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St Louis, United States
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Card was a prize my daughter won at a school event. Tried to use it at Wal-mart but didn't work (this was before the expiration date). Card clearly says the funds don't expire so didn't think too much about trying to use after expiration date. Unable to use and now the funds are expiring because a service fee of $3.95 is deducted periodically. When I finally got around to finding the paperwork that came with the card and called them they were unable/unwilling to help. A replacement card would incur a $15 fee but because they take out $3.95 periodically there is not even $15 on the card. They were unhelpful and it took a good deal of badgering on my part to get the "customer service" guy to even tell me the name of the company so I could call them directly. That turned out to be useless as the company doesn't seem to have any humans working there!

Jan 27, 2017

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