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Mr. Lube / damage to my car

1 Canada Review updated:

I went to Mr Lube for an oil change for my girfriend's car. During the oil change they recommended that my serpentine belt be replaced. I looked at the belt myself and found no cracking or anything so I turned down the belt replacement. The next day my girlfriend tried to start the car and it wouldn't turn over. She had it towed to a garage and the mechanic told her that the battery terminal was broken inside the battery (how this could be done during a routine check I don't know). He also checked the belt and said it was fine. I called Mr Lube to complain and they said if I didn't like their service then I shouldn't come back, and then hung up on me. Since then I have been to Jiffy Lube three times and they haven't yet recommended replacing the serpentine belt. This was the Main St Vancouver location of Mr. Lube and they suck.

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  • Lo
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    omg mr.lube sucks so ###ing hard... these guys are such d bags all these stupid corporate gimmicks. its a ###ing oil change... nothing more, will never be any more. Why dont they understand that? How do you know the lube person broke your battery terminal? Oh by the way with your car: ### happens get over it, get it fixed keep a rollin.

  • Wo
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I used to use the Mr Lube in Pickering Ontario, but they put summer windshield washer in my van, and I was out in freezing rain with a hair dryer trying to get it unclogged so I could get to work.

    When I complained they said they would send a coupon for a free oil change (woopie), but I never received it.

    They are relentless at up-selling, to the point that I dreaded going there.

    I have now switched to Speedy, yes you have to make an appointment, but on average it is faster that Mr Lube was, with much less pressure, and more friendly service.

  • Mr
      17th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree. Mr. Lube only want your money and they will do whatever they can to get it. Even down to intimidation and breaking parts of your car. It's unacceptable and more people need to stand up for their rights and say that it is not right and not accept the abuse of their mechanics!!

  • Fu
      11th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I went for an oil change two weeks ao, all I wanted was an oil change. And they told me I needed an engine flush and my rear differential changed and a new air filter and my battery was shot apparently. Got it all "fixed" and from the moment I drove out of there had nothing but problems. Went back they said that a head gasget had blown. Well gee now how would that happen...maybe the engine flush that you did on an 86 Nissan!!! Yesterday I had to get my truck towed to the dump because of these ### and now I have to buy a new vehicle. Thanks Mr.Lube for ###ing up my truck!

  • To
      9th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    MR. Lube took twice as long doing my change, said they where having trouble with my skid plates going back on. Drove out of there an the skid plates ripped off down the hwy. dealer says they stripped the bolts. no reply or calls back from the company so far, parts to fix their mistakes is more then 150 bucks. Im guessing they will never come clean an fix it/ pay for it but im hoping

  • Lo
      27th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    So I missed the entrance to jiffy lube but I knew that mr. lube was up the street so I decided to try it out.
    I never felt so pressured about buying anything in my life ! All I wanted was a gawddamned oil change !

    As a female, I did not feel comfortable.

    At jiffy lube, I have never encountered anything like I experienced at mr. lube. Can't say that I will be returning.

  • Lu
      20th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been working for Mr Lube for 10 years and can't beleive some of the things that I am reading. All of these complaints make Mr Lube sound like a fly by night, shady operation. I certainly can't speak for all Mr Lube's but the people that I work for would never tolerate any sort of unethical behaviour and our customers and their experience are top priority. I am now an Area manager for this organization and am proud to have passed down our code of conduct to my managers and their employees. Do things break, yes. Does every service go as planned, no! All I can say is that we spend so much of our time making sure that our customers are satisfied. Some of the comments I have read have clearly been written by ignorant, uneducated people. One bad experience at A Mr Lube and suddenly all Mr Lube's are a target. The thought of an employee pulling out a cabin filter and throwing it in the basement, just to sell one! Gimme a break, you idiot! Engine flushes don't cause head gasket leaks either. All of your comments make the dealer and mechanics sound infallable, yet we see a lot of problems coming in stemming from the dealer or a so called "mechanic". Breaking parts of a car, to sell something, is absurd and you are a ### for writing it! After reading your emails and seeing all of the spelling and grammerical errors, I would be surprised if anyone would listen to you, let alone take advice from a complete ###! Go [censored] yourselves!

