National Car Rental / no cars available

On July 24, 2018, I flew into PHF and attempted to pick up my reserved car from National, confirmation # [protected], only to be told that there were no cars available and I could either wait for one to be returned (with no idea when that might be, already after 9pm), or I could check other locations and/or rent from another company. Earlier in the day, I received an email that my car was ready and waiting. I called customer service and was told the same thing, that nothing could be done and nobody would assist me in any way with getting the car that I had reserved. It was "escalated" to a manager who gave an insincere apology and said I could rent from another company but that she would not do anything for me. I rent with National at least once per month, and up until today I have been very pleased with the service. Now I am absolutely horrified. I made this reservation far in advance. It is National's job to make sure that they have enough cars for the reservations. Instead, this was turned into my problem, and nobody at National would agree to do any of the leg work to rectify the situation. They wouldn't even call the next closest airport to see if there were cars available.
Honestly, I don't know what would fix this situation. I would feel better if I received a call tomorrow that a luxury car was waiting for me, and that National would cover the cost of the Hertz car I had to rent. I would also feel better if I could be assured that this kind of lack of customer service would never happen again and if my future reservations could be upgraded.
There is plenty of competition, and I am happy to take my considerable business elsewhere.
Elizabeth Laws, MD
Executive Elite (doesn't feel very elite at all) [protected]

Jul 24, 2018

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