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obviously paying your bill on time is not enough

I have fire damage claim and my truck has set in the shop for about a month now. All i hear from Sara B. is that there in the process of doing this or doing that. I have been with several different insurance agencies in the past and never had to wait more than a week for good customer service. I was supposed to receive a call last week from another agent of Nationwide but that was a week ago. What does a person have to do to get good customer service? Obviously paying your bill on time is not enough. They want your money but give you no service.


One of the few circumstance pertaining to [nation wide insurance].
In march 2011, my comprehensive&collision coverage was removed without my consent. I did'nt have knowldege of this until november, 2011. The follow up requested, for reasons why this occurred never transpired. When nation wide added this coverage back they charged me 55.00 towards my january bill. Completey unfair. Nor did they inform me of this charge prior. Wednesday january the 4, 2012. As usual, i was bounced from numerous agents. As i constently requested supervisors, i was denied over and over, given wrong ph. No. For suggested contacts etc.. If possible, i would like the phone calls retreived for review transpiring from january 4, 2012. For assement these records should be taken into consideration in implementing the quality service and curtisey, not exmplified from many agents at nationwide. [protected]. My premiums consistly increases. As the contrary when subscribed for a few years.

extremely unhelpful customer service

For the last four weeks i have given up a minimum of 10-12 hours of my time calling and keeping up with the status of my insurance policy, in that time i have talked to associates, senior associates, and main supervisors about my policy all of which have promised a quick response and repair of my insurance issue, none of which have EVER called me back with a solution or the problem fixed.

For the last two months I have double payed on a single vehicle, bought a new vehicle and sold the previous. between all of this, Nationwide has cancelled my policy when i was told by few that there was a hold and i would not incur a lapse on my policy, which due to the cancellation i have now been notified by my lean holder on my new vehicle that i have not fulfilled my end of the contract by continuously having full coverage insurance, which will result in a default payment to them for proper insurance of around 200 dollars a month for insurance on top of a 500 dollar car payment. nationwide is not on your side, this is possibly the worst service I’ve ever encountered.

Nationwide World Headquarters
One Nationwide Plaza Columbus, OH 43215–2220

travel insurance

we bought travel insurance for our cruise in Jan 2011& we are out $2000+.
They only paid a small portion although we missed our connection & our cruise.
We appealed our claim 2 times & each time after we sent the necessary information showing that
the plane was late, we could not catch up with our cruise ship until the 5th day etc, they had a new different reason on why we would not get the insurance claim which we paid for. Our travel agent & also the
cruise line backed us up.
Our friends & family can hardly believe that Nationwide can get away with not paying on vacation claims
like this.

overpriced and overinsured

After my divorce I had to get insurance suddenly and I called a local company and I was insured very quickly. I thought it compared in price, but since I really didn't deal with the car insurance before I really didn't know. A few years later when I had a financial crunch I discovered several things: 1)My coverage amounts were much higher than required. I was massively over insured. 2)I was paying more than twice the amount for the insurance if adjusted for the over insurance. 3) They ignored my request for discontinuation and refused to return most of the premium. 4) After I asked to have my premium returned they cancelled me apparently in an attempt to discredit me. Every time I see their commercial I want to scream. They are unscrupulous and take advantage of people. Buyer beware this company sucks.

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nationwide insurance intentional gross neglect/ fraud on claims

My videos regarding Nationwide Insurance's rape of my home/condo integrity are now on YouTube. Please see:
and all the following videos under the Channel of MsYouWho7. More videos to be uploaded this next week.

Email [protected] if you wish to pursue National Media attention to the problems you have had with Nationwide Insurance of Columbus, Ohio.

beware of nationwide's pollicy's

Please be AWARE of Nationwide's policy's... one include they only fix (or pay) what they see with their naked eye... no, alignments, no chassis pulled on machines... nothing, Our rear end was bent, chassis bent and they only wanted to paint it and put a bumper cover on it.. we took it to a frame shop..PROVED it had all these other problems and our estimate went up nearly $1700, but this still is about $5000 off of the estimates that I have.. So be aware of the stunts they Pull. as of now they have hired an attorney to talk to me...isn't it supposed to be me who hired the, beware of any release forms when you have an accident also, do not sign anything, If I can be a help to anyone let me know...Go to Allstate, or Statefarm...NEVER Nationwide !!!


