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Microsoft / multiple unauthorized charges on account

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I have not authorzed Microsoft to bill me monthly for xbox live gold membership, and other charges varying in amount. I have not used my xbox in several months because it broke again and feel it is a hassle to deal with xbox support and inferior products. Now look at these charges mind you I've only ever had one xbox live account but was charged multiple times in a month.
02/02/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 02/01 MICROSOFT *XBOX [protected] WA $7.99
1/06/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 01/05 MICROSOFT *XBOX [protected] WA $7.99
01/05/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 01/02 MICROSOFT *XBOX BILL.MS.NET WA $12.50
01/05/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 01/02 MICROSOFT *XBOX BILL.MS.NET WA $6.25
01/02/2009 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 01/01 MICROSOFT *XBOX [protected] WA $7.99
12/29/2008 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 12/27 MICROSOFT *XBOX BILL.MS.NET WA $6.25
12/22/2008 Withdrawal CKCD DEBIT 12/19 MICROSOFT *XBOX [protected] WA $7.99


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N  1st of Feb, 2009 by 
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I received an e-mail staeing that for every e-meil send Bill Gates will reward an amount of $250, after doing so I never received any feedid back and was diapionted WAS this a scam or was there a certain route one was suppose to follow as I have forwarded about between 30-40 e-mail with regarsd to the news flash received from microsoft and AOL! Pease can any one assist! riaangoosen@msn.com

If this is the wrong route can I please be directed to an operational manager or assistant as to clearify above mentione!
N  1st of Feb, 2009 by 
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lmfao..you can't be serious?
A  25th of Feb, 2009 by 
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That was happening to me too..

I just got off the phone with my bank and microsoft.

Apparently, if you have you're card set up to a gamertag .. it will auto-renew itself every month. It wont inform you that your account is about to go silver it will just keep charging you. I had to personally call and stop the charge after my bank account was over withdrawed. They will cancel the "auto-renewal" on the gamertag and thats it...

AND of course its microsoft soooo... no refunds.
N  28th of Jan, 2010 by 
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I am having the SAME problem!!! How did you get these stopped??? I have had over $90 taken out of my account since 1.2.10!!
A  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I have never had any xbox or ordered itunes or have a prepaid phone from t-mobile but I am getting charged from all 3. Now someone is having fun out there at the expense of others. This needs to stop. You can do anything anymore with out a credit card. So why are we not protected more than this. Someone needs to be made responsible for this.
A  29th of Oct, 2010 by 
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MICROSOFT *XBOX LIVE 800-469-9269 WA $80.24
twice a day???? WTF
N  6th of Aug, 2013 by 
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Windows said they were refunding money thru Xoom instead they withdrew $751.99 for services not rendered.

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