Meijer / meijers pharmacy

Muskegon, MI, United States

Tonight i made the mistake of dropping off my prescription to the meijer pharmacy on Harvey st. When i dropped my script off the tech told me it wouldn't be any longer than 15 min. so after 20 mins had passed i waited in like for another 10 mins to finally be called up by a tech named Amy. after giving my info to look up my script she told me it wasn't really. My reaponse was how much longer she thought iit would take since it was 8:45 and they close at 9. The tech Amy raised her voice and said " obviously if you can't tell we are really busy obviously we have other costumers than you. i have never in my life been talked to like that! she even rolled her eyes and walked away IN THE MIDDLE OF MY TRANSACTION!! i will never ever return to this pharmacy! I waited another 25 min to talk to the manager who couldn't even give me a number to talk to someone about this! i want to be contacted to know that there is something being done about this!

Sep 14, 2017

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