I was hit by a speeding drunk driver who had Progressive Insurance and a 15, 000!.00 insurance policy!. He was traveling at 66 mph in a 35 mph zone, driving drunk and had a suspended license;. Police charged him with the accident and he was sentenced to a 2 to 5 year prison term;. Progressive Insurance paid the value of his policy, but I was out of work for 6 months, in rehab and have permanent injuries from this accident!. I "paid for" a 150, 000!.00 uninsured/underinsured insurance policy with Nationwide Insurance.. Nationwide told my attorney that " I am at fault, and we will offer 15, 000.00". I was sold a toilet paper contract with Nationwide, and it is not worth the paper it is written on. Nationwide has committed insurance fraud.

  • Gm
    GMJS Aug 22, 2010

    Beware of Nationwide for business liability insurance. We had Nationwide for 2009 and we renewed for 2010. Nationwide sent the renewal policy and payment form which we paid in full on time (documented). Three months after the policy was renewed and paid, Nationwide changed the policy (changed the SIC code) without notifying us and informed us our policy now doubled plus in price. We cancelled and found another company. Nationwide not only wants to keep the balance of the unused premium but also wants the premiums which the policy was changed to or they will send us to "collections". This is nothing less than fraudulant and at the very least unprofessional.
    We are presently contesting through the states insurance commission, the NH BBB, and will file in small claims if Nationwide does not drop this nonsense and refund the unused premiums. Beware of their agents as well, they are no better and will not back you.

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jun 22, 2011

    i have to concur with what the above said. with the information given, no insurance company is going to say you are at fault unless the police report says your at fault. i have a feeling that some info is missing that would sway the outcome in a direction other than in your favor.

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  • Jb
    JBAnnoyed Jun 22, 2011

    My parents had nationwide insurance on their vehicle. I was borrowing their car and was rear ended by another vehicle while stopped at a red light. Nationwide sent my parents paperwork, demanding that I sign it stating that I would be held financially responsible if I ever stepped foot in a vehicle that was on my parent's policy and was in an accident again. This included being a passenger in the vehicle. Utterly ridiculous. Needless to say my family as well as anyone we know does not do business with this company anymore. I was 25 years old at the time with a valid drivers license, my own different insurance company on my own vehicle which was broken down at the time. My driving record is also spotless, not one ticket or accident ever before. Keep in mind that if you go with a company that claims to be one of the cheapest, they are correct. You get what you pay for in customer service and claim hassles. Did I mention nationwide did not even pay my medical bills. Even after they received the police report that stated the driver that struck me was in complete fault and was even given a ticket for 'failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident'. Their policies are meant for their gain and nothing else.

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  • Gl
    gleam Mar 28, 2014

    water damage
    early January. my cabinets, drawers, counters, sling swing, ceiling fans, floor, and manylost personal belongings, table, tc not inculded. I also am suppose to have alternative living and been homeless since jANUARY. not getting my calls back Im at wits end

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they accuse you of everything possible, when you are just a innocent victim

About a month and a half ago My husband, myself and our three kids were out for a leisure drive on a Saturday night in our 1967 RS/SS big block convertible camaro. (we only drive it on weekends). We started to have car trouble, I immediatley told my husband to get out the road ( to which he did) about 30 seconds later a 72 year old man ran off the side of the road and hit our car. Now if any of you have classic cars you know they are your pride and joy (and you also know the time and money spent on them). I thought I was dreaming, I could not believe that this beautiful car(that our entire family loved) now looked like a mangled piece of junk. The right quarter panel was just rolled up metal. I do not have much space but to let you comsumers know if you have nationwide CANCEL IT. If you ever get hit by someone with nationwide ins. you better be prepared for the longest, most stressful event you have ever been through in your life. They do not want to pay off. They accuse you of everything possible, when you are just a innocent victim. It's not right and it's not fair and we all need to stand together and put a stop to these insurance companies. This case is still pending and we have not recieved a dime.

rip off!!

