Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company / reinstate my policy!

2098 MEADOW PEAK RD., Duluth, GA, United States

I feel that NATIONWIDE is not on my side when I need their help. I have been a loyal Nationwide auto insurance customer for over half a decade. My auto insurance policy had just been cancelled on Dec 29, effective back in Nov 29. Now I have a lapse for a month. I got a notice from Nationwide around early-mid December, saying that payment must be received by December 29 2015 to continue my coverage. I was late on my payment accidentally by an automatic bank draft issue. Payment due date was Nov 29. I purchased a money order for the amount desired and forwarded it using USPS 2 day Priority Mail to PO BOX addressed on the payment slip. I called the local nationwide insurance agency yesterday to check if my payment was received and recorded. Then, I suddenly found that my payment was not received before/on Dec 29 and so, my policy was cancelled back to November 29. I called nationwide customer service 3 times to reinstate my policy. All my efforts to reinstate my policy were in vein. This was for first time in last 5 years. Plus, this is the holiday season, during which delaying mail delivery typically happens. I’m not saying it’s all their faults. But they have to take into account all the things that are important in a situation like this. Thanks to Nationwide, I have suddenly a month lapse in my auto insurance and have to re-sign a new policy at a surprisingly higher rate. This company really hit me hard with an ugly gift like this at this happy holiday season. I’m inquiring about the delivery date as the postal delivery record still shows no final delivery date. If I find that delivery was made on time to PO BOX, I’ll sue them for giving me such an enormous stress.

Dec 31, 2015

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