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Merrill Lynch reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 17, 2006. The latest review Merrill Lynch Retail Investment Accounts was posted on Feb 18, 2021. The latest complaint warning to investors - this wirehouse forces its brokers to put clients into investments that charge the highest fees! was resolved on Sep 03, 2013. Merrill Lynch has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 43 reviews. Merrill Lynch has resolved 8 complaints.

Merrill Lynch Customer Service Contacts

+1 800 637 7455 (Customer Service, USA)
+1 866 706 8321 (Find An Advisor, USA)
+1 866 820 1492 (Stock Options, USA)
+1 305 416 6600 (Regional Headquarters for Latin America, USA)
+61 396 592 222 (Melbourne, Australia)
+61 894 887 500 (Perth, Australia)
+61 292 256 500 (Sydney, Australia)
+1 403 231 7300 (Calgary, Canada)
+1 514 846 1050 (Montreal, Canada)
+1 416 369 7400 (Toronto, Canada)
+1 604 691 7252 (Vancouver, Canada)
+44 207 628 1000 (United Kingdom)
+49 695 8990 (Germany)
+353 12 438 500 (Ireland)
+39 265 5301 (Italy)
+351 213 512 350 (Portugal)
+41 442 977 400 (Switzerland)
+1 345 814 6405 (Cayman Islands)
+86 106 505 0290 (Beijing, China)
+86 216 132 4888 (Shanghai, China)
+852 35 088 888 (Hong Kong)
+966 12 993 750 (Saudi Arabia)
4 World Financial Center, 250 Vesey Street
New York, New York
United States - 10080
Global Offices

The United States

Miami (Regional Headquarters for Latin America)
701 Brickell Ave., 11th Floor, Miami, FL 33131


Bow Valley Square III, Suite 2620, 255 5th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3G6
Fax: +1 403 237 7372

1250 Rene Levesque Blvd, West, Suite 3715, Montreal, QC H3B 4W8
Fax: +1 514 846 3591

BCE Place, Wellington Tower, 181 Bay Street, 4th & 5th Floors, Toronto, ON M5J 2V8
Fax: +1 416 369 7966

Cathedral Place, 925 West Georgia Street, 7th Floor, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2
Fax: +1 604 691 7259

The United Kingdom
2 King Edward Street, London, EC1A 1HQ

Level 19, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Fax: +61 396 592 701

Level 1, 190 St George's Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000
Level 38, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

112 avenue Kléber, 2nd Floor, BP 2002-16, Paris, 75116
Fax: +33 153 655 980

Main Tower, Neue Mainzer Strasse 52, Frankfurt, 60311

Central Park Block D, Leopardstown, Dublin

Via Manzoni, 5, Milano, 20121

Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Office №: 1309, Warsaw, 00-697

Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, 26 6 Piso A, Lisboa, 1070-110

7 Petrovka Street, Moscow, 107031
Fax: +7 495 662 6001

Edificio Torre Picasso, Floors 39 & 40, Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1, Madrid, 28020
Fax: +34 915 143 001

Stockerhof, Stockerstrasse 23, P.O. Box 773, Zurich, 8039
Fax: +41 442 914 460

Kanyon Office Block, 11th Floor, Buyukdere Street, 34394 Levent, Istanbul, 34394
Fax: +90 212 319 9511

The Cayman Islands
4th floor, Harbour Centre, North Church Street, George Town


Suite 3616, China World Tower 2, 1 Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue, Beijing, 100004
Fax: +86 106 505 0278
Rm 3609-11, The Center, № 989 Chang Le Road, Shanghai, 200031
Fax:+86 215 407 5246

Hong Kong
55/F, Cheung Kong Center, 2 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Mafatlal Centre, 8th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400 021
Fax: +91 222 282 1827

1 Azrieli Centre, 37th Floor, Round Tower, 132 Petach Tikvah Road, Tel Aviv, 67021

Nihonbashi 1-chome Building, 1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8230

Saudi Arabia
Kingdom Tower - 20th Floor, Olaya Street, Riyadh
Fax: +966 12 113 237

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Gate Village 6, Level 2, PO Box 506576, Dubai

Merrill Lynch Complaints & Reviews

Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch Retail Investment Accounts

I originally opened a retail investment account with Merrill Lynch at a Bank of America Branch. Because of changes at another financial services company I was going to move an account I had there over to Merrill in order to consolidate my investments.

What a nightmare this has been. First I called an Investment Rep who used to call me so often it became annoying. He told me he no longer did that type of work and referred me to an "associate of his". This guy never called me. I finally had to follow up with the first guy and he eventually prompted the other person to call. I then was told I had to change the titling of my account from a personal to a trust account. The person who handled this paperwork was reasonably competent but the problem was one form needed to be notarized.