I have been a customer of nationwide for over 4 years, during this time I have had the same vehicle. I march of 2011 I got a new truck. When I called nationwide to change my insurance over, they gave me a good quote for 135 dollars per month. I was happy with that. One month later the bill for that month still had not come. I phoned Nationwide and asked the where my bill was. They told me that since I had just paid my insurance on my previous vehicle that I was not due till the next month. When the bill finally came, it was twice the amount they had quoted me of 135$. I called and asked them why, they stated to me that since there was 3 months left on my 6 month policy on my old vehicle, that I would have to finish paying that off first before my insurance would be 135$ per month like I was quoted. They are telling me I have to pay for 3 months of insurance on a vehicle I DO NOT OWN anymore, and also pay for full coverage on my new vehicle, for a total of 240 per month for the next 3 months!!! When I threatend to drop them, they told me if I did, I would be turned into collections. So I am left with no choice but to pay them the money or have my credit damaged.

  • La
    Ladycass May 02, 2012

    I worked for an insurance company for years and I am always surprised at how uneducated consumers are. It sounds to me like you don't understand at all what actually happened as you state you are charged for a vehicle you deleted. Your insurance company replaced one vehicle with another one. You would have been prorated for the change based on the date that you made it. You noticed you didn't get a bill like you normally would and that should tip you off that something is wrong. If you still have a balance owed you should be getting a bill each month. In reality they are just taking your remaining balance and dividing over the remaining months to bill now that your changes went through. The estimate you were given wasn't your monthly payment amount it was how much you would pay if your total premium were divided over the whole 6/12 month term evenly. When you make a midterm change this is how it works.

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home owners - roof and interior damage

Nationwide Insurance destroys Homeowner's Condo by cutting open the ceiling of 2 of her bedrooms and allowing roof water to leak into her unit for over 2 years, destroying her condo.

View the first of a series of videos at:
The channel of MsYouWho7.

  • Mm
    mmw1234 Jul 24, 2012

    I have had nationwide insurance for 2 years (homeowners and auto). I filed my first claim at the end of June for significant storm (unexpected hurricane force winds in northern Virginia) damage to roof/chimney, Chimney was wood frame construction and actually torn out of roof leaving about a 3 x 3 foot hole. I went up on roof the next day in 100 degree weather and spent 4 hours to making temporary repairs to prevent further water damage. (This was 2 stories from deck and I'm 57, not 25). To make a long story short I heard back the day after filing the claim that and was told adjuster would contact me within a day. The adjuster contacted me the next day, but said he was very busy and couldn't get out for what was basically 19 more calender days. It turned out he was an independent adjuster (actually a nice guy and very thorough and said Nationwide had told him to tell customers would contact me in 10 to 14 days. Not being a nationwide employee he could not write me a partial check or provide me a list of contractors. Almost a month, nothing. My independent agent is worthless, I'll be dumping Nationwide once this claim is taken care of (if they actually ever get off their ###). My ex has been a licensed insurance agent for over 30 years and said she has never seen or heard of a case like this either. Avoid Nationwide...JMHO

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rear ended by one of there driver's

I was out of state and rear ended by one of thier driver's and at first the Insurance Agent, Larry...

theft/fraud/deceptive business practices

In the summer of last year (2010), I bought a policy from nationwide on my motorcycle.
I paid for a year up front and paid a higher rate in order to cover aftermarket parts.($6, 000 worth).
Two months into the policy, my bike was stolen.
Not only did nationwide refuse to honor the agreement ( telling me they would not pay out on aftermarket parts), but when they finally did pay out it was for $1, 000 less than I paid for the bike (two months ago!!), and still to this day, I cannot get them to reimburse me for the remainder of the policy!( about a thousand dollars).
Whenever I call, to find out the status of my payout, I receive the runaround, transferred calls, being put on hold for ten and fifteen minutes only to find that I was transferred to the wrong number, and the person I am talking to can't help!

Finally, (the last straw for me!) they tell me that they sent a check to an old address!
not the most recent address on file,
not the address where they just sent a check sixty days earlier,
but to an old address that has not been used by me or them in more than six monthI am out of patience, I am out of understanding.
Now I just want to spread the word that nationwide is not on your side.
they are out to get your money and keep it.

