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Meijer has lost a long time customer. I am 37 years old, a father of two and a husband. My parents shopped at Meijer since I can recall, all that is forever changed from last night’s shopping adventure at the Auburn Hills Meijer. We stopped at Meijer to pick up dinner, Sunday breakfast and a bottle of wine. We also took the kids down the toy isle so they could window shop for Christmas – money that was planned to be spent at that Meijer at a later date. At the checkout, the cashier asked to see my ID for the wine, no problem I produced it for her. She said she needed my wife’s’ as well, who did not bring in her purse. Long story short, after some discussions with the store manager, we left all $75 worth of groceries in the line and walked away. It’s my understanding that this is Meijer’s new policy to check everyone’s ID. While I commend Meijer for helping to stop underage alcohol purchases, Meijer could use some common sense! Do you also need to check my 6, and 8 year olds ID? What if I was buying alcohol and brought my 16 year old son, would Meijer not be able to sell to me? Meijer has used very poor judgment in this policy and has forced me to spend my money at another retailer. Not a smart move in this economy. I struggle to believe that Meijer is really living up their mantra of “Customers don't need us, we need them”.


  • Cu
    CustomersRnotAlwaysRIGHT Mar 07, 2010

    I would like to say that it is not Meijer who comes up with these kind of rules. It depends on what town or county that that Meijer is in. I know at the store I work at we have to go through a class and take a test on Alcohol purchases and other things that have to do with alcohol it's called B.A.S.S.E.T(Beverage Alcohol Seller Server Education and Training). Which is MANDATORY through the state. Any customer who appears to look under the age of 40 has to be carded. Their are random checks from the Town, Village, County-whatever- that does these kind of checks to see that they are applying to these rules. IF something were to happen the store and the seller is responsable for that purchase. So dont get upset and blame Meijer and/or the Cashier because they were doing their JOB and dont feel like getting fined, prosecuted and terminated because OMG they asked to check an I.D. you go to Jewels and Dominicks and Binnys and they do the same thing. GOD everybody just LOVES to complain because it inconvience them too ###in bad!

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  • Az
    azaleya Oct 04, 2010

    I work at Meijer in one of the departments, but I'm required to cashier from time to time when it gets busy. I card everyone who looks under 40, even if they're obviously of age. It's true, they do random checks and it's required under law to card anyone who LOOKS like they could be under 40 years old.

    No way am I going to lose my job because someone customer I don't even know might get pissed off or inconvenienced.

    That said, if a couple comes through my line, I only check the purchaser's ID. I'm not REQUIRED to check everyone's ID, and I would probably only ask others accompanying the purchaser if it seemed like the paying customer was obviously buying for their younger friend, or something. Otherwise it's not my business.

    In your case, I would not have ID'd your wife too. But if a different cashier wants to, that's their call and it's nothing to get pissed about. Also, if they ask to see someone's ID and that person refuses/doesn't have it, we can't "recant" and say "oh okay, that's fine" because we could get fired for that. Once we ask, we have to see the ID or refuse the sale.

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  • Fc
    [email protected] Dec 23, 2019

    @azaleya Think about what the company is making you do. Think about how quickly they would fire you for not following their insurance and local/state mandates. If the customer was your dad, mom, aunt, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, would you answer the same way you did here. NO, you wouldn't. You would bend the rules, because deep down, you know the rule is [email protected]!

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  • Jo
    jozjoe Feb 20, 2012

    This is not right and just a way to take more and more of our rights away. I was in a simalar situation with my nephew who was 15 at the time. If you support this in any way then you should get rid of all your firearms and never be allowed to read the newspaper. This is all that this is leading up too. We might as well be living in china.

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  • An
    Anonymous Meijer Pissed Oct 07, 2012

    Same thing happened to me and my wife. Stupid Meijer Rules.
    They asked my wife for ID coz she touched the wine bottle form the cart.

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  • Re
    Retailemployer Sep 12, 2013

    CustomersRnot AlwaysRIGHT and azaleya- You are both wrong about your information. I have worked in retail for 17 years. The rule about requesting ID from customers who appear under 40 years old is a Meijer rule, not state law. The law, under the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, clearly states "Always check the identification (ID) of a person who appears less than 21 years old." The word "forty", or number "40" appear nowhere in the LLC's "Guide for Retail Liquor Licensees." Your employer is not telling you the truth.

