an institution they will close your checking account. Most lawyers or even websites that talk about bankruptcy will advise you to open a new checking account with another institution that you do not owe any money to before filing the bankruptcy.
    It does suck that you had to file bankruptcy, but you should have researched it a little more before doing it.

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  • Ju
      May 21, 2009

    there are closing my accounts to for no reason. i had a family member who messed up there accout and not today i found out that Navy Federal CU is closing my hole family accounts my brother and 2 sisters and parents becauseof 1 family member. also a lady bu the name of Terry Awtrey is a pain in the as_ she had me faxing my personal information to prove i lived at the address on file i send here about 8 diffrent pages like ID, Passport and Bills showing my address and jame. i faxed this to her about 5 or 6 prove my address. after sending the info 2 days letter after leaving message after message she calls me this morning and tells me shes closing my hole family account because one family members account was over drown. so i called HR vice manager and complaned and she call her supervisor and he call me telling me HR cant Help me and Terry Awtrey will beclosing my account . he was no help at all. put was rude because i called HR. but anyway if they dont want my business then theres others who would be happy to take it.

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  • Nf
      Dec 29, 2009

    they are doing this to many many hard working people, I can't see any reson that they can close one persons account becase someone family member messed up with a seperate account, even if you sponsored your grandmother or ssome other family member that person should be responseible for thier own bills not you. Unless you signed for them or something. I remember in boot camp they posted everyones access number on a board, gee anyoen could of remembered wrote down your number and opened thier own account. seems they should review that persons loan application and go after them not you.

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  • Ny
      Oct 24, 2010

    I am surprised by all of these comments being made about NFCU. I have had my own problems with them but, I’m still surprised to see this many comments. I never guessed that there would be so many disgruntled people out there willing to write about their negative experiences.

    NFCU has essentially terrorized me over the last two years (including while in bankruptcy). Frankly, nobody deserves to be treated like some of us have been treated. While I take full responsibility for not completely fulfilling my obligations, I've paid off multiple loans and paid thousands of dollars in interest to NFCU. Nothing justifies treating anyone the way that I have been treated. When my financial "crash" came I made it a point to call NFCU twice a week for more than a year prior to filing bankruptcy. I mostly called them so that they wouldn't keep calling my family members and harassing my neighbors.

    One evening last year, at 9:30PM, NFCU sent a “door knocker” to my home. I’ve since learned that a “door knocker” is a collection industry term used for a contractor who places door tags onto the handle of your front door. These tags typically say that they want to speak to someone in the household. The “door knocker” pounded and kicked on my door so hard that, for a minute, I thought that it was a home invasion (I still have the dents on my door). I think that he kicked my door because the dents in my door are on the lower portion of my door. I was able to talk to the “door knocker” through the front door. He stated that he was working for NFCU and that I needed to call them. I told him that I had just talked to NFCU the previous day and that I was going to complain about his pounding on my door. He basically told me that nothing would happen to him and that he would not get in trouble because he was just “following orders” given to him by NFCU. I told him not to return to my home again and that I was going to call the police. He then ran to his car and drove away. While I was not able to get his license plates, I did call the Fairfax County police and gave a description of the "door knocker" and what had happened. They indicated that they would make a report and for me to call earlier next time so that they would have a chance to question that person at my home.

    It was this incident that, not only scared the heck out of me but, caused me to realize what was actually going on. I had noticed that although I had been calling NFCU twice a week for 6 months or so prior to this incident, NFCU was still calling my neighbors and my family to harass me. They repeatedly called my in-laws, siblings and mother. I’m sure that they called others because most people would not probably want to add to my own embarrassment by telling me about their NFCU calls. At the time, I felt humiliated and too embarrassed to do anything about this harassment. I was (and still am) trying to focus my energy on getting a job. I did write the Chairman of NFCU to complain and explain my situation. My letter to the Chairman basically apologized for hurting the members of NFCU for not meeting my obligations and (most importantly) to ask NFCU to stop using illegal collection techniques to bully and harass me. I even wrote that I thought NFCU would collect more if they followed the law.

    At this point, I have had it! I have gotten to the point where I actually feel ashamed for not standing up to them earlier. I've caused my family a tremendous amount of pain due to my economic situation as it was and is. It wasn’t right for my family to have to experience the unbelievable behavior associated with NFCU’s collection activities. All of my creditors had essentially cooperated with my financial situation except NFCU. NFCU is the reason that I filed bankruptcy in the first place! I didn’t have any money to pay anyone anyway! During bankruptcy, I had to submit to a deposition requested by NFCU (more NFCU harassment!). During the deposition the lawyer from NFCU kept asking me about my disabled daughter. That was unbelievable! I had essentially given up my ability to get a security clearance by filing bankruptcy and I was still being subjected to the wrath of NFCU.