  • Re
    realtorjim Mar 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't let them get you. Cobtact a lawyer and sue them for breach of contract. This sounds llike it is open and shut. Do this and you will not be suing for $1000.00 but much more...and an attorney will do it on a contingency basis. If need be, offer the attoney more than the normal 1/3 basis...what have you got to lose.
    Next google "nationwide Insurance Board of Directors"..get their their the report which will indicate where they live. Then go to and look up their phone numbers. Call them as many times as need be until they respond.
    I have done this with them and actually talked to one of them at their business in North Carolina.
    While I must admit that i did have to get an attorney for my case and am actually suing them I feel that if enough people start a calling campaign they might get the message ... or at least forced to change their number.
    Go for it!!!

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I own three vehicals on one occasion one of my vehicles was car jacked in philly, so I called the insurence to let them know, soon after that the very same day they recoverd the car nothing wrong with it or no damages, so I left the claims department know there was nothing wrong with my car. Now remind you im at work and a friend of my fiance had a license so I figured that was fine... Wrong because a couple months later they send me a letter stating that it was going to be canceled and refusal of renewal stating that the guy who drove the car was unlicened, not to mention it they had him down as my fiance, very wrong. So my fiance went with the driver to the office to show them he had a licence and did not live with me... I never heard of a person who does not live with you and only drive your car one time, has to be on your policy to drive your car.

failed to honor claim

I have been a customer of Nationwide Ins for both home and vehicles for 19 years with only two minor claims. My roof received hail damage this past summer and when I realized the damage and made my claim they failed to honor it. They never sent an adjuster out, and after 21 day denied the claim saying that I did not make it within their 6 month period, even though by my own Nationwide agent agreed that I did make claim in timely manner. After making the original claim they gave me a constant runaround, now have a lawyer!

homeowners insurance

I purchased my homeowners Insurance thru nationwide this year..they were the cheapest, and they were not cheap..about 60 days later an agent showed up at my house to a visual exterior inspection, while he did'nt say he found anything wrong...I got a bill in the mail from Nationwide increasing my policy amount by $110.00, with a little notation from them stating I should pay by the end of the month...I have'nt paid that $110.00 yet, I did'nt authorize the increase, did'nt discuss anything with their agent/representative...just got a people beware of grinning Insurance agents at your door..if you did'nt invite them will get a bill least from Nationwide...I'll be moving my policy when it expires...

  • Cg
    cgs Dec 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    kiss my ### spell check boy!!!'"""""""

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  • Th
    ThomasW3 Mar 31, 2011

    You do realize, cgs, that EVERY insurance company sends out inspectors to do visual surveys of the property and adjust the premium by what they find, right?


    No? Welcome to adulthood.

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Nationwide is on THEIR side …not yours

Where do I begin? On September 9th, 2010 my brand new Mercedes 350E with approximately 500 miles on it was hit by an insured of Nationwide Insurance Company. The details of the accident are that I was headed toward the city of Charlotte on South Blvd when the insured exited a shopping center parking lot striking my bumper on the passenger side of my vehicle. The police were called and a report was filed. The driver of the other vehicle stated to the police that he misjudged the distance exiting the parking lot and struck my vehicle.
Immediately after the accident I took my vehicle to a certified Mercedes body shop for an estimate of damage. It turned out that my car needed a replacement bumper; minor structure repair to an area behind the bumper; replacement of a muffler heat shield and some paint around the same area. A report was also given to Nationwide which paid the repairs with no problems. However, there were problems immediately afterwards!!!
In the state of North Carolina a party is permitted to collect for diminutive value of their vehicle if they had no liability in the accident which I did not. So after the repairs were made I took my vehicle to three different dealers advising them that I wanted to trade my car and how much it was worth in trade. The figures were astounding…between $33, 000 and $38, 000 which represented between $7, 000 – $13, 000 in lost value from a non-hit car. The reason for the reduction was that my car could no longer be sold as a certified used car and was thus not eligible for the 100, 000 mile used car warrantee that many dealers provide. The damage is now a matter of record since it is listed on the Carfax system. I also supplied the insurance company with current data from Manheim auto auction; The auto bluebook and the NADA book to support my request for my claim.
How much did Natiowide offer…are you ready for this…$500.00 by their adjuster Joe B. in their Fairview office. I went ballistic..this was a shear insult to my intelligence.
After many weeks of discussion they decided to have an appraisal completed by a fee paid appraise from Raleigh. Now keep in mind that this appraiser was paid by them and does a great deal of his business representing insurance companies. Who do you think he will favor in his opinion? (Because they had one I too decided to get one performed from an appraisal company and that came in at over $13, 000).
When the insurance company gave me the written report it was one page with no support for his findings while my was a 20 page report with back-up data. All their report said was “in my opinion” with no supporting data. When I asked Joe for the backup data all he said was “that is the full report”. I then asked that he then request additional data he again said “that is the full report”. (I have this on tape by the way).
In the meantime since I told Joe that I had an appraisal he asked for a copy of mine. Since, as I stated, mine had all sorts of supporting data and his did not I gave him just the summary page without data…the same kind he gave me. He then demanded the whole report and I advised him that it would be forwarded to him when I got like data. Thus far I have nothing more from him nor him from me .So as of now we are at a standstill with no resolution.
I also tried to contact the executive offices in Columbus, Ohio and all I can say is “lots of luck”. This company has no concern for the general public whatsoever. I did contact several company Board of Directors ( I was able to ascertain their home/work numbers) but only 1 would return my call.
This company does not care about anything but Nationwide and ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!! Even the slogan that the adjuster has on his email which appears after his name says it all. It states >>>”Nationwide on your side….begins with me”. It’s all about them!!!

