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i know that every company has its store policys and thats ok but i have never worked for a company that gives write ups for things that are out of your control i can understand getting a write up if you are always late or missing work...but meijer gives write ups for not only being late but for a death in the family...a auto accident...traffic jam...flat trouble...being sick...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Louisville, KYi was in a auto accident a while back and was hurt and had to go to the hospital i called the mgr Kendell Woods and told him i was in an accident and was hurt and could not make it to work...and i was told i should have left for work eariler to avoid the accident...this is something that was out of my control...this is unfair not only to me but other employees...and after so many write ups you are fired by a computer meijer needs to back up and look at its policys and make some changes or it will have no employees and without employees how will you run a buissness employees are just as important as its customers...changes are needed here...

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  • Mi
      Mar 22, 2010

    i agree there needs to be some changes made here.

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  • Ka
      Apr 14, 2010

    I completely agree. I got written up once because I got stuck on the highway due to an auto accident on the road, and another time I was written up because my car overheated.

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  • No
      May 18, 2010

    Meijer will need to find CAPABLE Store Directors and management that has skills to be workthy of being called management before any improvements can be made.

    Just some examples of why changes are sorely needed:

    - pays minimum wages
    - expects hard work and top performance
    - shows no hint of respect toward employees
    - uses tables and chairs for employee's break area for store events and leaves employees
    without seating for lunches, etc. after being on their feet all day
    - there is NO HONOR starting at the Store Director level and it trickles down from there
    - employees are disciplined for any and every reason possible including missing work for
    sickness, accidents, death in family...pretty clear isn't it??
    - employee disciplined for 2 minutes or more late start and 59 'SECONDS" late from breaks
    - no grocery discounts for employees other than the 5% when customers get it as well
    - no area for employees in the front of the store to have for storage of lunches, coats,
    personal hygiene items, etc. Rather, employees must use short breaks to walk all the way
    to the back of the store for access to break area, lockers (10" x 10" that Meijer charges $5.00 to use...Meijer is out to make money, even from their own employees!!!
    - Meijer charges employees for shirts that Meijer requires them to wear
    - Meijer doesn't provide food machines in break area because they want employees to
    spend their MINIMUM WAGES to buy from them so Meijer can make more money from
    the employees. Shall I go on??

    There's much more to you really want to shop at a place that totally takes advantage of their employees???? I think Walmart treats their employees better!!!

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @notfairtoshoppers They will never get capable people working for Meijer because they mistreat the ones who actually have a heart and are hard workers. The go for the cheapest they can find at every turn. The cheaper the better. Who cares if your a honest hardworking employee and have been there for a few years. They dont want you they want someone will kiss there butts and bow-down to management like their a GOD.

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  • Me
      Jun 07, 2010

    I am an employee at Meijers in Gaylord, MI. The comment made by "notfairtoshoppers" is absolutely true. I am beginning to see that unhappy employees makes bad customer service. I am a single parent working at minimum wage. I am a professional and because of the economy I have to take a job for minimum wage. I thought I would beable to apply my skills to the customers and enjoy my work their. (i took the job for temporary reasons until my child graduated from high school to keep my life simple) I have been an employee for 2 months so I am still learning their "ways". I have been wrote up for 2 minutes late from break at least 5 times in the last 2 months. We get 15 min breaks. To take avantage of these breaks, we walk to the back of the store, which takes 3 mins, if you walk fast and no customers stop you along the way, sit in fold out chairs when on our feet for many hours, rest for 9 mins, and then 3 mins back, clock in if the computer allows to not complicate things punching back in. Not all computers are the same time either. When I got wrote up for 2 mins late from break, it was for the week before and do not remember exactly why I was late nor did I have the knowledge at the time I was late. That automatically leaves me "guilty". I have been forced to buy a stop watch to time my breaks myself, personally log computer time, lane, time in, time out, so I will have a record to compare to the next time I get wrote up. If late too many times is a result of days off without pay. I can't afford that. I called in one day because I was sick (write up) and another time because my sister had a drug overdose, critical condition, in the hospital, 40 miles away, also a write up. When I called in, there was no support at all. All she said was "so you not going to make your shift then".