  • Re
      14th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Area Manager: You are either oblivious to the obvious, or simply an unethical liar. Do you not coerce customers into buying parts and services they don't need to keep your business profitable? Of course you do!! As one respected, successful garage owner told me in response to my Mr Lube experience: "You can't make a living changing oil." That is the bottom line. Mr Lube lays on the pressure beyond heavy, by contradicting factory maintenance requirements and repeatedly attempts to extort money from unsuspecting customers in the name of customer service. This is provable fact, and this is the kind of service no paying customer ought to be subjected to. It is theft, and spelling and grammar has nothing to do with it! By the way, genius, you couldn't even write your first sentence without making a spelling mistake yourself!! Doyou think you could find it? Probably not. Pot calling the kettle black! Classic misdirection, evading the legitimite concerns conveyed. No surprise here.

  • Jg
      15th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    What a ###en joke! I said I had a few drops of oil in my last oil change so the ###en monkey under the car must have put his foot on the wall to tighten my filter. Guess what, yep broke it and a day later my oil gushed out on the way to work!

    I had my car towed from St.Catharines to my home in Mississauga (no CAA)and then the bill for $350 on top of that for repair!

    I saw the oil filter being removed and the mechanic had to put his body weight on the wrench to get it off! ###en thing was twisted almost in complete circle! HAND TIGHT ###!

    After repairing the oil cilter coolant lines, another new oil change as all the oil was sprayed on the underneath of my car and new coolant gasket and O-ring I was able to drive away! With my mechanic adding he didn't know if there was any damage to the engine from lack of oil!

    I called the Dundas/427 Mr.Lube tonight, asked for the manager and was told (by that manager) to call for the day manager and he wouldn't even look at the oil under my car from front to back!

    So, to say that i'm pissed is an understatement!

    I have a written diagnostic from my mechanic, the twisted oil filter, the bill of almost $400 in repairs and a towing bill that WILL be paid back to me!

    I have spoken to a lawyer friend already who said he would love to do it pro-bono and get the money back!

    B E W A R E
    O F
    They suck at oil changes no matter what the supposed manager above says! Its like ### customer service at Tims... They work for them cuz that's the only place they can work! Think about it... A few more firing brain cells and you go to college and get an education to do something other than stand under a car, change oil and even ### that up!

    Cheers ### at Mr.Lube!

  • Tr
      31st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Stumbled across this complaints board completely by accident after Googling Mr Lube (studying it), with which I have zero affiliation whatsoever.

    I happened to have had my oil changed by them a couple times, just because it was more convenient than making an appointment and then waiting at a dealer's. This was a new Infinity M35X. The evidently-Castrol oil worked, duh. They did a perfect job and was it pronto.

    Yes they try up-sell, as does virtually any sales-orented company on the planet. "Would you like fries with that?" "Can I interest you in a shirt to go with your new tie?" Etc. Its a head-shaker to me to read this complaints-by-poor-victims stuff.

    Have none of you heard of that very effective phrase: "No thank you?" No need for a massive coronary – a simple "no" works fine to the upsizing of the fries. Or, you pay more. Duh.

    Flushing an engine destroys a head gasket? Oh puleeze. Such rubbish. You sound like an ambulance-chasing flunky lawyer.

    Not sure if you need your engine flushed, or a new air filter or whatever add-on, are you suspicious of the up-sell? Say "No thank you." Go elsewhere, get a second (also free) opinion. You can always come back.

    Put all his body weight into tightening an oil filter? He does this all day every day: How does this suddenly happen to you, poor victim? I'm 63 and have had a hundred oil filters changed, worldwide, changed a few dozen myself – never heard of such nonsense.

    Insulting folks who work in the oil change business for not having enough brain cells or a college degree? Because of that they are all crooks? Your level of ethics, integrity and language Mr jga9992 --- causes me to gag for afar. (And I do mean afar, I'm in Indonesia.) You are such redneck trailer trash.

    Makes me ashamed to be a fellow Canadian.

    This web site should (and must) be ashamed to attract such a low-life clientele that self-destroys all credibility behind their complaints.

    I for one am impressed and PROUD of guys who get into oil change pits and make a career or it. Someone has to do it and I bet 95% of them do it damn well. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a PhD like you.

    Shame on you all for the shallow whining and much-false finger-pointing.

    There are dishonest employees in EVERY COMPANY. Including the one you work for. Even in Mr Lube.

    Get a life.

    Get a perspective.

  • Es
      23rd of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm from Toronto I joined this board just so I could warn people to stay away from the Mr lube at Victoria park and Lewrence these dirt bag are idiots Mr LUBE SUCKS no debate about this !!!

