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MyLife - Free Trial

My trial started on the 26th of Oct and was for 5 days. I was told I would not be charged if I cancel before the 31st, but when I went on to cancel on the 30th, I noticed they already charged me in full. I contacted them in a few different ways and each way blew me off. I see that many people have had the same problem after all the negative reviews and complaints, it's amazing that they are still allowed to do business.

Desired outcome: Refund of the 99.90 they stole out of my account illegally

MyLife - Numerous Bogus Profiles and Completely False Information

My situation is the same as other people who have complained about MyLife. I did a random internet search on my own name and found numerous bogus profiles with false information, wrong and false addresses, names of people who are not my family, and "records" that I don't actually have. I have a low "reputation score, " too. Lol, I guess so, being that all their information on me is incorrect.

To make it worse, they keep sending me emails to sign up (and pay) if I want to have the profiles removed. This is a very shady way to do business, and it has happened to a lot of people. I'm surprised MyLife hasn't been shut down because this is very damaging to people and can cause them problems when they're seeking employment. It can cause them problems when they meet new people, too. Employers probably know better than to believe random internet crap, but those other people might not know that MyLife is a huge scam full of lies.

I think they let anyone and everyone add false information and make up profiles using other people's names. So any vindictive person can do it to someone if they want to cause them problems. This is not good at all. They need to think of an honest way to make money instead of trying to blackmail people into paying to have false information removed.

Desired outcome: I'd like all the bogus profiles and false information removed.

MyLife - fake profile accounts

Yeah while searching for some information i found a profile that is nothing but [censored] and should have never been created. The only reason it is on mylife is to squeeze money out of people like me. Since the profile is of a person who is sitting on my shelf in an urn and has been for several years. Leave my father alone. He never liked your site.

Desired outcome: i want his profile and all info destroyed.

MyLife - My review

Full of lies and incorrect information. Spoke with Paublo at MyLife. He wanted me to sign up so they could help me correct all the errorrs in the 35+ social media companies where they got their information. When I say no, he went deaf and dumb.

Would not remove or correct my listing.

I have a complaint filed with the BBB and may speak to an attorney about a defamation suit.

Desired outcome: removal of my lising

MyLife - Defamation of character

You need to check a little deeper into the facts of information you publish about people ( namely me ). You can take down the false information you posted about me immediately, or I can retain a lawyer tomorrow!! That is your call, I will check your site again at midnight to see which avenue you choose to go down.

Glenn Hartshorne
52 year old

Desired outcome: Remove your post with false accusations.

MyLife - No refund, did not provide offered service

I went on MyLife to find information about a friend. Finding minimal, half-incorrect information, on June 22nd 2021, I tried to sign up for a free trial but was immediately charged $71.00 and change. For several days, until June 29th, I kept calling to try to get a refund and was hung up on a number of times due to "bad connection." When I was able to understand what was said to me, the associate insisted that the company had a "no refund policy." I tried to use the complete service that I had paid for, but every time I tried, I was expected to either pay another $71 or go back to the "free profile" section. I tried for days. They were unresponsive. I want my money back! Do Not go to this website. It is purely a scam. They take your money and give you nothing for it. I was given a number, [protected], but was not told what to do with it.

Desired outcome: Refund

MyLife - Subscription

I registered on this website just to try it and see how they work. I submitted my name and found out that all information they have about me is 10 years old and out of date. I didn't like that they counted my personal score based on neighbors, who live in the building, where I do not live almost ten years. How can I be responsible for people, who live in the five-level building? I called immediately this company and canceled my account and subscription with them. What is funny, you cannot cancel a subscription directly from their website, you need to talk to the person, who is listening to you, saying: yes mam, your subscription is canceled and you will not be charged. I just trusted her. Now, I was checking my account and noticed that they still charging my card. I do not recommend this company for a background check. They are just purchasing somewhere old data and selling us stupid subscriptions.

MyLife - Charged for a cancelled resevation at Bellagios made through Mlife

On 4-17-21 made a reservation at Bellagio Resort Casino, Las Vegas, NV through the M-Life for June 11-13, 2021 (confirmation No. M05027733). I later cancelled this reservation through the same M-Life application on about 4/29/21) after learning my wife's hip replacement was scheduled for on June 8, 2021 making it impossible to make the trip, on June 14, 2021 Bellagio charged my credit/debit card $283.45. There is suppose to be free cancellation and the hotel was not informed of my cancellation through M-life

Desired outcome: Refund the $283.45 charged on my account

MyLife - Bait & switch. Auto renew when proof was provided on cancel in trial period

They send a Notice that I have a negative reporting - I buy a trial for 1.00. See report there is NOTHING negative. I email their 7x24 customer support to cancel - no acknowledgment is given on the email.

I see a charge on day 4 for 3mos subscription. I call this time - They will not refund as you have to call for cancel but they don't say that…. In my mind the have stolen $54.

Terrible business practice. Stay away.

Desired outcome: Refund

MyLife - taking money not authorized

I canceled my trial after I figured out it's not what I need. On June 8th I was charged 44.95 for a 3 month renewal even though I cancelled my trial subscription. I called to get it resolved and they gave me a partial refund of 35 dollars. This is ridiculous and I should have been given a full refund. I know that I cancelled it and I will be reporting this to the BBB as well as anywhere else that I can.

Desired outcome: to get my full refund of 44.95

MyLife - Their website online on my name.

They have my name, old pictures, private information, old information, and extremely outdated information which has never been updated properly.

This is defamation of character, slander, and libel!