    I also had an random audit done at my lane with no knowledge. At the end of my shift wasn't aware of this. Not a big deal. I consider myself a very honest employee. I have turn in money that has been left at self scan lane. I was $36.51 short. How do I know what the beginning audit was? HowI do I know if they are setting me up because they need a reason to get rid of me? Who knows. I do not know yet what the consequence for that is yet.

    We also have to walk on cement floors for 8 hours most of the time at the self check out lanes. I do have a back condition, and suffered most of the time. I have talked to and watch other employees during their shift on these lanes and after 6 hours they are in pain without a back issues. I can work 4 hours without a problem but after that I am crying in pain. There is no mercy. I have modified my shoes ect. but it doesn't help. I was forced to get a doctors note stateing I cannot work unless there is a pad which there is at the other lanes. I have to wonder if this is why they are watching for something to get rid of me for.

    My point is when coming to work and getting write ups leaves me feeling less enthusiastic about my work and having a positive attitude with unhappy customers. I will work anywhere as long as I love my job and enjoy and look forward to going to work. Why can't employers get this?

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  • Az
      Oct 03, 2010

    I've been an employee at Meijer for six years (from 2004 to 2008 at one store, then was rehired this year at a different location). I'm going to graduate from college soon, and I'll never work for this horrible company again.

    The automatic write-up policy (that was implemented in 2008, I believe) is absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, this store can't get anything right. Before this system was adopted, the bad employees got away with infraction after infraction (late to work, obscene numbers of call-ins, lazy work ethics, chatting with friends on the store phones, etc.) and the hard-working ones such as myself suffer the consequences.

    Employee discipline went from being incredibly too lax to being way too stringent. I've always been one of the hardest working among the employees of both stores I've worked at, and management is STILL ridiculously strict and inflexible, even with me. It seems like every shift I begin in an upbeat, good mood, it's quickly destroyed by management making unreasonable demands, reprimanding me for something I didn't do/not working hard enough, or just simply being rude and unpleasant.

    I'm always assured that no matter how hard I work and how friendly and helpful I am to the customers, this will be consistently ignored, while even the most minor of perceived shortcoming are going to be quickly highlighted, sometimes with the threat of being written up for it.

    If any managers out there want examples of how to completely squash an employee's motivation and work ethic, just observe how Meijer employees are treated.

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  • Fo
      Nov 21, 2010

    Meijer says they are family based. YEAH, RIGHT! My grandma had a stroke and I was at work when it happened... my step mom came to get me from work in the middle of my shift so I could go to the hospital. My step mom went and talked to the manager and the manager ASKED IF I COULD STAY. Of course I couldn't! My grandma had a freaking stroke! Nevertheless, I was heading to leave and she ASKED ME TO PUNCH OUT FIRST. I know they could have manually punched me out, this was an EMERGENCY! I have had other instances similar to this one and once I find another job, I'M OUT OF HERE.

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  • Ms
      Feb 02, 2011

    I too work for Meijer. While I wouldn't say I love it or it's my favorite job, I really think some people are exaggerating. Either that or I'm very lucky that I work at a decent store.
    Our discipline system is the same but it's doable if you are normally competent. I time my breaks with my phone and I'm only late every few months. Yes, you do have to pay a deposit on your locker key. You get that back if you make your own copy or return it when you leave. If not, every [censor] with a locker would lose the key and demand a replacement. You get refunded for the shirts after you finish your probation period. You do get minimum wage at first. You get a quarter raise every 700 hours. Not bad for doing the same damn thing you did when you started. You can make 12 bucks an hour doing the same thing the girl next to you is doing for 7. While I don't accept 12 bucks an hour as a satisfactory lifestyle, and I don't make that yet, it's worth it right now. Also you can move upwards in management if you play your cards right. Yeah, Meijer doesn't take your [censor] if your car breaks down. I've been written up for that too. But after so many call offs or write ups, you get a hearing before you are fired. They don't care if you are sick though, unless it is something management can catch. Although I did have a miscarriage that they excused me for. The medical examiner came for me there before to inform me of a death and identify a body and they knew what was going on and I had no problem getting time off. Actually more than I thought I would.
    (See, girl-with-grandma's-stroke, it only takes a second to punch out, grandma was still alive, and while I don't know how much you value grandma, it's hardly a reason to avoid a simple task. It's almost as if you wanted special attention and everyone to put you first. Lord forbid it, but how would you cope should something happen to someone closer to you? A parent? Child? You would implode I'm sure. Try to keep a level head in a crisis.)
    I've never had a boss or anyone criticize me . But I also am not congratulated when I exceed. Anytime my behavior has been corrected it was always tactfully done and that hasn't been necessary since training or slightly after. But I am satisfied with my managers. They all have their faults or strengths, but what do you expect? They're only people. I love my coworkers. We're all in it together. You do get put on random audits. I usually know about mine ahead of time as when I get to work I check the Service Coordinator's chart and it will be marked for an audit. They don't tell you about audit's because there are many cashier's on each lane each day and only one drawer at the end of the night. They do the audits so they can narrow down who is stealing/can't count. If you are in fact stealing and knew about the audit, I'm sure you wouldn't steal that day.
    My biggest complaint would be that [censor] 10% discount off only general merchandise and bird [censor]. Nothing you buy on a regular basis. It's just enough to keep you shopping there without them seriously giving anything up. I heard the higher ups get 25% but I don't know. I don't like the discipline system and hate when something happens out of my control that I am written up for. But they want to get everyone with one cookie cutter and it does cut down on the teenagers who have a grandma "die" every Friday night. It just sucks that the honest employees have to suffer. Oh! and [censor], we should have baggers! Why am I scanning and bagging for the price of one cashier? Seriously, cheap [censor] Meijer!

