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Motherhood Maternity / Scam artists

1 1736 NW Chipman Rd., Lee's Summit, MOLees Summit, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 816-347-8799

I bought 2 nursing bras and asked the sales clerk what the standard rule is (I was trying to buy them in advance as I didn't want to wait until after the baby was born to try & find nursing bras, therefore I didn't know what size I would be). The clerk told me to go up one number size and one cup size, which I did. She put the receipt in the bag and never mentioned the return/exchange policy to me. About a month later (only 5 months pregnant at this time, so I still haven't had a need for the nursing bras yet) I was at Victoria's Secret and was measured and found that I was already bigger than I ever imagined. Knowing I had bought the wrong size nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity, I tried to exchange them 9 days later at a store closer to my home. The sales clerk at this store informed me of their "no exchange policy" on intimate apparel, but at this point, the information had come too late. She further informed me of the 10 day exchange policy. Strike two against me. I wish I'd known the rules before I played this game. I called the manager of the store from which I bought the items and she reiterated that the policy can't be changed. Okay, fine, but her sales clerk had several opportunities to inform me of these policies and she didn't. As the 2nd store clerk pointed out, she was supposed to have me initial the receipt where their policies are spelled out. Since the receipt remained in the bag until the time I attempted to make exchange, and I was not otherwise informed of these silly policies, I had no way of knowing these policies even existed. I never tried on the bras in the store - what would be the point? Whether they fit at that point or not wouldn't determine if they were going to fit when it was time to nurse. Sorry, I'm getting off track. I explained to the manager of the 1st store how & why I never knew of these policies until the day I tried to exchange them. She said she'd call the sales clerk that sold them to me and she'd call me back. She repeated the number to me perfectly. After several hours with no phone call from her, I called her back. She told me she transposed the numbers of my phone number, which is odd since she was able to repeat it back to me with no problem earlier. She told me to bring the items in and she would exchange them. She told me to bring them in over the weekend because she would need to be there for the exchange to happen. I asked what hours she would be there over the weekend and she proceeded to give me the store hours. I asked if she would be there that whole time because I figured she wouldn't work the whole time the store was open over the weekend and she said she would be there. I showed up Saturday night around 7:30 and the sales clerk said she left at 5pm. I informed her she told me she would be there until 9pm and the clerk stated that the manager was only scheduled to work until 5pm. I was PO'd! Gas costs $4 per gallon now! The clerk tried to call, but was forced to leave a message for the manager. I asked if the clerk could by chance do the exchange and her response was that the manager told her about me & that if I came in she was not to do the exchange - the manager would need to be there. The manager ended up calling me at my house after I'd returned home and said I should have called before I came. I reminded her of our discussion when she assured me she would be there all weekend. She told me she doesn't "live there." She further told me she wasn't going to do the exchange now. Then she hung up on me.

Motherhood Maternity's return/exchange policy is ridiculous. They know that since you are only pregnant 9 months, it isn't worth it to you to fight over a mere $30 and that it's much easier for you to give in and just take your loss. These $30 here and there add up for them. The fact that it is "only $30" is even more incentive for them to deny any attempts at refunds or exchanges because they count on most people caving in & eating their $30 loss. I'm not putting up with it. The policy makes no sense. Regardless of how long you are pregnant, if something doesn't work for you, you should be able to remedy the situation. They can still sell any exchanged/returned items, regardless of this comical 10 day return/exchange policy.

That place has pulled scam after scam, and from reading these complaint boards, it looks like this has been going on for some time. Simply stating "it's against our policy" doesn't make it okay. If you are reading this - DO NOT SHOP AT MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY. It is for your own good. There are plenty of other places out there to fit your maternity needs.

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  • Fr
      8th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Maybe you should have tried the bras on first, and did you initial the reciept? I would really just let it go.

  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was told awhile back by a sales clerk when I told her I was hesiant to buy any clothes yet, because I have recurrent miscarriages she said they have a policy if you miscarry. I think she said if you have a medical condtion that you can have a refund on the clothes or something like that. I have miscarried, but never got around to trying to get a I'm not sure if this policy is legit.

  • Sa
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just had a similar experience at Motherhood Maternity. I don't think you should have let it go. The clerk didn't pay attention to the tags when she checked me out and she overcharged me $34.99 for a shirt that's tag read $29.99 and she charged me $39.99 for a shirt that's tag was marked down to $24.99. I noticed when I got home and I went back the next day to get a $20.00 refund. The clerk told me that they could only give me a store credit. I told her that this was unacceptable because it was the clerk's mistake, not mine. After going back and forth, she told me she would have to contact a general manger on Monday and let me know if they could mail me the check. I am done with Motherhood Maternity. Their policies are ridiculous!!! I would understand if I was bringing something back and I needed to exchange it but this was money that I was charged due to a clerk's carelessness. They also never mentioned their no return policy when I checked out. Very bad business!!

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