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This company invades your privacy. When you create your account and have a Yahoo AOL, Gmail account, it automatically requires you use the same login and password. Then it reads and DISPLAYS YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS BOOK! Not only that but I captures a picture of me and I have no idea how. It's not a photo I've used except for FaceBook.

Their offer for FREE is the worst of misrepresentation I have ever seen. You can't really use what you go in there for as a free member. The FTC lets companies use this term FREE when in fact most have a price to them. Like the credit check commercials that offer a free credit report. The report isn't free, you have to pay $89 or so before you can get your report. To me, there not one thing about that as free!

The best part of their site - Try to find a way to contact them! I spend over 20 minutes and couldn't find it.

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  • Ma
      11th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    here is their contact number 1888-7041900

  • Vi
      3rd of Oct, 2009
    -3 Votes

    Your an idiot! I have a subscription and it asks you if you would like to transfer your contacts and look for them. It gives you two opportunities to avoide transferring your contacts if you overlooked it the first time. Read before getting excited and skipping every process!

  • Pr
      12th of Dec, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I agree with the privacy violation. This site has no right pulling pictures and blog information and posting it when the person hasn't even been to I didn't sign up for this site, yet a picture of myself and blog information that I deleted from some other site because I realized I made a mistake posting it, is on here without my consent. I just got off the phone with their removal department and this should be removed in 7 days. Everyone who has ever had a social networking page and has since deleted it, you may surprised and pissed off that your "deleted" information is on here whether you like it or not. You can have it removed, but this is completely wrong posting information when you do not want it viewed by the public. Maybe a day in court will stop this from happening?

  • No
      11th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    This is a big time privacy violation - somehow got my information likely from FaceBook and published my personal data. I did not even run their application. The application may have started becuase it was sent to me but I exited right away. I would like to see the privacy commissioners in Canada and US blow away

    a very private person

  • Bl
      17th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes started making Facebook posting in my name, making it look like I posted things like "Someone is searching for me". Tricky. I had to remove the posts and application which I didn't realize I had downloaded.

  • Co
      6th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    MyLife is a complete invasion of privacy! I looked for my name through a search engine and found "my profile!" It listed ALL of my previous addresses and birth year! This is insane, their claim is that they get their information from social networking sites, but I have NOT posted all of my previous address on any social networking sites! Sure, let the world know where I live! I then further questioned this and they told me they got it from public records and NOT a social networking site.

    MyLife should NOT be compiling data on people without authorization, even if "the data is supposedly already online." This is a complete violation of privacy and this whole entire company should cease to exist.

    This site is perfect for people that commit fraud and identity theft! Bravo!

  • Le
      17th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am absolutely outraged that has my personal information listed without my consent. They have my old and current city of residence, my age, and the names of my entire family (including my seventy-year-old mother), etc., listed on a "profile" I never created. During the fifteen years I have been using the Internet, I have never -not once- listed this information at website that wasn't a secure GOVERNMENT website, and I have done so for a very specific reason: I don't want my personal information available to the world.

    I have taken MY time to email them and ask them to remove MY information, but I don't expect they will comply without some further hassle...that's how companies like usually work. Regardless of whether or not they comply with my request, I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and everyone else I can think of who will look into this matter.

    I'm wondering when -if- our government is ever going to catch a clue and start regulating this type of behavior from such irresponsible and unethical "companies". will remove my information, or I will be filing a lawsuit. I've had enough.

  • S
      22nd of May, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I am sick and tired of I've never signed up with them, or told them ANYTHING, and suddenly my inbox is getting emails about a profile I have, and that I'm somehow a member of Mylife. What bothers me more is that, as far as I can tell from those emails, They know the names of several of my close friends, a few contacts off my email (and I've never been to their site, too!), and apparently they dug up a 6-year-old Google search where I was trying to find someone I knew back in elementary school, since it listed the name of that person as 'someone trying to contact me', and I've never used that person's name online or otherwise since then.

    I'm really somewhat paranoid about the internet and my security, and this is getting out of hand. Somebody needs to stop these people, because this is a gross misconduct and abuse of 'public records' and 'public information'. Considering that they found out the name of the only person from elementary school that I ever bothered to really try to find, I feel like it's not just public information, and I really doubt Google searches are public domain.

    I truly think this is tantamount to spying, and I have the intention of bringing it up with the BBB, and then following up with consulting a lawyer about this matter. I am sick and tired of worrying about my security online, and I am tired of my privacy being invaded and having the perpetrators apparently hiding behind "it's public information", because I know for a fact my email contact list is NOT public, and any searches I do online are NOT public, especially ones from years long past.

    I am tired of this. All of it.