Anyone can get this information and make a decision on whether or not to hire, or rent, or do business with me based on inaccurate data which I did not get a chance to approve, or correct!

If I run into ANY problems based on this site, I WILL SUE THEM FOR MILLIONS!

Desired outcome: Take all my information off your site, or correct it and get my approval!

MyLife - MyLife People search engine

I requested that information be removed from there database, MyLife posted sensitive information about a deceased family member, and false information without consent from anyone in the family or the deceased. Putting the safety and the well being of family members and myself in harms way. MyLife does not have the right to publicize, post, communicate or display any sensitive information about anyone. Nor should they be able to publicize, post, communicate or display false information about anyone and should be accountable for publicizing, posting, communicating and displaying false information and sensitive information which could bring harm that otherwise would not have been set in motion, MyLife will not remove the deceased from their database, stating a picture of current drivers license is required from the deceased. I found when trying to cancel a subscription, MyLife is uncooperative, elusive and obtuse to my request, blatantly, intentionally disrespecting the wishes of the family members and the deceased, blatantly intentionally publicizing sensitive information to the millions with the knowledge of the wrong doings that can perpetuate from this action. Any one know who MyLife hires for support on their site and where this support company is located? Has anyone corresponded with a supervisor or community relations persons from MyLife? My answer to that is NO


MyLife - Illegally obtaining and publicizing personal information for monetization has obtained personal information by my ex husband without my knowledge nor consent! The profile that was created has harmful information that is false and damaging to my personal and...

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MyLife - the site has inaccurate information causing my rating to be low

the site has information listing that i have court records and i haven't ever been convicted of anything. I would like a public apology on their website for lying and slander. I reviewed the site on 3/13/2021 and the site has a red alert stating i have been to court and court records are damaging my score which isw horrific. they need to correct any/all information.

Desired outcome: removed inaccurate information

MyLife - Online service

I recently found out when looking my name up that had taken it upon themselves to post information about me online more than half of it was incorrect. I called them last week and asked to be removed from there database. The person I spoke with clearly didn't care and kept telling me they could fix what was wrong or inaccurate I'm sure at some sort of cost I basically demanded just to take me off after hearing his scripted replies. He gave me a reference number of [protected] and assured me it would be deleted in 5 days. A week later still the profile was not deleted so I called again today same results got another reference number [protected]. When I told the Mylife employee I was recording the conversation he quickly got off the phone. This is outrageous. How is this kind of company ok? A Class action lawsuit needs to be filed against this disrespectful negligent company!

Desired outcome: To remove my fake profile

MyLife - Information Broker

Foreigner are responding to calls for MyLife, hence, have private information. Legally only American should have my personal information. I should be able to sue in a U.S. Court of Law infractions. I cannot sue a person in a foreign country! Please everyone, pay attention to all of these call centers. They should never have access to personal, financial, criminal, employment, educational information. U.S. citizens have no recourse to defend what every mishaps happens with this information

There are several errors on what MyLife is reporting. I have no criminal record! My religion is not what they say. on and on. My house value, payment or amount outstanding balance should not be public information. This information is available for EVERYONE to see. However, I cannot review my own information in more detail to see what they have for 'criminal activity' this is not fair to anyone esspecially when information is false.

MyLife should not be implying or guessing information posted.

This information MyLife publishes strictly belongs to the owner

Desired outcome: No charge for owner of information to review and verify information. Preferably, shut down MyLife and similar site.

MyLife - Incorrect information

My name is Linda Lee Edelen, birthdate 01/10/1952

I was married to Lawrence W. Tucker until 8/1992, when we divorced.
He then married Linda Kraller who then also became Linda Tucker. ( I do not know Valerie Oconnell, Marian Kraller or Aaron Miller, who may be associates of Linda Kraller) I want these people removed from any connection to me.

I remarried to James Steven Edelen and remained married until his death 8/2008. My name became Linda Edelen when we married.

In 2011 I married Joseph D. LeStrange and kept my name as Linda Edelen.

I do not know and am not associated with Linda Tucker in Hartwell, Ohio.

I have never lived at 196 Crane St., Millinton, MD 21651 OR 104 Justin Buch
Dr, Chestertown, MD 21620 (I assume these addresses belong to Linda Kraller)

My current address is 2001 Kenwood Rd, Annapolis, MD 21409

Desired outcome: I want my public information to be corrected.

MyLife - False information about me and unauthorized charge to my credit card.

I want my refund and I don't want to have a membership with life. Please I have a disability and I don't have money to waste. I saw a message from the website and it was my information, and I didn't know what the hell was the situation until I paid for the $1.00 for a three day trial. Then I was charged $19.99 for something that I don't want.I want my refund back to my credit card please.

Desired outcome: I get my refund back

MyLife - Harassment

Hello! Both my partner and I have harassing reviews on your website from his ex wife. We both have one from Oct 25, 2017, and he has a second one from her June 26, 2019.

Your website makes people agree not to use the information to stalk or harass anyone, and that's all she's interested in.
I'd like the comments to be taken down, and I'd like our profiles to be locked down to prevent further harassment. Thank you.

MyLife - Trial membership and reputation profile

I have sent 3 emails with no replies so I called the number. How convenient the lady could not hear me saying my phone was breaking up and it was a bad connection. Nobody else has ever mentioned my phone being an issues.
I signed up for the $1 trial offer. It gave me somebody else's name as mine and I can't change it.
My profile has an imposter, a name, a unique id, name and dob. When I search this name it comes up with people with different names. It just doesn't make any sense and they will not reply to my email to explain.

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