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  • Na
      May 19, 2011

    Any time you are written up you have the right to request union presence and click the "refuse to sign" box as a protest. While the union isn't much, it's something. If not for them you could be fired for being late a couple times for things beyond your control, instead they give you 7 steps and they will take the circumstances into consideration before termination.

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  • Cr
      May 24, 2011

    I returned to work for Meijer after over 10 years to a completely different company. I desparately needed employment during a difficult transition in my life and since my employment history began with Meijer, I figured it would be safe to start there again. Boy was I wrong! In the span of just over a month, I was written up 8 times for time infractions! 4 just for being late less than 3 minutes from lunch. Lunch meant I had to walk across the store to get to the deli counter, wait in line, eat and walk back across the store to punch in. Something else that I haven't seen posted yet, is whatever time clock you punch in for your shift, is the ONLY one you can use in the entire building for the rest of your shift! I'm not saying that I shouldn't have to follow the same rules that all other employees are forced to- But, when I heard that I should have worked for another team leader, because she changes the punches of her people so they don't have to be wrote up- I was alittle upset. Also, when I got wrote up for no-call no-show for a shift I didn't know I was supposed to work ( I guess if your team leader doesn't post the schedule before you leave on friday, to tell you that you're scheduled for Sunday, it's ok. You'll just get a write up)- I was definately wronged. I tried talking to the store director, only to be redirected to my team leader. I'm so glad that I found a better job and I will not ever have to work for Meijer again!

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  • Co
      Jan 23, 2012
    Meijer - weekly sale items
    Fairlane Blvd.
    Allen Park
    United States

    No matter what time of day I go to shop on the first day of sale, they are out of at least 2 different items thats on sale.

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  • Bu
      Mar 30, 2012

    I work at store 033 Traverse City, witch is the only non union store in Michigan. over the last several months there have been employee/managment issues. while trying to resolve these issues at the store level, we are discouraged from going to Human resourse at Corp. one employee was told she "has no Rights" by the store director. Many employees arestarting to think it is well over due for store 33 to goto the Union, and find out what our rights are

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  • Az
      Apr 01, 2012

    To Ms. Amused:

    I could have written a similar post to yours, in which you responded to the negative experiences shared by others here, before my own experiences working for two different Meijer store. Being able to compare and contrast the two diametrically opposed work environments has provided me with a more balanced and objective perspective.

    Your post started with, "I too work for Meijer. While I wouldn't say I love it or it's my favorite job, I really think some people are exaggerating. Either that or I'm very lucky that I work at a decent store."

    Ah, this is my point exactly. It makes sense that your opinion on Meijer as an employer is based upon your own individual experience. However, keep in mind that this perspective is limited in its scope - you can share every detail of your experience as a Meijer employee, but that in itself does not provide you with enough information to make judgment claims about the experiences of others. It has everything to do with the specific environment of the store you work in.

    Is it possible that everyone with a negative experience working for Meijer, including many of us who have posted here, are just melodramatic sloths who expect special treatment? Sure. But that's doubtful. And my own experiences have enabled me with evidence to the contrary.

