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I am Washeema Hendricks. I recently started to shopping online from Mr.price and loved it. I ordered my first time and was very happy about everything. The service was absolute perfect . The second time i surely wasnt happy. Well I was at work and my order was delivered. At that moment for about 10minutes no one was home. The lady that works for courier stays around the corner of my house. Well I dont really know her but she signed for my items. Mr. Price staff itself was signing. The very same lady stays on my friend that i was on school with's yard. I only met this lady once and we not friends exactly because i dont know her. My other schoolfriend went to to this old friend's house and than this lady asked her to bring my packet. My packet I only got one day later after the delivery because my friend gave it to my mom because they coulnt reach me again. My question to Mr price is how can their staff sign for customer packages themselves? How can you ask for my number but not phone me for arrangements. On online it says you will receive a sms when the order is on its way. I did not even know my order was in my area and how can i trust online shopping again. I mean if the package was lost what then because i would have tought its still on its way and you would have thought im a skelm because it was signed off. The lady's words to my friend was they are saving not to go twice to my address. I dont care. Im paying and no one phones or sms or emailed me. I wont shop online again and i wont shop at mr price again because staff is sighning themselves for customers packages which is fraud.

Mar 18, 2018

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