What a nightmare that was. I hoped to have the form notarized at a BofA branch staffed by a Merrill representative. This was virtually impossible to do. It's nearly impossible to get through BofA's extremely unfriendly automated phone system. Living people and branches staffed with notaries are non-existent. At the one branch where I was able to talk with a live person I found out that the Merrill rep is not a notary. The Investment Rep; meanwhile was unreachable and appeared disinterested.

Finally I gave up. This investment account had a balance that was not inconsequential. I had also intended on eventually moving a very large 401K account over. Now, given the godawful customer service I experienced with BofA/Merrill I wouldn't dream of doing this.

I decided to leave my other account where it was. The accounts at the other financial services firm are moving to LPL Financial. I'm not sure what level of service I can expect from this firm but it has got to be better than what I've received from Merrill Lynch.

The bar has been set pretty low.

John Klimick

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    Merrill Lynch Lack of customer service

    I am a compliance officer of a broker-dealer seeking duplicate statements in order to comply with the SEC requirements. You don't answer the phone and put me through an endless set of options that lead to another endless set of options. I actually have an account with you and am so upset that I am considering moving it. Is there someone who actually answers the phone. I even tried opening a new account and you pointed me to your website.

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      Nov 04, 2020

      Merrill Lynch — My account transfer to Merrill Lynch

      My account manager, at Merrill Lynch, liquidated one of my accounts that I transferred over to her from...

      Dec 04, 2019

      Merrill Lynch — failure to provide refund/rude customer service reps

      I submitted a request on 11/16 to receive funds from my 401k. I paid an additional $25 to have the funds sent...

      Sep 22, 2019

      Merrill Lynch — office disbursement account merrill, lynch pierce fenner & smith

      My fathers had an account he is older and didn't cash his check from 2011 we have the check we have went to...

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      Merrill Lynch Boggling of transfer of funds...

      Ron Haro @ [protected] has delayed transferred of funds. He did not transfer funds per client's instructions and that has caused a great delay. He said it it not the client's funds, but Merrill Lynch. He then hung up on me. I called back and he hung up on me five more times. I cannot believe that a professional that works for Merrill Lynch can be incompetent and RUDE.

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        Aug 13, 2019

        Merrill Lynch — pension

        I have a Pension thru Windstream Corporation that I have been collecting since 06/2018. I asked that Federal...

        Merrill Lynch the staff in istanbul office

        On friday, 28.06.2019, for business purposes 30.000 usd money had transfered from Azerbaijan to Turkey. And Merrill Lynch / Istanbul office informations was written as an attachment. Means that Merrill Lynch is the correspondant bank. I called istanbul office to ask. 

        01.07.2019 At 12:09 PM (Turkish Time) i called them and a guy answered and said that he is not able to answer such questions. I respected the rules even i do not understand for which purposes your bank info has given, i asked the same guy, "when Merrill Lynch is the correspondant bank, is the procedures done from America according to America time." Because we have payments and if the transfer is done according to America time, we must find solution. This question must be a very very simple question for a bank. And everyone knows that your bank is one of the highest rank prime bank and not everybody can work. I told him that i will write this as a complaint. He told me not to threaten him. This is not threatening, i didn't tell him that if he doesn't answer my question i will complaint from him, i didn't tell like this. I am a client and i wanted to write feed back that i didn't like. Thats it. He told me to give the lawyer numbers. Is this the way of your stuffs? Moreover, he doesn't know how to listen.

        Again, i am not asking you anything now, just writing this email as a feedback, eventhough he told me that i got his 7 minutes for nothing.

        Not expacting an excuse, just to be told warnings have been done...

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          Merrill Lynch Customer service center

          I am a Financial Advisor and I called into the service center on behalf of my client [protected]. I needed to obtain Merrill's mailing address and Fax number for transfer paperwork. A simple request across the industry.

          I was greeted by an individual who I could not understand his name with his heavy accent so I can't specifically say who this man was but he was immediately rude and completely unprofessional. Telling me I should not have called and threatening to hang up the phone because my client was not on the line with me. A simple mistake that could have been explained to me in a nice way but instead he attacked me.

          When I tried to explain that it was general company question and not account specific, he still dismissed me and told me I should not call and he will not talk to me and threatened to hang up again. I asked him to transfer me to customer service and he hung up on me.

          It is ridiculous that this man has a job in customer service! I would like Merrill Lynch to look into this phone call since all calls are recorded. I called from number [protected] at 11:11am. Please go back and listen to how this rep treats your customers and their advisors. I will definitely be making a note of this and anytime I can avoid using Merrill Lynch, I will.

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            May 03, 2019

            Merrill Lynch — unprofessional conduct of merrill lynch financial advisor

            Unprofessional conduct of Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor. By sending harassing email from Merrill Lynch...

            Merrill Lynch 2018 tax documentation

            Merrill Lynch published a list of mailing dates for 2018 tax documentation and we have yet to receive any tax documentation. Recently Merrill Lynch now indicates we will not receive tax documentation until February 26, 2019 which is totally unacceptable.

