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MyLife Complaints & Reviews

Mylife / mylife.com unethical and inappropriate

Elise34 on Oct 12, 2017
Ridiculous. MyLife creates those "public" profiles for people unauthorized with all of their personal information culled. And the kicker is that when you send an email requesting removal as is recommended via some privacy sites, they apparently give you a negative 'rating' review. Or...

Mylife / Do not sign up

Guille Valencia on Oct 9, 2017
Can't say I was happy when I got an email from them stating there was some information about me on this website. Someone gave me ratings and I still don't know why. To see your personal information y should join this website. It's not for free, of course. After I did, they start charging...

Mylife / personal information available

Kyrie Gray on Aug 15, 2017
I sent this company an email requesting my information be removed from this website because I didn't feel that my name or address should be available for just anyone to see. They refused saying that my information could be found with "a quick google search ". I did a quick google search...

www.mylife.com / unethical behavior

J P Mahalik on Aug 13, 2017
Mylife.com has put my personal information such as date of birth on full display. They are now claiming that I have some negative report and I need their help to get it removed. What a scam. How do I get them to remove my information and make them stop bothering me? When I search the web...

Mylife / my profile

Claudine Giacchetti on Aug 4, 2017
I saw that you have a detailed profile on me, gathered and exposed without my permission. When calling your customer service I was told that I'd have to actually pay the company to have my name removed. There is no other name for this kind of business than extortion. I will follow up with...

Mylife / wrong info provided/wrong picture that I did not put

Christopher seals on Jul 2, 2017
There is wrong information that is put on this site about me discreditin my character, my income, job. I would like it removed asap under the applicable law. Someone put their pic up that is not me. I feel as though my identity is being stolen. And would like my name removed from your...

MyLife.com / unauthorized charges on my account/unethical behavior is a scam

Amy Jo Davis on Jun 16, 2017
This website is not only a scam with false information or no information but they stole money from my account and tried to say that I authorized it! The rep Marvin said I paid $14.95 to look up my own information. Bogus! Why I said would I do that? All they do is direct you to another site...

MyLife.com / unauthorized credit card charges

Charles Aldridge on Jun 12, 2017
I signed up for MyLife.com in January of 2017. I utilized the service to locate the correct address for my youngest brother. Once I obtained the information, I quickly forgot to immediately cancel the account. In February, my bank advised of an unusual activity on my card, a charge for...

Mylife / charges

Ta-Shira Miday on Mar 21, 2017
I received an email for MyLife and this suppose to allow you to control what the social media says about you, also any derogatory credit remarks. I received an email stating I could come back and try for 8 days premium membership for $1 not exactly forth coming it is $2 dollars and they...

My Life / all my information still on all the websites they promise they will be taken out do to my safety and protection my daughter high rank military

sentimental069 on Mar 2, 2017
I paid for this site to help you to keep all your information from being expose into the Internet and it been 3 woks and they had promise me with one click they can do it over by their end while we speak and it is still all over the Internet and vie have paid them already... Ave have them...

Mylife / unauthorized credit card charges

Clay Kilgore on Feb 16, 2017
Was looking up an old friend and found a profile on this Mylife site. They actually had enough info on her that I started clicking. At some point, since my friend was on there, and she used to be very particular about where she showed up on the web, I decided to test out the service, for...

My Life / quality & quantity of search, excessive billing, cancellation

SageLaw on Feb 6, 2017
1/31/17 - After completing application I searched for information on a person. During the search there was an indication that a great deal of information was found. When I began reviewing the information there was very little information found and that information was outdated. I am...

Mylife / unethical behavior/invasion of privacy

tad222 on Feb 4, 2017
When I look up my own name on the internet I see that a site called MyLife has posted information about me! I know nothing about this company. I have never given them any information about me...yet they have posted very boldly on the internet my name and lots of information about me that...

My Life / email spam

Ulrichz on Jan 24, 2017
I have received no less than 1343 emails from this company in less than a year. They are demanding money for them to stop. They act, without my authority, by spying on a former girlfriend by searching for her online presence. She is also receiving their reports stating I'm "looking" for her...

Mylife / hacking into linkedin account that is under a privacy setting on linkedin

Jeff B in Michigan on Jan 14, 2017
MyLife is an attempt at a business model to use predatory techniques to use public and private record humiliation as a means to extort money from the uninformed public who do not understand their rights to privacy. The actions of MyLife can lead to loss of financial security by virtue of...

Mylife / Site refuses to delete my personal and private information from the internet.

LaDonna Elliott Courey on Oct 20, 2016
I have been trying for years to get my personal information off of the Internet. I was forced to leave my home in California due to a violent stalker of two years. During that time I was beaten, threatened, and promised to be killed one day. He also did the same to my dog and alway...

www.mylife.com/people-search / fraudulent locator service

linoge a on Sep 16, 2016
Over the last few days, I have searched for 11 people on their service. They found all eleven people, along with their addresses, relatives, and phone numbers (or so they said). Only one big problem here. All the people I searched for are either my relatives or close friends that have been...

MyLife.com / fraudulent business practices

David Gregory1 on May 29, 2016
I went online to check information about a client (05/29/2016) and it claimed that I would get a FREE report, but when I clicked over to see the information, it is anything but free. The legal definition of free is "to make available" and "unrestricted"; costing nothing;...

MyLife.com / unauthorized credit card charges

k9momo on Apr 19, 2016
I thought I would try it for the introductory offer of $9.99 but changed my mind the same day and called and canceled my membership. Now I have a charge for $119 on my visa. I called about it and was put on hold for 30 minutes while they looked for "a recording of the call that I made". I...

Mylife / fraudulent billing

mia193 on Mar 11, 2016
Avoid this company at all costs! This is a scam! For a detailed account of my issue with this company, please visit www.yeagerm193.wordpress.com. I am a blogger, so they messed with the wrong person as I will let the public know details about this company through my writing. In short, they...

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