  • Al
      20th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I don't trust MyLife and I think the company needs to be shut down. I am cautious with my privacy on Facebook and still they have a lot of my info!! And then of course they have access to all of my linkedin profile, and that is a profile that has actually become a necessity in this day and age. There needs to be better privacy protection on the web!!! Where are the agencies that are meant to protect us from these sorts of violations??

  • Sm
      31st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I, too want to know why there isn't legislation to stop these practices. Especially with all the identity theft, and privacy issues. How do we go about getting legislation against these practices. I don't use Social Networking, and months ago, found an aggregated listing for my name at and some others. I went through their channels to have my info removed. Now I realize I'm listed on other listings for my family members! Unbelievable.

  • Bu
      16th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    MyLife is listing my private email that I don't want people to have. And I don't want the world to know where I live or really anything about me. This isn't right. If people don't care about their privacy then they can allow MyLife to list their info. The question is...What can we do about this???

  • Me
      14th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too have had my personal data stolen and made public by this disgusting pig of a company. Such reckless behavior can inflict real damages on consumers and thus be actionable in a court of law. I hope someone soon sues this horrible organization and puts it out of business. By the way, I don't think it is an accident that contacting MyLife is so difficult. They are obviously hiding because they have a lot to hide.

  • My
      26th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    the link below is for the complaint form @ i'd suggest contacting your local news stations as well. the more exposure; the more people people will realize the blatant disregard for one's right to privacy.

  • My
      26th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes


    This company practices what the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau (BBB) calls "negative option cancellation". In this sales strategy, customers agree to pay for services unless they cancel within a specified period of time. Members are required to cancel prior to the initial anniversary date to avoid continuing annual charges to their credit cards.[8]

    Complaints from customers not resolved in a satisfactory manner caused the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau to rate 'F' in late 2008.[9] The BBB was concerned that the company used misleading advertising practices by e-mailing customers advising them that people 'may' be searching for them, and offers them to become paid members to find the identity of any people that may search for them in the future. In its FAQ section, the site describes this feature as follows: "'Who's Searching For You' will reveal the listed names of the specific users who have performed a search using your first and last (current or maiden) names and your age range within 5 years of your listed date of birth and is still saved in their Search History'.[10]

    By late 2010, the rating had gone to 'A+', and the following summary and analysis of customer complaints and company responses was given:
    “ Complainants generally allege that the company automatically renews memberships and debits accounts. Some customers report signing up for the service based on a low monthly rate but are charged for a non-refundable yearly or a lesser term subscription up-front. In some cases, complainants are dissatisfied that their information is posted on the company’s website and request its removal. The company generally responds by providing refunds and states that accounts are set to auto-renew at the end of the subscription term, unless the customer disables the auto-renew feature before the renewal is processed. In response to the amount of the charges, they state that customers signed up for a term account with a monthly subscription rate billed up-front for the entire term and is listed in several places on the order page. The company promptly removes profiles when requested and also states that the information was gathered from public sources.[11] ”

    Less than a year later, the rating again went to 'F' and the company's accreditation was revoked, with the following factors cited as reasons:[12]

    BBB Accreditation was revoked because business failed to honor its accreditation agreement with BBB
    1185 complaint(s) filed against business
    Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints
    Advertising issue(s) found by BBB

    The advertising issue was explained by the BBB as follows:
    “ On June 20, 2011, we wrote to this company asking them to modify their website disclosures to more clearly advertise the cost of their services. Customers generally complain that they are charged for the annual membership fee rather than the monthly amount displayed on the webpage. The current offer does not display an asterisk to alert the member of additional conditions associated with the price offer. The asterisk that is on the webpage is not in close proximity to the price offer, and is in microscopic print on a gray background using gray font. We believe that the information referenced by asterisks should be clearly and prominently disclosed. The explanation of the asterisks is below the pricing information and is obviously confusing to consumers as delineated by the complaints we receive. The company submitted a response on July 13, 2011. The company generally disagrees with the BBB that their pricing methods are deceptive, and feels that the disclosures the BBB felt were questionable adequately convey the terms and conditions of the offer.[12] ”


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  • Al
      21st of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I just call them, 1-888-773-9135... I asked them to remove any information they have about me because I did not agree to share anything with them, major violation of privacy.
    This company invades your privacy. I did not create an account with them but for some reason they gain access to yahoo account, Gmail account, Facebook profile picture with by they are all private accounts.
    Their explanation is disturbing...the website gather information from other sources and people who are searching for your name can subscribe to a fee to get full access to your information. So I asked them to remove everything they have under my name and now I am waiting to see that happening. Also they suggested to me to check again later and call each website to do the same so no other website share my information.
    So we all have some sort of public account with this website

  • Al
      21st of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    call this number to ask them to remove your information, violation of privacy.

  • Al
      21st of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    call this number and ask to remove all the information they have on you.


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