Mor Furniture / Financing/Product

Pasco, WA, United States

Bought $4500 worth of product from them, they said they were going to deliver next day, as a matter of fact, garaunteed next day by 7PM. Around 530 got a cal, and they realized they don't deliver to my area on Saturdays, only Sunday. Upset, told them to credit my delivery than, they agreed after talking with 3 different people. NO SHOW ON SUNDAY! Now I'm hot, Mor didn't realize the shipping department was already overbooked, and tried to get out of it. I flat out told them, if it's not here by Sunday at 7PM they could take my order and refund my money. It showed up at 530! Now the financing side of it. Our bill didn't show up, called, they confirmed address, told me I had to call Welss Fargo, called them, they never got any p/w, finally got it, 1st month bill $35 late fee, no credit becuase they never go any returned mail(even though they didn't have p/w from the store) 2nd month no bill again, charged another late fee, plus my previous late fee go a charge because it wasn't paid in full. Total late fees for there discrepancy $100. Don't use Mor, don't use Wells Fargo financing. ALL A JOKE!!!

Dec 31, 2014

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