    What I see what I read your post is someone who has a strong opinion about something and a) seeks out and hones in on information that confirms that existing belief, (also known as "confirmation bias") and b) believes her perspective, based on her experience, is the only correct perspective of the situation being discussed (that of working at Meijer).

    I take issue with with this. I am not negating your experience, but I am troubled by the fact that you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that others here must be exaggerating, are lazy, expect special treatment, etc. because their experiences are in contrast to your own, INSTEAD of wondering if maybe, just perhaps, you were lucky enough to work at a store that treats its employees better than others.

    See, I've worked at two stores. I too thought that those who complained so vehemently about working at Meijer must be blowing things out of proportion - after all, I've been treated pretty well during my time working there. I'm a good employee! These complainers must be doing something wrong to invoke the wrath of management.

    But then I was rehired at Meijer in a different store. And I realized that if the store you work at is managed by some seriously corrupt individuals, it doesn't matter how hard you work or how well you perform your job. We should give people the benefit of a doubt - obviously those of us that are here specifically took the time to search for a place within which we could vent our frustrations and share our experiences. That's not something a lazy person would do.

    As for exaggerating? Well, the experiences shared by others here mirror my own in many ways, based upon my own experience working at the second store... interestingly, only at the second store I worked for. I was treated wonderfully at the first, and enjoyed the job quite a bit.

    So yes, you were right the first time... "I'm very lucky that I work at a decent store."

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  • Ha
      May 16, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    I worked for Meijer for 3 years and just quit this past Monday. It was the worst job I have ever had. I worked at the #70 Woodhaven, MI store. For the most part, management wasn't that bad. However, the service manager is worthless. How this woman is even a manager is beyond me. She does not know how to speak to employees or to customers. I have had more complaints about her and nothing is done. I was told that the store director is aware and that this person is working on her people skills. WTF...would they tolerate that from a lowly employee. The pay sucks. Used to be the top of pay scale was 12 dollars for cashiers, now they have lowered it to 10 dollars. Aldi's hires cashiers at 10.50 STARTING. DSW hires theirs at 11 plus, STARTING. Also, at the store I worked at, not enough cashiers were ever scheduled so we got DAILY late calls. Not talking about being held for 15min to half an hour. We would be held for hours. If you had plans, too bad. If you left, you were walking off the job. After 3 years of this ###, I couldn't take anymore. I worked every weekend and every holiday.. No chance for ever getting any of them off. No chance for ever getting full time either. There is so much favortisim, it's sickening. Promotions are given on the basis of who kisses ### the best. Most of the SC's are worthless and lazy. All they know how to do is walk around and try to look important, but they were the best at ### kissing and got the job. I, for one, will never ever work for this company again. I was told in the past when Fred ran things, it was better. Once the sons took over, the whole busy went to ###.

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  • Ir
      Jun 25, 2012

    I'm working on finishing my degree. As such I have other obligations besides meijer. however I'm consistently being held after my scheduled time off even when were are slow. Don't get me wrong I've been unemployed for almost 2 years now and am very happy to see that I'm earning about 150$ a week now. However I'm also expected to put in 40 hours of unpaid internship work as well as do a volunteer position for a friend at a MAJOR company and am trying to earn some brownie points for a recommendation. As things stand I'm working 85 hours a week and pulling one 24 hour crash session a week. I can't afford to spend much 15 mintues to an hour afterwards. I don't mind if its busy, but I shouldn't have to do so if we have more cashiers waiting at the ends of their lanes than ringing people up.

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @iritated partimer Try being held 3 to 4 hours past you scheduled time. This is regular at the Chesterfield Meijer. Management is always rude to lower employees. They state all the time if you dont like it leave instead of trying to work on the low moral that is so present daily in the store. They dont talk the same way to the customer. Why should they talk to us in the ay.

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  • Ch
      Jan 11, 2013

    My boyfriend works at a store in Aurora, IL. He has been picked on, honed in on, and *itched at since after the first week of working there. They tell him that he is not doing enough cases, when also about 80 percent of the 3rd shift isn't getting their cases done either. There have been situations where he has been yelled at in front of customers and employees by his assistant manager... how rediculous. He has also complained that he has been taken off aisles and put in a freezer to do the dairyfrozen work when the dairyfrozen people either don't show up, quit or are fired. He has told them time and a again about his impairment (on his hand) that doesn't allow him to work in freezing temperatures because his whole hand locks up and he can't move it. They don't care. They are now (that he is trying to switch to a different department) unfairly going after him for the same mistakes other people are making (without taking points from them). Perhaps to get him fired before he can transfer/switch.