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  • Fc
    [email protected] Dec 23, 2019

    @Retailemployer Everyone is FINE with being asked for ID!!! NO one is arguing that. READ the original post before you regurgitate your professional history in retail! I challenge you! Re read the original complaint, then try to answer in the same idiotic way you just did!

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  • Re
    Retailemployer Sep 12, 2013

    I provided an incorrect link. I apologize. It should be

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  • Gu
    Guinevere Stormborn Sep 12, 2014

    This is an old question/complaint. But in case someone had the same issue, and it comes up in the search, I thought I'd add my two cents for what it's worth.

    Retail employee is correct. The law is actually ID if they appear to be 30 or under, Meijer goes above that, 40, or younger, so it's strictly a Meijer policy. However, a cashier only needs to check the ID of the person purchasing the alcohol/cigarettes. If they're going to give it to a minor after purchase, then it's on THEM, not the Meijer's cashier. If we did not check an ID, and they go out and get really sick, or god forbid kills someone, that cashier can be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and maybe worse, depending on what happened as a result of selling to a minor. I'm not familiar with all laws and things that cashier might be charged with, but the one I mentioned is likely. They'd most definitely be terminated.

    In short, it's Meijer's policy, that requires us to check those we feel look 40 or younger. This goes above the law of under 30, to err on the side of some caution. And we're only required to ID the person paying for these purchases, not people with them. I had this kind of thing happen at Walmart. The cashier, an older lady looked at all of us, me, my husband and my 14 yr old daughter saying "ID, ID, ID. My husband, ever the eloquent one says, "you're kidding right? She, (pointing at our daughter) is 14, she doesn't HAVE ID yet!" So she checked mine and his. I thought that was a bit extra, but at age 40, I'm always flattered to show ID lol :)

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  • Re
    Reviewer36022 Sep 01, 2015

    Almost every time i go to the milford store, im telling you this nasty bunch of hillbilly rednecks, omg, they stalk you, my family and i have found purses and turned them in, picked up stuff in the store, just trying to do the right thing, and these employees they are like putbulls . there body laung. says they think your stealing, , my family and i do not steal . im as honest as the day is long . ...

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  • Cr
    Creek Boann Sep 10, 2015

    Meijer policy is to check anyone under 40 and if they have handled the alcohol. Normally I would only check one, but some people do do both for safety.
    I've been shopping with my mother and she purchased alcohol, but because I was pushing the cart, I got carded. My mother got upset but it is in our rule book that you should card anyone purchasing or handling the age restricted item. I wouldn't let their kids/teenagers walk out with it in hand due to it.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Hexom Maloney Apr 25, 2016

    I am 66 years old and maybe look 60 on a good day. I don't take it as a compliment when every time I buy wine, I have to show my driver's license. It is irritating to the point that I won't buy wine there anymore. I asked the manager if this is store policy. She told me it is Illinois law. No it isn't. To sum Illinois law up, it is "if in doubt, check it out". They do the same to my 62 year old husband. The employees are treated like children, and so are we. Besides being irritating, it is an invasion of privacy for them to know my name, address, and birthday. There is much identity theft going on and I don't appreciate being made vulnerable this way. It is the Machesney Park, Il. Meier's store that I am referring to. I am assuming the store manager believes or has been told it is state law and is not lying to me.

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  • Ka
    Kaye Peterson Jan 03, 2017

    I recently went to the Meijer's on Hamilton Road to purchase lunch meat and wine coolers. I was using the self check out lane and the young lady over seeing the lane was so rude and inconsiderate when asking for my ID ( I am 63 years old) that I was amazed. The tone of her voice and body language proved to me that it is not worth ever shopping at a Meijer's again. I hope when she reaches the age of 63 she encounters the same situation and attitude..

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  • Da
    David Hansen Jan 06, 2017

    Tried to, and did buy a bottle of wine at the Burleigh Meijer's earlier this week - somewhat non-plussed when asked for my ID - gave it to the clerk to look at and she told me to take it out of the container - I eventually did, and she swiped it - now, how much does Meijer's know about me - never ever buying anything at Meijer's - never ever! I am 72 years old - gray haired and while I do not look my age I am certainly looking over 50! Hope Meijer's falls flat on their face!

