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National City Bank / bad banking at its worst

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National City Bank has a carefully crafted scheme for taking your money whenever they can. When payments are posted to your account they may or may not be debited immediately. If a payment is posted and not debited for three days, your balance will actually go up and the payment will no longer be posted. If this happens and you check your balance and go out and spend money, the delayed debits can come through in seconds right after your approved debits. If this happens to you, the bank will tell you they cannot remove the overdraft fees unless it is a banking error. This kind of thing does not count as a banking error.

Not only that but you cannot close down your bank account if you have someone debiting it and you want it to stop. If you go into National City and tell them you want to close your account, they will. However, if any activity, such as a debit or credit, occurs on your account for thirty days after it is closed, the account will be reopened and you will be held liable for all activity.

Also, the agreement that National City Bank has with Visa for the debit cards is that they have to be good for a certain amount of money regardless of your balance. So, if you request that a block be put on your debit card to prevent spending money you don't have, they will tell you that they cannot do that and charge you overdraft fees for every item in the negative. Bank employees are not allowed to remove banking fees that are not banking errors.

If you receive an ACH debit charge that National City Bank does not want to pay on your behalf, they stick you with an insufficient funds fee each time that an attempt is made to debit your account. These fees can put you into the negative, and (like overdraft fees) will incur a daily fee of $8 per day after your account is in the negative for four days. If you have not filled out a report of fraud with the bank previous to the attempted debit, you are responsible for the negative balance and fees. It is not a banking error. You cannot really close your account, and National City Bank expects you to simply give away your money to them.

When you open a checking account with National City Bank they automatically open a savings account for you and put one penny in it. By default, even if you have only that one penny in your savings account, National City will charge you $10 to transfer anything from your savings account into your checking account to cover debit items if you are going to go into the negative. If you cannot cover the entire expense, you receive not only the transfer of funds fee but the insufficient funds or overdraft fees and fees for late payments.

Lawyers tell bankers what they can and can't do, and bankers take whatever they can in fees. That is generally true of most all banks, but National City Bank has this sort of pillaging of people's accounts down to a tee. What they do is perfectly legal, and perfectly evil.

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  • Sa
      4th of Sep, 2008
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    National City Bank - Incompetent managers & employees
    National City Bank
    2400 Dixie Highway
    United States
    Phone: 502

    I had a two person account, that the bank screwed up all the way from the beginning . I opened the account and added my mom, the bank rep decided to head my mother on the account was going change it but it seemed to be a problem so I left it the same to keep from going through the hassle. To weeks ago my account was in the negative, I came to fix the negativity the young lady seemed like she understood and proceeded to correct the problem. I explained to her that I moved my mothers account to another bank and that she is no longer on the account with me. I told her that my mom has a savings where they take out $100.00 a month, so if I tell you that she is know longer on the account and to clear everything up so i want get charged again what does that tell you! she assured me that every thing was taken care of, I paid with a debit card from another bank to clear the negativity. Now its 2 weeks later and my account is back in the negativity again. I went back to the bank again asked for the same bank person. I was very annoyed with her and didn't want to speak to her and asked for a manager. He immediately took her side, by now I was furious. Bank rep knew that there was a pre -authorized money that came out my mothers account each month but each month day after day they were charging me fees. This bank is a RIP OFF!!! Today I closed both accounts 9/04/08 checking and my mom savings and I'm going to warn every one to stay clear or this incompetent bank and its ignorant managers and employees. I was so upset with this uncaring bank I shouted on the way out I hate this bank I'm sorry I allowed my self to stoop so low to say that. I had to make another trip back to the bank I humiliated my self in front of everyone I made my apologizes and left. I wanted to make sure I told both sides of the story in case they wanted to add more to my behavior because of their ignorance. Seems like a ten year old would have asked mam would you like to have this pre authorized & 100.00 off so that you won't get charged. This bank does not look out for its customers. We are the reason you have a job. If you bank at this bank you can rest assure that the customer is never right. Good riddens to bad rubbish!

  • Tc
      8th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Goodness! This is so horribly true! I've only had my account open with National City for BARELY ONE MONTH and already they are pulling these shenanigans!

    So I called the CSRs for NCB to see if they could tell me my real balance. Nope. It was exactly as wrong as the online one! "The online banking is just a tool to assist you. Check your register. It works for me."


    Why do they make debits that they KNOW exist go away? Why do they increase your balance and not show the item as pending until it clears???

    What is the purpose of this?! I am going to have to close my account because of this deceitful practice. There are millions of better banks with a hundred times better online banking tools that do not try to cheat customers by that niggling, "Check your register, we're not responsible" trick.

    Please, explain to me how false posting on and off in the online banking tools HELP customers check their register? If you cannot count on it to be accurate, how can we check our own accuracy?

    Deeply disappointed and wholeheartedly agree with this poster's sentiments. I'm closing my account tomorrow.

  • Ab
      26th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    My experience has been that their running balance cannot be trusted! It changes hourly. I was told by at least 8 employees that it was because the merchant did not submit within 72 hours, so money was taken out of and put back into my account. When presented with written proof that that was not so, suddenly it was "where did you get 72 hours?" We have never heard of that -- and then the great stare-down.

    I hear this bank is going under. Apparently some employees hope to hang in there when they are taken over and find no problem in taking as much of your money as possible, making you look like a fool and out and out lying!

    Terrible bank, terrible, prevaricating individuals!!

  • Am
      26th of Dec, 2008
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    National City Bank - Abusive fees and fines
    Grand Ledge
    United States

    I opened up a Checking account and was given a debit card as a minor. This isn't very ethical because minors tend to be less responsible, and have low incomes. So of course, I ended up overdrafting my account, apparently, instead of declining my card at the point of sale. The bank will charge 36 dollars for any amount overdrawn!

    Well one vacation, after I had graduated, and I had 1000 from an open house for school. I deposited money in the bank so that I could use it to buy gas among other things. Since the bank decided that chronology is not important, I was overdrawn by hundreds of dollars. Not only could I not access the ATM because the bank randomly changed my PIN number while I was on vacation to get cash, but they had to take 100s of dollars of a kid's school money.

    I called to see how much it would cost to just have my savings transferred over (assuming it'd be around 4 to 6 dollars), but no, it's 15 dollars per incident.

    I decided this was ridiculous and switched to CASE Credit Union where the same savings to checking transfer service costs a mere $2. CASE also has the ethical policy of no debit cards to minors.

    This bank is nothing but sleeze.

  • Mm
      27th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    First of all, banks CANNOT change your pin number without your consent. Secondly, you are responsible for what you spend. You will probably blame someone ten years from now when you are having account problems with another bank. You also have to make sure that your money has been posted to your account BEFORE you spend it. There are signs everywhere that tell you that and it even says that on your deposit tickets. Again, people need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming others.

  • Sa
      4th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I'm having this problem now with this bank. I often check to see if items are posted or pending. When item are pending, I can go over my account by 2.00, and then magically the posted items becomes pending and a billion fee's are attacted to the account and they refuse to waive any, and all from a 2.00 charge! I never received good service from this bank. They are not customer service drivin and they are a complete fraud, I've been trying to close this account for the longest and it seem impossible!!!

  • Ko
      31st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Well, personally I have not had any problems with this bank so far, 1 month running. It seems to me that ya'll don't know how to keep track of your check book...if you did that then you wouldn't have to check your online account. Regardless of what my online account says, I just go by what my check book says, that way I don't go over the amount of money that I have.

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