  • Re
    realtorjim Dec 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    No I do have insurance and do not believe I siad that. However, because I was hit by an insured person my uninsured mortorist is not a factor. It is a state statue that says I entitled to Diminished value by the insured.
    Yes, the dealers specifically said that the reduced value was due to the accident and I have that in writing. In fact I have all the facts described in writing.

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  • Re
    realtorjim Dec 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I re-read my original post and what you interpreted incorrectly was the part where I said I had no liability. I meant that I was not at fault in the was all of their drivers fault...and thus "no liability". I did not mean liability insurance.

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  • Re
    realtorjim Dec 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Apparently I was writing my last post while you were writing and we cross paths. Yes you last post was correct.

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  • Re
    realtorjim Dec 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Addition to my original text
    By the way, after nationwide got their 1000.00 aprraisal by their appraiser Joe B did offer that amount but it is still a far cry form the amount I have lost. I am still waiting for the data on how their appraiser arrived at the figures but I know that will never come because he has none.

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is this legal?

Nationwide offers a great price online. However, AFTER they obtain your financial information to draft payments, they add things to the policy causing the premium to sky rocket.
They added my daughter to the policy without my knowledge. My daughter is 30 years old, married for 5 years, living in her own home with her husband and 2 children. She has not lived with me, nor been on my policy for nearly 10 years. However, Nationwide added her, which made my premium increase over $500 for six months.
When I contacted Nationwide about this, they are requiring that I send them documented proof of my daughters current residency. Otherwise, nothing can be done. I have to provide them with her mortgage information, copies of utility bills, and copy of her driver's license.
Is this legal?

  • Th
    ThomasW3 Mar 31, 2011

    Exactly, helpNu - Anyone with regular access to a vehicle should be considered a rated driver on a policy, since they are part of the risk that is being insured.

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  • Jd
    JD123456 Apr 25, 2011

    Actually, you are wrong. If the driver has there own separate policy they can drive any vehicle without having to be on the actual policy that car is listed on.

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not on your side

I had recently purchased a used Infinite G and was excited to take an evening drive with the moon roof open on a beautiful fall day. It had just gotten dark and I was following a pick up truck with plenty of clearance on a two lane highway. I noticed the truck in front of me drove over an antelope carcass with no problem; unfortunately, I had no choice but to hold on and drive over it too. The carcass took out my transmission and I had transmission fluid running everywhere, I was able to turn the car around and get back to town and park it while I could still get power. I had the car towed the next day to a local transmission shop for repairs. My car sat there for two weeks before the adjuster looked at it. After the adjuster got involved the car went nowhere, I finally got involved with the shop and got it towed to the auto body shop, who finished the repairs and got me going. After the second week in a rental car, the Nationwide representative threatened to take away my rental car as their adjuster was not getting along with the transmission shop. After the third week, they told me I only had a week left on my rental coverage and would have to relinquish the rental or pay for it myself. I called my insurance broker (Wyoming Financial Insurance) and the claims adjuster, neither were willing to assist me. My car was not ready for five weeks, and sat for two weeks because the local adjuster was having issues with the local transmission shop. The last week I was left to fend for myself, hoof it or just stay at home, they really didn't care, as long as I made my premium payment. Needless to say, I sought out a better value for my money.