    I have been looking for a number to call and have him voice his concern, but, have come up with nothing. If anyone has any clue as to what can be done please PLEASE let us know.

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  • Ex
      May 09, 2013

    I sit here and laugh as a former Meijer manager. Trust me I left Meijer because I was told to fire people just because a Store Director or Lines Manager did not like the person, regardless of how long they worked there. At least I didn't have to pay union dues so some USELESS Union Reps whom make over 100K in wages and benefits (don't believe me it's public info at .gov). As for those whining about written up for breaks and lates, etc...ALL COMPANIES expect employees to be on time, so no issues there just show up to work and breaks on-time. The last Store Director at 70 was in my opinion and many others, a EVIL EVIL human ### of the earth that should be sent back to his father Lucifer. This man harassed and demoted or fired anyone manager or otherwise they he decided he had no use for REGARDLESS of their dedication, hard work or years of service. I hear son-of-Satan? or demon or whatever his sub-human form is, is now employed at the Taylor store number 35 (of course this is my opinion which I deem to be VERY accurate).

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @ExMeijerBecauseTheySux This still goes on. I worked Christmas eve from 2:30 to 8:00. I am a cashier and was told that I had to remain in the store until all the customers' transactions were completed. I did that-then i was told I had to talk all the returns back to there departments. I did that too. I clocked out at my designated time. I was stopped by the management and told I would have to clean the entire store with only 3 other people. Management told me they could hold me my full 8 and a half hours in they wanted to. I have contacted the union because they have a policy (its in our contract) we must be notified before they hold us over. Meijer management did not notify me but still EXPECTED me to stay the rest of the night.

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  • Br
      Nov 24, 2013

    I work at the meijer's deli in fairfield ohio and they have a pipe that extends into the middle of the floor and I tripped and fell on it and dislocated my shoulder and I still have no full use of it. I wore a sling for 1 week and might have to get an MRI done soon. When I first got hurt they made me wait 35min till my manager was done with her lunch break before even making a report, meanwhile my hand is swelling and turning purple. They had me work for 1 week and when I went to another doctor I was told not to move my arm above shoulder level. A customer who saw me fall in the first place was very angry about how they treated me and complained they should treat me better because it was their fault. Instead of doing so they told me not to come to work for the whole next week. I'm assuming they're either thinking I'm faking or they're punishing me for being hurt and a customer complaining. Either way its not right for them to deny me work because of this.

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  • An
      Dec 19, 2013

    I agree with all the complaints. Some stores are actually much worse than whats even written on here. I understand that many of the young employee's would take advantage of the calling in sick option if it weren't for the point system set in place but ways to avoid that are to hire better employee's. To accomplish this isn't to make them go through 3 interviews, take 3 weeks to get them into training, pay them the minimum you can, not take their concerns seriously or have them work in a completely full (even the floor areas) in the backroom etc. to the point of where they have to crawl over the skids of food to find a product for a customer or be forced to not even try to look & just tell the customer that we are all out. I am a customer too. It drives me nuts to have to do that because if they are shopping for something it's because the NEED it! I was a good employee, at first. All my co-workers told me that I would stop caring, just like they did. Unfortunately, when I went to my manager, who made me talk to the director, who tried to make me feel like a bad employee (because I cannot do absolutely everything during my shift there) & ripped me apart...I quit caring, just like the rest. It's very unfortunate that they do not recognize a good employee & nurture it. Yes, I do feel the good employee's should be treated differently than the bad ones. My union rep said that the managers can give raises & don't have to wait for the hours worked schedule. Give raises to the good ones! Tell the good ones that they are doing a good job! Take the concerns of the good ones seriously! Give more responsibility to the good ones so they aren't just ending up drones, doing the same little thing over & over and they'll enjoy their job, instead of join the bad ones. If you can't beat them, join them! It's a good thing I know what a good employer is. I feel bad for the young ones who have this as their 1st job, they are being trained to be losers, by Meijer!