    At this point, My home is being foreclosed on (finally), I am broke, I have no job, I've got a disabled daughter who has substantial medical needs (she’s still wonderful and I wouldn’t trade her for all of the money in the world!), a wife and a son to take care of (they are also awesome!).These realities are NOT NFCU's fault but, I now have nothing to lose and perhaps I have learned a valuable lesson about how to appreciate what I do have (an awesome family and the sun coming up in the morningļŠ). I’ve also learned that one should never run away from “BULLIES AND THUGS! The pain and shame only get worse!

    I've decided to remove myself from bankruptcy (I should never have filed in the first place!) and take NFCU to court to try to keep them from harassing others like they have harassed me. It's the least I can do for my own health and to give back to those who may suffer in the future. I'll spend half my day looking for a job and the other half dealing with NFCU in the courts. I will probably lose, but I will do a more honorable job of getting my point across and at the end of the day it’s the right thing to do.

    My story is true and I'll put my hand on the bible to swear that it is (just like I will in a courtroom soon enough). I’ve got a bunch of faxes, letters (some certified) and all sorts of notes related to phone calls that will help substantiate the immoral behavior and treatment I received from NFCU. I ask that anyone who has a truthful story that they are willing to share about their experiences with NFCU to please contact me at [protected] You don’t have to talk to me if you don’t want to. You can just share your story in writing anonymously. I realize how embarrassing these issues are to communicate and I don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping them private. Some of you may feel better by just communicating your thoughts to me (kind of like writing a letter when you’re angry and then ripping it up when you are finished). I promise that I will not share your emails or our conversations unless you want me to.

    And to anyone out there who works for this group of "GANSTERS” and or agrees with the behavior that NFCU has used to bully me and others", I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT! Thank you for your time and gob bless. Nyquil762 otherwise known as at Mark in Virginia. I’ll publish my full name after the lawsuit is filed.

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  • Lu
      Dec 01, 2016

    @NYQUIL Dear Mark, I have been having problems with NFCU for over 14 years, and I did my own investigation myself. I file a complaint 3 times, and I think I have hope for my last complaint. I have my heart broken for others, and our soldiers for their problems with this GANSTERS. Hey, I think their will be no problems get close to my problems. I finally find the facts on how NFCU play like a fool on me. I have no mercy for them, because they have no mercy for me for over 14 years. I think I found their tricks, and how they earn billions of dollars from their customers. It is a long story about my cse, and it is on going the investigations right now. To make it short this is my email:- [protected] let me know what is going on. with love, and God Bless

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  • Lu
      Dec 01, 2016

    @Luisa Gregg Dear Mark, I been sitting since 4:00pm to 10:38 right now working on my case with NFCU. Ater I email you then I read you story I cried, and could not stop my tears about your story. It happens to me and my Husband. I was so strong enough to hang in here or over 14 years, because I am so pis of for this kind of fraud etc, and I want to get them so badly. I haven't give up yet. I had a lawyer was working on my case, and NFCU stonewall me and my lawyer. NFCU called my step mother and father, mother in-law etc. I have a very bad relationship with my in-laws, caused by NFCU. Hey I have a lot of story to tell. My husband and I would love to communicate with you. My husband almost loss his clearance security, but anyway I did fight so, so hard and did not happen. Hey, I want you to visit scam report, and read my story there. I was crying then I pick up the phone and call my husband he works night. I read your story by phone to him, and could not stop my tears, because we were severely burdens, and live so, so poor over 14 years. I believed in God, and that why I am still breathing. He is my driver, protector, and my everything. I did not know how we made it to today, but because he directed me to a hope. If have time read consumer affair, and others. or what is going on today about our Beautiful America it is already covered with fraud by business, and so forth. Just wonder when they took a large amount of my hard earning they may involved in politics, and funding ISIS etc. NFCU took a large part of our hard earning, and a large parts of our lives. I tried so many of the regulatory agency for help, but nobody want to help. May be because who knows they may be all involve with the GANGSTERS collecting money like those leaders of our country. I am thinking I would like to write a book about my live with NFCU for over 14 years. I would love to share my story about everything what happen to me with my husband caused by NFCU. with LOVE, and GOD BLESS

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