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People private information

They cheated and leaded you to purchase. And I have experienced and I think is a scam. After several months unhappy non-sense wasting time. I membership got really cancelled. But later on again, they still put my name under MYLIFE.com and posted my information under their name.

P.S. I have learned the type of website is an evil site. They shouldn't started business like that. This is cheated people all the way, but actually selling their private information rather than doing wiki type of posting. This is bad people gang bang company. I wish people wake up and stop connecting. This is a private information crisis. And it looked like people pretended is a public lead and sell to people to buy it. This is totally a monster world nowadays. It can not be allowed. Amen.

All these kind of company is actually disturbing my family lives. I got my sibling &/friend is having habit to steal my family time, my private time, time... Buy believe in evil and doing things preventing is me and my kids or my husband. That is very much pursuit to phathom scams.

I and my family are doing the best and great and possibility to stop this every time when happen. Like this case and complaints board submission, I have to try my best to find a way to clear the record on internet and I do not know how. But I will do it like I clear the rest of my complaint in these past 20 years in usa.

These types of company should closed down/or monitor by or change the presentation of the style for the business. Or we do not need it at all. It is a false and gossip tools for trafficking business, which is servery harming the east and west country family lives. Because evil search family love information and intruder to steal money and credit for their trafficking purpose. Each day people and gangster and others kept on using internet online to doing that. It is very scary if those/these company exist.

Thank you. I do not speak very good in american english. Please excuse me. Thanks for your attention. And have a nice day!

$54.95 charged to my debit card

I am not a subscriber to MyLife, but was charged $54.95 for there services. I got a email from my bank on May 18th, 2020 letting me know that a transaction was posted to my account. Transaction description - 110225 CHK PURCH SIG MYLIFE * PPL BKG [protected] CA [protected] 110225. I have blocked my debit card, and no longer trust the internet.

False Info

My information including criminal charges, income, relatives and address is false. I thought false=lie. Freedom of information act? Information? seriously oh right "truth is not truth" anymore according to a very famous politician.
This lie known as information of mine is what i find out for free. Do i really want to know what I will see when I pay to find out "who i am?"
Peace All!

information no good

I joined on 2.11.2020, and had $119 charged to my CC for a years
subscription. I ran two reports.
This was a test plan, because I had these two reports from Truthfinder.
I wanted to see how MyLife compared to Truthfinder. There was no comparison.

Truthfinder had valuable information that MyLife did not have.
Please refund my $119 back to my CC on 2.12.2020. I'll call the CC to=
morrow to determine this has occurred.
If I own My Life a $1 fee for 3 days, I'll be glad to pay it, but not $119.
Thank You for your Promptness in this matter.

below is information that is not correct

[protected] [protected] [protected] 3 Metcalf Ln Medway, MA 29 Lake Shore Dr Casco ME, 176 Brian Ave Derry NH, 1 Brian Ave #7L Derry, NH, 172 Bria Ave Derry, NH PO Box 1448 Salem NH PO Box 1448L Salem NH / Lori Rose Michael Brown Patricia Gaffney Christine Wood Angie Black Leon Levasseur Coreen Gaffney Dianee Brown Donna Brown Frank Brown Janice Gilmer Elizabeth Brown Edward Rose Jennifer Bessette Jeremy Brown John Roy Kathleen Brown Linda Gaffney Michael Gaffney Michele Brown Michele Elliott Peter Brown Richard Browne Susan Hunt Tammy Levasseur Tammy Weir Timothy Brown Tonia Levasseur Donald Sweatt Brenda Batts

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selling misinformation

There are items found in this report that MyLife is selling under my name that are not facts. My personal information was affected in a security breech in 2017. I have had to work with Consumer Affairs to have Socials removed that where not mine. My credit has been affected by this misinformation that was circulating. I have been denied jobs and loans. The same information that this website is selling. I tried to contact them but they never replied. How do these companys get away with doing this? They have even claim to have medical records. I thought we had a right to privacy. I think I have a right to know just what is on this report MyLife has on me. Then I want it deleted from their servers. Legitimate background checks serve a purpose. These types of sites border on criminal.