I was hit by a driver covered by Nationwide. She ran a stop sign and totaled my car. The next day (a monday) we reported the claim. I was told that Nationwide would get back to me the next day and have an adjuster go look at my car. I waited. They did not call. So we called them. Mr. Cortes (the agent) told me that an adjuster still has not be assigned and they will get back to me later that day when one will be assigned. We called later on (around 4pm). And still, no one was assigned to go look at my car. I asked about getting a rental and their policy states that we (the victim) have to pay for the rental upfront and they will reinburst me (only up to a certain amount, that is). This was extremely frustrating! At the time, I was working 2 jobs and babysitting. I could not be without a car! The next day I call Mr. Cortes and he finally gives me the name and number of the adjuster. I call the adjuster repeatedly and he does not get back to me until hours later. He tells me he has not looked at my car and that he is going on vacation the next day so someone else will be looking at my car and they will contact me the very next day. And the next day comes and no one calls, yet again. At this point me and my family are furious because afterall, I was the victim in this situation. I wait until the next day and call Mr. Cortes's office over and over again and I leave him a message stating that I will be contacting a lawyer.Finally, after 5 days of waiting for someone to look at my car (the car that their driver destroyed), my mom became fed up and called the head office in Ohio. She spoke to someone by the name of Jason Harper. After hearing out story, he agreed to grant us a rental and he told us it WILL be paid for by Nationwide upfront. We had to email him a copy of our insurance policy and that was it. That evening we go and pick up the rental at Enterprise. At this point they are on the same page as us. They understand we are not paying a cent. A few days later we finally get the check for the damage since my car was determined totaled. By the time this is said and done it is mid-May. Now, in mid June, Enterprise calls us up and tells us we owe them the money for the rental and that Nationwide did not approve anything. At this point, we are so sick of the situation, we basically say "screw it, not our problem!". Enterprise threatened my mother with putting this on her credit report. So, now, after enough damage done by Nationwide, my mother's credit score is now going to greatly affected in a negative way. I don't understand why they couldn't pay for a rental like they should and get me my check in a timely fashion. Afterall, this accident was NOT my fault at all. Nationwide is full of crooks and I would recommend avoiding them at all costs because they will not help you.

  • Ab
    Ablindeye Nov 09, 2010

    Yes nationwide is not that good of a company. We recently got into a car wreck from one of their people insured. This what happened:
    They asked us if gwatney was ok to take it to to do repairs. We didnt see a problem so far. They repaired the body fine so far. We got our car back and the gear shift wouldnt pull out of park after starting the car. Then a little while later it would. We took it back to gwatney chevrolet on landers rd in north little rock Ar. The same guy looked at it then took a picture of the outside and told nationwide he feels like it was soda spilled into it. Then test drove it and seen it stick in place. A guy from nationwide also said he inspected it and didnt see any problem telling the guy at gwatney they were not paying for it. Also telling us on the phone if it sticks again to call him back and to also bring back the rental now or were paying for it after the day. He kept stressing their s nothing wrong with the car etc... Anyhow the guy at the gwatney collision center told this insurance the reason its sticking is because he feels we poured soda pop down in it and mailed a picture of stuff spilled on the side that wasnt their before we dropped off the car after the accident.He also took his time calling the insurance company so I had to call them back and do his job for him. My experience with nationwide and gwatney collision center was distasteful and there someone I would NOT recommend going to. Do not use or trust nationwide insurance. They acted like they gave us the blue ribbon special but it was more like the green So if your in an accident BEWARE. these people try to get out of anything. Also dont use gwatney cherolet on landers road in Ark. they are not trust worthy either. Besides the auto accident repair incident they also tried to rip me off 400.00 earlier a year ago Saying I needed my transmission fluidd changed. I took it somewhere else for a better price and they told me it wasnt time for a change etc... So dont use nationwide because their not on your side and dont trust gwatney chevrolet.

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