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claims adjustor

Working with (?) a Nationwide Claims adjustor to settle a claim of their Insured whose driver hit and totaled my 1998 Blazer, their driver was at fault. Nationwide used a loss adjust value from CCC International Services that valued the car at $3100, the lowest figure in CCC's research. I was told that if I wanted them to consider raising the value, it was up to me to provide them with comparable vehicles. I did so, and was told that they didn't have to take those figures and would not consider another price. The average value of vehicles I provided them was $4800.00. They offered $3424.64, after 45 days of "negotiating", I finally took their offer because my daughter has physical therapy from injuries in the accident and she had to have transportation to the PT and back.
Nationwide issues a HANDWRITTEN check in my name. I had provided a Durable POA so that my daughter could cash the check and buy another car. No bank or credit union would cash a handwritten check, check has to be mailed to me and I cash it, issue a Certified Check or Cashier's Check and send it back to her. Because the "handwritten" check is from an insurance company, even my bank will hold for two days.
When I talked with the adjustor, Jon White, he lied to me and said that, "in the past eight years he always issued a handwritten check and there had never been any problem with a handwritten check". This was not the first time Jon White had lied to me, Jon White's manager Michael Higgins had lied to me too, when I complained about White's valuation of my Blazer; about returning my phone calls, White and Higgins both claimed that they had called me several times. Calls were returned after several tries.
My treatment from Nationwide's adjustors was less than satisfactory, they were rude, they lied, they would NOT consider anything that I asked them to consider. I will never recommend Nationwide, I will never let the chance go by to tell someone who asks me what a small, petty, nasty, un professional group of people their claims adjustors are.
The only helpful response I got from Nationwide Claims Dept. was from a woman named Selina at [protected].
Leslie Bienz

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    Cranky Old Lady Mar 10, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Nationwide has only ever been on my side when I was paying My Monthly Insurance Bill on the two Vehicles that I have Insured with them and Allied who also wants nothing to do with my claim.I had some woman who is insured with State Farm back into me twice in a parking lot and drove away, her insurance co.State Farm Totalled my Vehicle, My Insurance Co.Allied Closed My Claim the very next day, and Nationwide paid none of my Hospital Bill which was turned over for Collections in my name. In My Opinion all Insurance Companies are the same Give Us Your Money and If Somebody Hits you to bad so sad we dont know you dont want to know you just keep giving us your money so that we can give you no kind of service ever.Talk about a Scam If you own a vehicle your state requires you to carry Auto Insurance If you are going to drive your vehicle Sad that your State doesnt require your Insurance Co.Or theirs to pay off when you file a claim. Iam now looking for a better Insurance Co.and If anybody knows of one would greatly appreciate seeing it posted on this website.Dont know If All States Have it but where I Live theres a Place called the Insurance Commission and If You File a Complaint with them they will Conduct an Investigation into the Insurance Co. who is giving you the shaft and when you get them involved the Rotten Insurance Co. Will Pay Just to get them off their Tail.

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not honorable

I joined Nationwide through my agent and had it for a year or so.Every time I was a little late, they kept raising my insurance.It supposedly had a competitive rate but I found out it didn't.They kept cancelling me just to keep my money.On top of that, I cancelled and told them on time and they still sent me a monthly bill even tough they received my cancellation saying that I had to PROVE that I had other insurance. I don't have to prove anything.It's a free country and who are they? They do not own me.By the complaints I see here, I agree: NATIONWIDE IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! trust me, don't bother.

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    K Garner Jun 07, 2011

    They keep finding reasons for me to re-write my policy. First time was so I could get roadside assistance, the next thing I know I am told that it was not written correctly and had to do so again, lo and behold, I get a letter today saying my roadside assistance will be canceled on July 21st. I called and was told my bodily injury totals and per accident coverage amounts were to low and the policy would need to be re-written. But I would have to wait until I completed this policy in order to do so. The reason: They said I had a 18 day lapse before I came to Nationwide. In truth I had a 3 day lapse, not sure who does the math over there. However when I am due for renewal again and add the roadside assistance my insurance rates will increase ... again. I actually thought I would get decent customer service and quality service with these people. I am somewhat disheartened to discover they are nothing but con artist and do not deliver what is promised. Never again will I go to them for insurance, I am currently looking for a different insurance provider.

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failure to pay

Another driver caused the accident. Nationwide was his insurer. The adjuster, Marie-Lyne Lezeau, called me almost every day for over a month always wanting to get a medical release signed. She blackmailed me by saying that Nationwide would not pay my medical bills until the release was signed. Now that I have signed the release, five months have gone bye and the bills still are not paid. Marie-Lyne now ignores my calls and emailings. I will never sign anything after an accident again without talking to a lawyer first. I guess I will have to pay the bills myself now and take Nationwide to small claims court. Do not get your insurance from them!