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  • Gr
    Gregory Campbell Jun 13, 2017

    Auburn Hills MI, I sent my helper in the store to buy a 12 pack of bud light and a bag of ice. The beer was to be shared with 4-5 guys at the end of our work day. My guy had ID, but a very young woman stated " I'm not comfortable selling you beer" and refused the sale and said they didn't have to tell him why. Ha ha ha.. we got our beer elsewhere, and meijer lost at least 5 regular customers. I would rather go to a classier place like WalMart.

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  • Ab
    A_B_C_ Jun 14, 2017

    Apparently meijer does this check now that if you happen to "smell like alcohol" you can't buy it! Are you serious? How subjective! If I'm old enough to buy alcohol (which I am) you now have to judge me on the basis of my "stench", which is subjective as it is! How ridiculous! I will never shop at meijer again because of this unruly and utterly ridiculous assumption! If everyone was judged on the ability to purchase alcohol on the basis of their "smell" I doubt several people who are sober (which I was) would be able to buy alcohol! Utterly disappointed and annoyed!

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  • Je
    Jenn R Wright-Thelen Aug 31, 2017

    It happens at Walmart to and you shouldn't fuss because you're​ carded. When you're hired at a retailer that sells alcohol they train you and tell you it's the law and if we don't card and you give it to a minor we can get fined, be fired, or go to jail. I've heard from other customers that there are some states that card everyone. Just be thankful that you have freedom to buy alcohol.

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  • To
    toni hardy Dec 02, 2017

    I just went to meijer and was going to buy a bottle of wine. I renewed my license 3 days prior so I had a stamped license that said voided but my paper renewal was stapled to the license. The cashier would not sell me the alcohol due to my license that had void punched into it. Clearly it had the paper temporary stapled but she would not sell it to me. Unbelievable. I am 37 years old clearly the photo was me and the paper stapled has a later expiration. I went somewhere else and the other store had no problem sell to me. Screw Meijer. Cashiers are ignorant.

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  • Re
    RetaiIlWatcher Dec 02, 2017

    I see that people are still writing and siding with Meijer's. Must be employees. Unfortunately the story did not end there. I got so angry at Meijer's that when my six year old started crying because I did not get him the toy he wanted I slapped him across the face and someone reported us to CPS. Since then my wife left me. We got into an argument because she said that she is glad that I was not allowed to purchase beer because it makes me violent and I hurt my kids. Well two years after this incident I hat to knock out my 18 year old son who was trying to prevent me from hitting his younger siblings. Then a year later she left me. The courts have decided that I cannot see my kids. Now my children are 13, 15 and 23. I have not talked to my oldest son because he is taking his mother's aide and turning his brothers against me.

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  • T1
    t1crosby Jan 27, 2018

    I am a 57 year old male and was carded at a Meijer store in Ohio for a bottle of wine. When I pulled out my ID she must of read the expression on my face. The cashier started defending Meijers policy of carding people that look under the age of 60. She told me it was a state law that I have to be able to prove that I am of age until the day I die. I told her that Krogers does not do this and she started debating with me that they did. I told this cashier that I do most of my shopping at Krogers now just because of this" look under 60 policy" which her reply was that is my prerogative. I understand they probably here a lot of complaining about this but it is a stupid policy.

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  • Aj
    AJally Mar 15, 2018

    My son and were just shopping at Meier in Englewood, Ohio. I only planned to buy two greeting cards and saline, but having never been in a Meijer store before, we walked around. I picked up a 12-pack of apple cider, which my 19 year old carried for me to the cashier since I only had a hand basket. The cashier asked for my son's ID - I told her he was only 19. She said that since he was carrying the cider, she couldn't sell it to us. I told her I was buying it for myself. She said, I'm sorry - he's on camera carrying the alcohol. What??? This is the most ridiculous policy I have ever heard of!!! This prospective customer and family will NOT be going back!!

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  • Sj
    SJoh Aug 10, 2019

    Why not leave the alcohol, get your groceries and go somewhere else and purchase the alcohol alone? It’s called ‘roll with it’. I know in this country people love to complain, but In the time you spent doing that you could have done this three times over and had your groceries to boot.

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