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I was shopping at the Urbana Meijer around the toys section and heard a manager Susan S. talking to another person loudly on her phone, accusing the person of acting like a ###.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Urbana, IL Frankly, this kind of behavior, especially from a manager who is suppose to be a role model for team members, is completely unacceptable. If she ain't fired by now, I guess meijer condones this kind of behavior.

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  • Az
      Oct 03, 2010

    Haha, so ONE employee out of thousands is representative of the entire company as a whole? You are ridiculous. Perhaps her superiors weren't aware of her behavior. Maybe they were, but didn't feel like making an issue out of it. Perhaps she was a superior, hard-working manager but was having a terrible day.

    Either way, ONE person does NOT reflect the entire values or practices of an entire establishment as a whole. This is a great example of a highly illogical thought-process. Rational thinking isn't that difficult, folks - but perhaps being lazy is easier.

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  • Th
      Apr 20, 2013

    Susan Shoemaker is an awful person. I use to work with her at the Urbana location. She has had numerous complaints to corporate about her from employees and customers and yet she is STILL there. She is a hateful, racist, rude person. If I was over her I'd fire her ###. And if you may think she was just having a bad day then guess again. Everyday in her life is a bad day caused by the poor attitude she has. I think it says a lot about the company for keeping such people on their team. It's just sad really.

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