  • Lo
      28th of May, 2010
    -2 Votes

    LOL!!! Whoever said Mr Lube sucks or [censor] like that are idiots, they do honest work, in and out, SAY NO IF YOU DONT WANT THE SERVICE, DAMN YOUR DUMB!!!


    The people complaining about Mr. Lube Should really KNOW CARS before they even say anything,

    If you dont like the service, DO IT YOURSELF

    [censor]ing [censor]s.

  • Ho
      16th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I just started going to Mr. Lube. Went 3 times. "No thank you" works well. Just get the quick oil change, decline the free inspection and leave. It becomes a really quick way to get your oil changed. Besides you should be going to your real mechanic for everything else or do it yourself.

    I never understood those that complain about up-sell. Its your money, its your say. That simple! Duh.

  • St
      9th of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Mr Lube is a black hole of stupidity.
    The people doing your oil changes are NOT licensed mechanics. They are liars and above all, they will resort to slime ball tactics if confronted with mechanical errors from their behalf.

    I know because I have a judgment awarded to me. I took them to court, and they stalled stalled stalled. But 3 years later, I have been through appeal after appeal and they still refuse to admit fault. The courts have ordered them to pay and they ignore the orders.

    Mr lube corporation has washed its hands with the matter and stands by the fact that each franchise is its own.
    a real [censor] thing to do IMO.

  • Jt
      14th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Beware of Lesage Group owned Mr. Lube in Ontario, Newmarket

    Just wanted to share a bad experience with the Lesage Group owned Mr. Lube in Newmarket, Ontario.

    My wife went in for the oil change just before our road trip from Toronto to Montreal at this location. Just a basic oil change package.

    The very next day on our drive to Montreal near Brockville there was a rattling sound under the car, and very soon afterwards the low oil light signal started to come on. I took exit at Brockville and headed straight at the "PartSource" right off the exit. Long story short with Paul's (gentleman working at PartSource) help we found the oil pan drain plug was missing. (discovered as soon as we tried to put a quart in as after seeing the dipstick hardly showing any oil level, and the oil gushed right out from the bottom of the oil pan where the plug is supposed to go). When I told Paul that the last thing we did was the oil change at Mr. Lube, that was a very proximate cause that he could think of and I agree. The operator working on the oil change may have screwed that plug in wrong or not tightened properly as that is not supposed to come off.

    Upon our return, I went in with my wife to Mr. Lube owned by the Lesage Group at the Newmarket and talked to Ergun Tekin (Senior Manager and according to him the owner of that Franchise). I thought it could have been a one-time operator error and it would be better if some MAnager knew about this so it does not happen to me again or anyone else. All I got was a defensive argument and irritable responses and that anything can happen after I drive out. There was no acknowledgment of wrongdoing whatsoever, other than trying to refund me the money I paid at PartSource for the quarts of oil and a new drain plug the total of which came to 22CAD. He was trying to get rid of me.

    I did not take the money, and told him if money-back is what I had come for, then I should ideally get the full refund for the oil change Mr. Lube charged me and the amount to get my engine checked out, since I was driving with no oil for sometime and my car had shuddered when I came to the stop light just before driving in to PartSource.

    He told me off kinda, and said I can do whatever I want. I did not even see him making an attempt to find out what time I had come in for the oilchange, so he could follow up with whoever was the operator at that time. I am not returning back to that store again for sure. It was not the money that I wanted more than to see him trusting the event that had taken place and showing a level of care even if he did not have to admit a direct responsibility for what had happened and I did not see that.

  • Ri
      19th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Mr Lube in Pickering ----I was never informed about the nipples to be greesed on the Ti-rod ends nor did they greese them. This could have been a very dangerous for me on the highway. I have a boyfriend that is a truck driver for over 30 yrs. and could not believe they never did this service nor offered it even if it was more money to me.RR

  • Op
      14th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I'm not saying everyone in here is right about Mr Lube, infact I've never had a problem with their service and my vehicle is fine after their oil changes. What I would like to point out is that there is clearly going to be mistakes in any business, it's how the problems are resolved that matters. From reading the list of complaints I only get the idea that Mr.Lube chooses to ignore/blow off customers that have real issues with their service and take the "area manager" position on arguements. That position is clearly to inform ppl that they are wrong, if anyone chooses to make personal statements then the area manager takes the very professional stance of "Go [censored] yourselves".