I requested to have my info removed and sent the required information. I was told it would be removed. A month later I get an email saying someone looked at my reputation. Low and behold, I pull it up and it's back up. This is a scam and complete bull. This company needs to be shut down. When someone requests to have their information removed from the site, it should be removed. I'm going to seek legal counsel since they do not feel it's important to research their information

unauthorized credit card charge

Wish I had looked here first. We to MyLife.com looked around and I fell for the SCAM! Pay $1 to check a file then I looked at another got hit for another $1. The files were full of wrong and incomplete Information. so I went into account and closed it stating their info was no good not to bill me any more. They hit my Credit card for another $35.85 for a subscription that I had said not to do. I was only in the site one day and closed it the same day! They are thieves stay far away from them.

unauthorized credit card charge
unauthorized credit card charge


I have online booked a jio phone through my jio app.My amount by rupees 808 debited from my account.i have get a message that I can get jio phone from nearest jio store but when I went on jio store they told me that they have facing a problem error 1000 .Please tell me how I get jio phone . Please solve my problem.
Anil Kumar Saraf
Mobile no.[protected]

unauthorized charging

your site said 1.$ for info. so i agreed . i did not under any circumstances agree to 56$ I wish to stop this transaction immediately. I agreed to the sum of 1.00$ for a partial profile containing pictures of an individual I did not agree to the sum being deducted from my acount . you people are crooks! The transaction is pending so i ask you to please stop the transaction I do not want your horrible services any more!

unauthorized charge

On October 5th, 2019 i was charged $74.95 from MyLife. One month before this my account was created and i had used my free trial for $1. This same day i deactivated auto renewal and made sure that i wouldnt be charged. Come October 5th i see that they charged me $74.95 for a 6 month membership. This was something i never consented to nor does it make any sense as to why the trial $1 would just turn into a 6 month membership when the default is to buy it by the month. This means that someone had to have gone out of their way to select a 6 month membership and i know for a fact it was not me and was not authorized.


Went to mylife . Com as a favor for my 89 yr old Aunt. She has a rental property and wanted e to check on a prospective renter. So I paid the dollar and checked him out. Nothing but parking tickets. Today I noticed a charge for 74.95 on my debit card . I did not sign up for a subscription. I called customer service and got someone who spoke very poor English. I demanded they refund my money or I will file a claim with the state attorney general. She said, I think, that by paying the dollar I ordered a subscription. NO WAY!!!


information you have is incorrect

I will be seeking legal council in this matter, and my reputation you have as me rated as poor. I have never been accused of any criminal/court cases as you have stated. I have no bad associates as well as you have listed. The people you have listed on my family are not my family or not related. I will be seeking damages for this. I am a business man and my reputation is being damaged by these reports that you are showing.

unauthorized account charges

On 09/18/2019 MyLife.com accessed my credit union account and charged me $54.95 for a background search on me which I did not authorize. I don't know who or how they obtained my credit union account information. I attempted to have the so called subscription cancelled, however, their customer service representative found the email account but claimed there was no subscription. However, I explained I was looking a the charge shown on my bank account as I was speaking to him. He suggested I contact [protected]@mylife.com but it comes up as a 404 Error (this page cannot be found). The customer service rep also advised I send a copy of my bank statement with the charge via email to the member support email address. However, I will not be sending them access to the bank account because they would only continue to charge me for a service I did not order. I am requesting that whatever subscription which was started be cancelled immediately. I have notified my credit union to not honor any future credit requests from My Life. com. In addition I have put a freeze on the account until I receive notification that MyLife. com has cancelled the subscription. My email address is : [protected]@yahoo.com if a resolution to the issue has been provided. Please contact me at that email address

I sent an email to cancel my free trial already! please refund charges to my chase credit card... i’m on a fixed income and cannot afford...