            This puts us as a retirees at a disadvantage in preparing our tax documentation and it appears we will not receive our documentation until sometime in March 2019 because of it being mailed on February 26, 2019. One would believe that those who offer financial services and post dates of when tax documentation would be available as January 31, 2019 would live up to their published documentation. Delaying delivery of tax documentation is not in the best interest of providing good customer service. There is no one who we can contact directly to file a complaint who would listen at Merrill Lynch.

            2018 tax documentation
            2018 tax documentation

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              Jan 06, 2019

              Merrill Lynch — investment

              I had a $450, 000.00 investment with merrill lynch.. After 6 months they lost $20, 000.00.. I never made a...

              Merrill Lynch general customer service

              1) My father's acct balances were given to someone without POA.

              2) Was told if my father dies before Christmas, I don't have to worry about the 401K disbursement paperwork .

              3) Tried to get POA notarized at Merrill Lynch office. Talked to her after we reached parking structure, got my elderly father (who had spent the morning in the ER) out of the car into the Midwest winter, to reach the office and be told she had already left.

              Apparently she didn't want to "disappoint" us.

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                Merrill Lynch 401k - customer service

                On October 22, I mailed out my roll-over 401K check from my previous employer to Merrill Lynch new employer account, today 11/25 I went into my online Merrill Lynch account and saw that my roll-over money has not yet posted. I called Merrill Lynch and was told that I did not include a "Distribution Statement form" from your previous 401K provider so they decided to mail everything back to me.
                First, Merrill Lynch has all my contact information (including phone numbers and email) but no one contacted me to request a form that I missed and I had to call them to find out!! This is outrageous! Now I have to go back to US postal and pay another $24 for an overnight package when I receive my check back from Merrill Lynch, when? No idea? Unbelievable!
                I requested to speak to the manager and was transferred to some guy called Gregory Fanarisios. Gregory said, "Merrill Lynch does not have a policy in place for calling/emailing customers regarding missing items, you should have read the memo…. Your check has been returned to you along with all the forms you mailed with it. Contact your previous 401K provider and a missing form then mail all forms including your check back to us." I felt like screaming… Gregory had I don't care attitude and his approach sickened me, he should change jobs.
                Due to Merrill Lynch customer service incompetence, I'm losing money; my funds are bouncing back and forth, and I still have not received the returned mail. Excellent customer service is seriously lacking at Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch customer service lacked knowledge of their policy, lack of follow through, did not even try to resolve a complaint.

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                  Merrill Lynch — broker

                  Glen Mathieu Glen has been managing our money for a long time, we have had arguments in the past but thi...

                  Merrill Lynch — 401k rollover

                  8/30/18. Called to request reissuing a check for a 401K rollover (Chk #[protected] from Wyman-Gordon S&I Plan...


                  Merrill Lynch shares

                  David Rae
                  Account number 7P1-21315
                  Account address
                  79 Lime street

                  I have called and emailed several times about my share account opened for me by previous employer Dow chemicals for share issue.#
                  I no longer want or need this account so need it closed.
                  I have received no response to previous emails.
                  When I call the operators say they cannot find the account but as you can see from attached photos I have a account and still receive correspondence from Merrill Lynch.
                  The biggest problem is the operators are not willing to acknowledge their or the company's limitations and will not escalate as I have requested several times.
                  Unbelievably poor customer service!!!

                  Also I moved house a long time ago so bellow is my present address and you are obviously still sending letters with my confidential information to gad knows who!!!

                  No wonder Merrill Lynch has such a bad name around the world!!!


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                    Merrill Lynch — 401k

                    I called Merrill Lynch on 6-4-18 @ 5:10 pm spoke to a representative about my 401 k plan she stated her name...

                    Merrill Lynch cannot open an account with an gc extension

                    I am really disappointed at Merrill Lynch as I am trying to open an account with ML but got rejected because I do not have a unexpired Green card but an extension letter. I got employment by using an expired GC and the extension letter from USCIS and had no problem at all. I am surprised that I got turned down for my application.in addition, I had a ML account several years ago so I don't understand why ML had such a rule to approve applications.

                    I feel discriminated and disappointed and I probably will not come back to ML again even when I get my GC renewed as it usually takes a long time to renew the GC.

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                      Merrill Lynch merrill edge ira

                      Merrill has prevented me from using funds in my IRA account to purchase stocks within Merrill Edge. I sold some stocks and tried to purchase more the next day. After purchasing just one stock, my account was locked because I had not waited 2 days between trades (something they don't tell you is against their rules). Further, they imposed a 90-day lockout penalty since I had "violated their rules" with the next day trade. They said if I would deposit $3800 more in my account, they would consider lifting the 90-day penalty.in effect, they are making money off my account for 90 days and I get nothing, tantamount to account hostage piracy.
                      Please be warned that Merrill Edge is not a safe place for your IRA or investments, since they will come up with some scheme to cheat you out of your returns.

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