    I'm surprised that it wasn't more noted how the area manager behaved on this forum lol, infact I find it very comical that he writes "our customers and their experience are top priority" but then finishes by calling everyone a [censor] and swearing at them with some foul language. I also find it very amusing that he forgets he is infact speaking to a forum of ppl that were all at one point a customer of Mr.Lube, I for one may not return after his display of complete arrogance/ignorance (what kind of company would employ and promote someone of this nature). Lastly I would like to point out that for someone so very proud of their position in such a "respected" company to not even post their name/area in which they manage, they must be very proud indeed. You are a coward lubelover9 and your statements just reinforced all negative points of view on this forum, weather they are true or false.

  • Di
      11th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I only go to Mr Lube when I am really tight with time. My experiences are that when I took my vehicle for an oil change at the local mechanics, whatever they quoted were the exact prices that I ended up paying, no more no less (normally no more than $40)...with Mr Lube, a standard oil change quoted at around $40 alway ended up a lot more, because they would find ways to sneak up hidden charges to you such as the $2.99 for using their tools (WTF, this should be part of the quoted price) . My experiences with them is that I normally paid $200+ every times I visited I say, I would only go there if I am really tight with time.

  • 12
      7th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just went in for my first Mr. Lube experience, and wow they might as well hire monkeys. It would be cheaper and they are more intelligent than the d***heads I dealt with. I was very polite and said I have never been here and I would just like to have an oil change please, the response I got was "We'll see." Not once, but 2 times. I popped the hood, and yes I have an aluminum oil cap (obviously not the key selling feature on the car!) and they took it upon themselves to take it off, toss it around to each other as to say I am an idiot for having it and saying to each other "Do you think this makes the car go faster?"
    After trying to sell me on everything in their store and acting as if they were extremely important people I turned them down and drove away, feeling as though I just got harassed and ripped off completely. Mr. Lube, great concept! Bad people skills.
    Like I said in my complaint to Head Office, Word of mouth is better than any commercial.

  • Th
      21st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    It really makes me SAD to sit here and see all of you bashing Mr. Lube.
    Do you not have lives to attend to ?

    First of all, If I were to sit here and list off ALL of the BAD experiences I have had in ANY kind of service environment, I would take up this ENTIRE forum. Not to mention the simple fact that EVERY franchisee runs their shop/restaurant/store differently. Do your homework before you start pointing fingers at an ENTIRE corporation.
    The girls at Tim's made my coffee wrong today.. Am I going to sit here and blame the WHOLE chain that is Tim Hortons !? No. Because maybe the franchisee who owns that particular store isn't as customer-oriented as he should be. Unfortunately, in this day and age, that's how it goes sometimes !

    ### HAPPENS, it's called LIFE.
    Sometimes, GOOD things happen to BAD people and sometimes BAD things happen to GOOD people.

    Secondly, I feel the need to point out that I have had my past two oil changes at Mr. Lube and have had not a SINGLE issue.
    Furthermore, when I went to Economy Lube earlier on this year, they racked me up from a $19.99 oil change (all I said was "no, thank you, !!!) to a total bill of $425.00 !
    While some of you may have visited a Mr. Lube that you felt was "too pushy, " or "all about the ticket, " there are PLENTY of other lube
    shops that do FAR worse than they do. Mr. Lube has only ever pointed out to me what is a necessity to have done, and I have NEVER
    had an issue with them. Nor have I had a problem when I have simply said "no, thank you, " to the upper deck tech serving me. If you're too shy to say "no, thank you, " then you're never going to be able to have your car serviced. EVERYWHERE pushes for the up sell because that's how ANY company makes extra money. Clothing stores try to convince you to buy "a nice sweater, " to go with your new jeans, restaurants try to talk you into dessert or a coffee after your meal .. WAKE UP, people.. Almost EVERY company tries to up sell because that's where they make their extra profit.

    So PLEASE stop bashing an ENTIRE company, and take into consideration that every Mr. Lube IS owned by a DIFFERENT person, who very well might run their ship differently ! I know for a fact that the 3 brothers who own and operate the Cambridge, Kitchener and Guelph locations are phenomenal men who truly take their customers seriously. I have personally witnessed 2 of the 3 brothers helping a customer with an issue, and PAYING for the repairs when a trainee messed something up.

    However, if you're really that unsatisfied with your service, here are three key things to remember:
    1) Pick up a couple books on your vehicle or vehicles in general (your owner's manual would be a GREAT place to start !),
    2) Read the books,

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