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    blcsweetness Feb 22, 2010

    i totally agree nationwide is shady i was involved in an accident in a parking lot its a he said she said accident meaning we pay our own stuff well months after the accident i started receiving phone calls from nationwide stating i was being sued for the amount of repairs to the other persons car even tho i have full coverage and it was actually the other person that didn't have up to date insurance info after being threatened for months i called my insurance company and gave them the info and they took care of it us not paying anything thank god

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    princess2009 Mar 21, 2011

    Yet another one of their driver's causing an accident...They tricked me into signing a release of Liabilty. Having no idea or ever being in a accident I signed the paper on the statement if receiving reimbursement checks. I even TOLD the representative that I didn't want the money and he added to the check anyway, stating Nationwide wanted to offer it to me for any other inconveniences, not to settle from the driver and his mother. He stated that to me while I was signing the paper and asking him what it was...WHAT A JOKE and now I am out of luck and he caused lots of damage to by neck and head and this is how they treat people their driver hit...I'm so proud to say our insurance company would never handle a situation like that.

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    Chuckrocars Jun 24, 2011

    Anyone can file a complaint with the department of insurance for whatever state the accident happened in, Please be advised that under NO circumstance are you to any forms...they are (blanket) forms and what this does is let's them collect all of your medical history since birth..then pick through what could or would hurt your case... also check your local laws for what they can or cannot do, if I can be any assistance PLEASE let me know... Oh yeah..Nationwide does SUCK, I agree...get insurance with statefarm, or Allstate!!! Charles

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fraudulant voicemail messages

Nationwide continues to leave various messages with various reference numbers claiming I need to call them. I don't have this insurance and have finally figured out it is a marketing scam. Shame on them! KNOCK IT OFF.

cancellation of coverage

July 2009 Nationwide Insurance Company send me a letter saying that one of their agents will be around to...

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bad faith insurance practices

Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. Allied Insurance Nationwide Agribusiness Titan Insurance Victoria Insurance To...

auto damage coverage

Insurance policy holder of above mentined insurance co., hitted my car rear bumper and I claimed that damage to above mentioned
insurance about 2 weeks ago but they haven't dispatch there adjuster yet. they just call me and ask same question that I made when I report that accident and no action at all.
I want to repair my car damage caused by accident asap.

accident party's name is kaylene Choe
Her ins. policy # is 7204c107608
claim # is [protected]
person's name who got report from me was cathy
accident car ( kaylene Choe ) was BMW 528 I, Lic. plate # was 6ADA031

please help me.

Thank's for your times.

not on your side... for a home insurance complaint!

We had severe damage to our roof due to a hail storm last June 2008. After noticing water coming in through...

refuse to pay calaim

They are the worst company in the world! One of their insured ran into my daughters car and caused $1500 of damage. They refuse to pay. I am going to have to sue the driver to collect my money. There is no question I will win the case .. too bad for their "insured" ..who really in the end is not covered by them because in the ind the "insured" is going to have to pay me and try and get it back from Nationwide ...the ### who are NOT on your side..

  • Na
    Nationwid Ins Sucks Apr 04, 2009

    Nationwide Is the worst. The do not back there customers. The will let you down when you needed them the must. Do not trust them. If you have them as insurance switch as soon as you can.

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  • Ro
    Roanokehokie Feb 21, 2010

    Interesting! I am going into the second month waiting for their claims adjuster to contact me. Their policyholder ran a stop sign and broadsided my car (son was driving - he's been having recurring headaches since). Tomorrow, I'm seeing an attorney.

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  • Ri
    Rick_L Nov 04, 2010

    Same story, San Diego CA, - Their insured(drunk driver) ran into me causing $3000 plus in damages. Rental was over 12oo dollars, medical over $1800 and they wont pay. DA is even prosecuting driver, yet they will not except liability.
    I even have an attorney. They don't care. I will sue someone...

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cancellation fee

I cancelled my auto insurance with Nationwide and expected to get a partial month refund. I got instead a...

wrongful death

My 16 year old daughter was killed in a single vehicle fatality. The 16 year old driver was 100% at fault with many violations.

The insurance company contacted us immediately to settle the Wrongful Death Claim that they filed NOT us. They tried to contact us on numerous occassions and when we could finally talk to them I told them that we expected the payout to be only policy limits and then I expected them to leave the driver's family and our family alone. They refused to disclose policy limits and made us an unreasonable offer.

My daughter was killed 5 months ago and we have now been forced to hire an attorney to sue the drivers family. If this actually goes to trial the one survivor, who is also a child, will have to be deposed along with all of their friends who were in the other car and who witnessed the crash, along with the parents of the driver, along with us.

What is Nationwide thinking to put us all through this pain and additional grief??? Nationwide is definitly not protecting their insured.

We all pay 100% premiums for 100% policy limits insurance but apparently Nationwide thinks that we are to pay 100% for only a portion of the policy limits represented at the time of quote and payment.


Grieving Mother

not on my side

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fraud and scam

Nationwide Insurance Company will cancel your policy by saying you have a past due balance. That you probably...