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National City Bank / fraud and cheating

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I am a Widow, who has been diagnosed with Severe, Rheumatoid Arthirtis in each, and every joint in my body. This is added to the two herniated disc's in both my lower back, and in my neck. Also, I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy in both feet, Serious Irritated Bowel Syndrom, Sleep Apenia, Severe Depression, and Anxioty, Panic Attacks, and I have Short Term Memory, Difficultly Concentrating, partly caused by having over 100 Grand Mall Seizures from age 19 to 26 years of age. I am also awaiting tests to find out if I have a Learning Disability.

I live with Excruciating Pain day in, and day out. There is not much that can be done, other then some risky surgery's. I have already had surgery in both hands, do to Carpal Tunnel, a Total, Emergency Hysterectomy, and several other major surgery's. I do not want to have anymore surgery's, and I worry about how many times I have had to be Ex-ray's, MRI's, Catt Scans, that I glow in the dark.

All this makes it very hard to keep track of all my paper work. It's kind of like, 'Out of site, out of mind', with me. Plus, we have so much paper work, that ends up getting plied on the kitchen table, so if I can't see it, I will forget. I even forget what day it is, or the date, all the time. I walk from one room to another, and cannot remember what I was going to do. I understand that this happens to everybody once in a while, but it happens to me constantly.

Anyway, I have been here in Dayton, since March 2003, and I hired a lawyer to assist me in getting S.S.I. and, now I filed by myself for S.S. Disabled Widows Benefits, which I'm still waiting for. In fact, I am awaiting a Hearing before a Judge, but it's taking forever. They told me that I need a Bank Account so that when it is approved, it will have a bank to be sent to. I have been receiving Disabled assistance from Job, and Family Services. It's a whole $115.00 once a month. Several times, when I got an Overdraft on my account, I had to pay large sums of money to put a stop to the Daily Bank Fees, to stop them from charging my $8.00 a day. And, again now, they have charged me with $500.00 in Late Fees. I don't understand why they keep approving any purchases that exceed my account balance? I went to talk to them Thursday, and they wouldn't even let me close my account. So, again I asked them what I can do to stop it from adding up more. And, I was told that I owe them a whopping $500.00! Now that may not sound much to some people, but for me it might as well be $510.00! I asked her what I can do to stop these daily charges? Not only the $8.00 a day, but they actually charged me 20 times, with amount's like, $75.00 to $510, in just 20 days. I Pled with her for something I can do to stop any more Fees? She told me she would cut my card, and then told me to call Loss Prevention to get my account closed, and that I can work it out with them, because they would not accept the small payments I wanted to pay, like only $15.00 or $20.00.

I did call, just yesterday, and they told me that the ONLY thing that can be done, is to, 'Report me to a Collection Agency, who will send me something in the mail, and then I can try to work it out with them? Not only do I worry about not having the money, but it is going to hurt my credit score as well. I don't know what my score is, because every web site I use wants to charge me something. It's not Free, like they claim to be, but I know its pretty good, because when I was looking into an onling business to make some cash, the man told me, 'Your credit is not as bad as you thought it was.'

I am just so upset about how they keep doing this to me, when they are quite aware of my circumstances, and that I only get $115.00 a month? Why do they keep approving any purchases, if they know it's under already? Plus, they are quite aware that I am unable to pay that kind of money? A few times, when this happened before, when I reminded them that I am waiting to receive S.S.D.W.B, and will have a large retroactive payment, and I need a bank to put it in, they worked something out with me, so way can't they do it now? Oh yea, and she told me she was, 'Putting something on my record, so that I won't be able to open a bank account, ANYWHERE! Is this normal? How can it be right? Even one of the tellers whispered to me, 'I know. It's a shame, because they do it to the people that don't have the money to pay it!

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  • An
      21st of Nov, 2008
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  • Si
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I obtained a motorcycle loan through National City on June 5th of 2008. I handed them the title and I was told they would be taking care of registering the bike. After a month I called to find out where my title is and they said it was on the way. This went on for months. Finally in December of 08 they had admitted the lost my title right away in the beginning and they had no clue where it was. At this moment I decided I was going to take all my money out of the bank and pay the loan off. After numerous phone calls and numerous lies I was finally helped by a manager named Ed. He contacted the previous owner of the bike who took his own precious time to go to the DMV to make a duplicate. Fortunate for me, he was trustworthy enough to not report the bike lost or stolen considering I did not own the bike and National City was not the lien holder. Simply put, I was paying for and housing a vehicle I did not own and that could have very easily been reported stolen. I paid the amount due every month to National City for a vehicle I did not own and was not able to operate due to their negligence. After I contacted the previous owner we set up a time to meet so I can get the title and try it again. After receiving the title, I was told that I would have to pay the money due in order to get it registered. If this were the case I do not understand why the ever kept the title in the first place if it was my responsibility to get it registered. After this happened, I took all my money out, transferred the loan to another bank and have attempted to close my accounts. I went into the branch on Moreland Blvd on 01/08/09 to close my accounts and I was told it will be officially closed during the next cycle. It is now two months later and my account is still not closed. It took me nearly 9 months to receive my title but in no way should it take more than a few days to have my accounts officially closed. I have gone into the branch on more than one occasion and I have been told everytime to just give it a few more days. A few more days has gone and passed numerous times and I am fed up with getting the run around and need this to be taken care of. I should not be able to access my account online anymore. There is no reason why this should not have been able to be resolved in person but I am starting to understand this is how business is done at this bank.

  • Wa
      18th of May, 2009
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    National City lost the title to my car as well. I puchased the car in 2003 and have paid it off and they have no idea where the title is. They more or less said it is my problem. They gave me a number to call to get a replacement. However they did not offer to pay for the replacement. Like I said they don't have a problem, they got their money so no problem for them. To bad for me. I will never get a loan through National City Bank again.

  • Js
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    city bank is sick people up for their money, national city bank stole $3, 000 from me and they are being investigated for their action, I advise anyone not to bank with them and yes there customer service is not great at all.I know one thing that bank needs to be put out of buisness.

    please dont bank with them.

  • Lo
      27th of Dec, 2010
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    (Scenario: National City Bank bought out my bank 2 weeks earlier) On a friday, I deposited my weekly $400.00 paycheck On Saturday, I wrote a check to cover $11.00 for dinner for my son and I. On Sunday I wrote a check to $10.00 to the same place for the same reason. On Monday I deposited A paycheck for $400.00 from my second job. On Tuesday I deposited a $200.00 child support check . On Thursday my account was negative On friday, I told them I was not depositing any more funds until they straighten this out... The following Monday I asked them to close my account. $21.00 worth of dinners cost me $1000 and now, 4 years later I am getting harassing phone calls saying I owe $600.00+ from PNC (the bank that bought National City)

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