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Raffaello Network complaints

Scamming and fake
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Raffaello Network complaints 16

Raffaello Network - Scamming and fake

This is the most disgusting scam sons of the beeches, I ordered an item for 1 week now and no update no shipping and they don't want to refund my money! I had to add them up on other whatsapp number to test them to see if they really ignoring me on purpose and guess what they did reply the new number!! They just some low lives. Am canceling my transaction with my bank today they scammers beware fellas!!

I have placed also an order for their tods shoes and had paid but sad to say that to date no updates or any information rlative to my purchases have been sent to me. So disgusting.

Raffaello Network - Product and service

Well if you have been 14 days maybe you dont know that: 1. First order [protected]$) arrived in very bad conditions (dirty). That's why I had to make an exchange. They offered me the total refund...

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Raffaello Network - hogan interactive shoes

I bought a pair of Hogan on the Raffaello Network UK. Part of the nylon thread in one shoe was not stitched and scratched the skin of my foot. I reported the problem to the UK client service. I...

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Raffaello Network - kenzo jump

They sent me a tracking number for DHL. I tracked it and the item went back and forth between India and the UK on several occasions. I contacted Raffaelo and had a very rude reply from someone...

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Nov 23, 2017

Raffaello Network - terrible experience!

I wonder how they are still in business when they run their company in a very crappy way. Plus, the way they treat customers leaves much to be desired. Well, let me tell you one short story about me...

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Oct 22, 2017

Raffaello Network - they won't treat you well

So terribly hard to get in touch with at least ANYONE from their customer service. It's simply impossible. So if you have an issue, be prepared that you'll be the only one who's interesting in it...

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Oct 03, 2016
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Raffaello Network - what a joke!!

I've purchased a pair of sunglasses from Raffaello-network and my glasses arrived damaged because of the poor packaging. I contacted customer service and explained what happened. They said they'll...

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May 31, 2016

Raffaello Network - fraudulent company

I have ordered an item from Raffaello Network and was really excited about my purchase, because I loved the products and their prices! Later they contacted me and said that my order was not in stock...

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Jan 07, 2016

Raffaello Network - lying about fake products.

Customer service is lying to their clients about the merchandise they sell. They told the Prada bag I ordered was made in Italy, but only when it arrived I realized it was made in Vietnam. I'm a big...

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Raffaello Network - the seller didn't provide the order

I ordered two pair of sneakers from the company www.raffaello-network.com. The seller provided the confirmation info, but he failed to provide the order. He provided the email, where he apologized...

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Raffaello Network - Not a legitimate seller of any of the brands on its website

Raffaello Network is not a legitimate seller of any of the brands on its website. It is selling high quality fakes, models that often don't even exist in the true collection of the designer, so please check the real collection of the designer before buying.

If you go to this place anyway, at least you'll know that you will get a fake, and you will the judge of what price you want to pay for this.

My references are my from my own research, including contacting designers, and authenticating a pair of shoes I bought from Raffaello Network (logo obviously applied reverse, unusual hill, unusual tag, unusual label, and model number that simply doesn't exist). Please beware.

Just stop it, look at the pictures of the products, I sampled a few and obviously they were fake. Secondly I talked to some of the brands and they are not affiliated buyers of the brands. READ AGAIN - IT IS 100% FAKE AND CONFIRMED.

I ordered a Dolce & Gabbana bag from them and experienced no problems. I received my order confirmation right away, shipping confirmation after two days and the item arrived at my door from Italy to the USA in 4 working days. The item is new, as described and most importantly authentic. Therefore I am a happy customer. I also understand that sometimes certain items can be sold out, as they might only have on of them in stock. Of course Raffaello then has no other option but to cancel the item. They explain all this on their website.

was it authentic?

Im sorry but you tell this to yourself because you paid for fake stuff. They mix items stolen from other websites with fake products, if you order something they dont have because there isnt any fake versions of it, they will cancel.

I purchased an item and they canceled saying that we can not ship to your shipping address and we can only ship to billing address.
1- why do you have the option of billing and shipping?
2- Why they wasted my time three times going back and forth, ok we ship, next day, no we dont ship, again we ship.

You are talking about the research . How are you soo sure that they are selling fake ?. Please can you provide any proof .
Thank you . [email protected] . I would like if you reply me back at my email address . I have a good experience with raffaello till now but from the last 2 tmes, I have been responded rudely by their live support . It seems, they dont care if they loose any customer .

Raffaello Network - lack of customer service

I ordered prada shoes from Raffaello network.com. Unfortunately the company overcharged me by 234.20. I contacted customer service who responded in a very nice email. "We have now authorized...

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Raffaello Network - gifts never received

Ties ordered for Christmas gifts never received. Original order had 4 ties; three separate delivery addresses. None of the receiptents ever received ties. I contacted "live support" and was told to check back in 20 days. After that "live support" said I had to talk with Paolo from the company. He provided me with the same Incorrect tracking numbers. Said I needed to file claim with DHL.

Tracking numbers provided by Raffaello were incorrect.

Getting the run around from this company.

I would never order again and I would urge others to stay away from this on line company.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Raffaello Network - thanks giving scam

the website marks all prices 20% higher and then posted a 20% off three day sale, their sale prices are higher than the original prices before the sale. Please spread the word and let others beware...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Raffaello Network - item never received but charged - fradulent

Stay AWAY from this company. My credit card was charged TWO days after i told my order was cancelled due to the item being out of stock. Now they tell me it will take 4 weeks to get my money...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Raffaello Network - awful company

I had purchased 2 pairs of the same Prada shoes in different colors. They were thong type sandals. Both pairs broke - the thong part came completely out of the sole (a clear defect in the design of...

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