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Contact information: is a data aggregation site that collects data about you from anywhere you've posted information about yourself, by using a web crawler /scrape /bot. The information is shows you about yourself is not coming from them, but sites you've voluntarily participated in as well and other federally available public records that contain info on your life.

The problem here is how this free and readily available information is presented to the you to get you to sign up for their services, which consist of using deceptive thumbnails in the free search results to present the impression of something being wrong with your information as to being the reason why you need their services. Additionally you are shown a initial low social credit score as another means of making you feel you need their services to correct it. None of which is true and none of which you need from them.

The ability to control your public info on their site is so not needed as the information they find is from sites you've made your info public and that is public in nature.

What Mylife does is pull FREE aggregated data on you and place it behind a PAYWALL to give you a false impression of control. Data on you can be obtained and controlled by you for free using other widely available means.

Mylife also collects data on you during sign up and turns around and sells it even it you don't sign up.

Feb 2, 2019
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