Morrisons / poor staff and no management

Cannock, England, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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Dear Sirs,

I regret to inform you that I have just had the most horrific shopping experience of my life and have never felt so humiliated over such a basic service error at Morrisons Cannock.

While paying at the checkout apart from the fact that I was not really acknowledged by "Sara" as she was too busy chatting to other staff, she handed me the incorrect change from a £10.00 note with the receipt saying I had only given her £5.00. I consciously know I only had 2x £20.00 notes and 1 x £10.00 and when I brought this to her attention that the change was incorrect, she said "Oh I don't know if that is right - I will have to check the till."

The Till was then closed down for the discrepancy to be checked and I spent an hour waiting for some sort of an answer.

I requested that they check the CCTV footage but they refused.

Whilst Julie was very polite in trying to help and in the meantime I was rudely shouted at on numerous occasions by Sara saying that "You only gave me a Fiver" in front of other customers and members of other staff. As embarrassing as it was I requested that I speak to a manager in the hope of resolving the issue and having the till checked again. Surprise Surprise Martin (computer say no) replied "we cannot do that - the till is correct" even though Julie did say there was discrepancy of £2.90 over. I brought to the attention to the on-duty manager that the sales assistant was not paying any attention on serving me but he did not seem concerned about it and even more insisted I was in the wrong and there us nothing he can do about it. Even though the till was up on it's takings, he replied "it doesn't matter".

As I was feeling so disappointed I decided to return the items I purchased, I therefore lost not only my £5.00 discrepancy from one of your incompetent staff but also I was refused to be given the value of all the coupons used or my coupons back.

A most unprofessional and disappointing experience with the way your staff handled the situation at the Cannock branch.

Jun 19, 2017

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