I cannot afford $89 charge I only wanted to try your site... I sent an email in time to cancel the free trial but this showed up on my Chase Cd! I'm disabled & on a fixed income so this is Not something I can afford... Please reverse charge ASAP. I hope this is resolved quickly, I need that credit in case my car breaks down. Thank you for your patience... Maureen Richardson

incorrect information about me and difficulty canceling trial membership

On September 2, 2019, I was lured to MY Life by a pop-up saying that there was negative information about me on a MY Life profile. Sure enough, when I entered my name and zip code it came back with three arrests showing up on my profile BUT in order to see the details I needed to sign up for a $1.00 7-day trial membership. Before signing up I did go to "terms" and made a notation that the trial period began the day I signed up and would end on September 9th. I made sure to call on September 8th to cancel my membership- [protected] and was told I would receive an email with the confirmation; I did not receive an email and on September 12th, my husband asked about TWO VISA charges on our bank statement for $69.95 & $50.85 from My Life!

I Called [protected] the next day and first spoke to "Jesse", in Manila, who was difficult to understand, impatient when I asked him to repeat, curt and rude. He insisted - INSISTED!!- there was no record of my call AND absolutely no way to return the $120.60 charged to my Visa. When I asked to speak to a supervisor he said no Supervisors were on the floor and when I asked for the phone number for Los Angeles or the main headquarters, Jesse said he needed to ask someone. He put me on hold and then the line went dead!!

I called back later in the day and spoke with Ruby-- she was very nice from beginning to end and 100% professional. After explaining my situation she asked if she could put me on hold while she checked and quickly returned to say I would receive a full refund in approximately 2-3 business days and gave me a confirmation number right then. I was so delighted with the way my call was handled I asked to speak to Ruby's supervisor in order to officially compliment her! I basically made three calls to Manila
in order to SUCCESSFULLY cancel a tri

I attempted to see about the 3 "arrests", and did get a date-9/14/97- and a case number, but when I went to the Broward County Municipal Court they had no record of this and, by the way, I have never been arrested or detained in my life.

I feel my issue with My Life has been corrected/resolved but I just wished to let you know what I experienced.

E. Masino


My name is cheyenne nolan. I've been getting charged monthly outrageous amounts of money. Cancel my account or I will report you and your company to law enforcement. This is stupid. My email is [protected]@gmail.com. I shouldn't be charged for items I didn't receive. I would like a 100% refund with no questions asked. This is fraud and wrong. I dont have the money not the time to have to deal with it.

your online information about my life

has changed from one file of error to another file error on just about every category.
no relatives listed belong to me. the address is wrong. my reputation fell quite a bit quickly. from high to low. income data wrong. education level - graduate.

I dont wish to allow you to disseminate any more data on my behalf. Id like to opt out of your agency. why bother having any information at all if I cannot have my own?

First you listed me as related to Alicia Marie Romo/Fiser/Fruin - then Avis Carter - related how? I had sex with their son? If you want a list of men that I have had sex with just ask ME - thanks.

online services

This site is a joke. Kept making me go round & round trying to see my or my husbands reports. I complained asking to cancel & they said they did yesterday, but acct still active. I'm afraid I'm going to be billed for a service that doesn't work & that I don't want. Please help. I even tried to unsubscribe from emails but they won't. I believe this is a phony site &/or a scam. I'm worried that all kinds of charges are going to appear I have made a terrible mistake trying to get such private info even though it was on me.

my life search

I got this service because it's all too common # metoo crap where women are bypassing wishes of good father's to inflict psychological damage towards the father and the child for their pathetic feelings. This woman changed her phone number so in a hail Mary attempt to reach my daughter, U used this service with no success. I requested kindly for a refund, then the lady who was young, big headed and full of herself came up with stupid arguments to justify keeping $80 when I complimented on being about to find some people but not who was most important to me. U rather honestly move the funds to a service that delivers. She gave me a SOL speech, so I put on my Sylvester hat and escalated the phone call. The truth folks, if you found my comment, it's too late for you. But if you speak with conviction and don't be a liar. The services really didn't work for my needs, best of luck. But hell yeah it's true. Not only do they not give you your money, they make you feel stupid about it tried with me and I don't respect companies who degrade clients for profit. Flip this mother flipping complaining with all these snakes on this mother flipping site.

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