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @Anonymous777777 Meijer's culture and belief is that employees are a dime a dozen. They are unable to keep employees at out store and end up having issues with extremely high turnover. Union cant do [censor] for us but they sure can take my $40 each month fast enough.

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  • An
      May 13, 2015

    I have been working for Meijer for about two weeks now. I came down with the flu and 103 fever. My dr told me to not work the rest of the week (fri-sun) and he wrote me a note to excuse me. I called DAYS before my next scheduled shift and I was still deducted points and written up for missing work. I would have tried to find people to cover my shift but I am so new that I still do not know people and phone numbers, so that is pretty hard to do. I was also made to feel bad that I was sick when I called in by a manager. Ever since this event, I am not treated very well during my shifts. The store is like a high school and has a lot of drama that goes with it. I do enjoy the job itself, but the management needs a little work. Sorry I do not want to touch customers food and risk the chance of them getting sick. I do not choose to get sick, it just happens. I have also been told from employees that they also get written up when they have to call off for a death in the family, family emergencies, etc. Seems like Meijer does not really care about the well being of their employees.

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @Anonymous4455 This is so trueeeeee. I have seen it in my store as well. Someones mother died and she was asked when she returned to work if she had the obituary notice or flyer from the funeral a proof that her loved one died.

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  • Tj
      Jan 19, 2016

    My appendix rupture and I almost died I had to leave work early I was hurting so bad I had emergency surgery on a Sunday I had two dr excuses and a hospital excuses and I still got a point for not showing up the next day at work I was off a week I went and ask about my point they told me every one was pointed like that it was to keep them in line I almost died not by my own choice where does end with these points

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  • Re
      Feb 06, 2016

    Meijer puts there weekly price cards attached to the shelf front. In there meat dept. Ground turkey is advertised at 20 oz, in reality the ground turkey is only 16 oz. When did they start cheating the customers of 20%?

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  • An
      Aug 28, 2016

    To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is John Pratt and I am from Montrose, MI. I was employed at Meijer from May 26, 2016 to August 21, 2016 as Bagger/Utility Worker. From day 0ne they knew that I had a hearing problem, they even gave my days off so I can get my new hearing aids and check to see how they were working for me after me telling them when I was hired for the job. A manager had been harassing me the whole time that I was employed there, by looking and following at me as I look around in the store when I was off the clock. He was even looking around the corner of the building at me in the parking lot as I am getting into my car when I was fired. I would always be there at least an hour and half early for when I was scheduled on to work. He would always be stalking me and asking me if I was on the clock. Every time he asked me that, I have always told him no and asked him does he want me to start early, he had say no every time. I would look around in the store before my scheduled shifts, most of the time I would be buying a few things there. He would be saying that I am confusing the guests. So I had started to wear a different shirt then waited until fifteen minutes before when I scheduled to work to change into my work shirt. He was even saying that I can’t sit on the benches while I was off the clock, because they were for there costumers. One day when was scheduled from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM when I looked at my schedule for that day. I had asked another manager if he wanted me to stay for full eight hours that day. He had gone out to the parking lot to check on the cart situation and came back in. without checking on my schedule he had waved to me know that I can leave at 3:30 that day and they counted that against me by changing my schedule 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM that day without telling me. On august 4, 2016 I had pushed in some carts and tripped on the metal bar on the floor and fell hurting my knee. After I had fallen another manager had told me to take a lunch after I was given some ice to put on my knee. Later on that day after work I had gone to the pharmacy in Montrose, MI to buy some Ibuprofen IB for the swelling of my knee and help with the pain in my knee. The next day I had gone to work and a manager was harassing me about taking a lunch the day before. I had told him that a manager told me to take a lunch. A week later I had told them that I needed to go to the clinic after I was told by the union rep. When I had gone to the clinic the doctor said that my knee was just swollen and gave me a knee brace. I was also told by the doctor that I can go back to work, but take it easy on my knee. I went back there a week later after that and a doctor had told me that I can work and wear my knee brace whenever I needed it when my knee hurts. I was also told to limit my walking. Several managers refused to work with that. After the I was told by several manager said that I was unsatisfactory. There were times that I was the only bagger there pushing in the carts from the parking lot. Before I was injured I was pushing the maximum of ten carts in from the parking lot at once, but after I had fallen I went down to five carts. The baggers and another manager don’t push in ten carts at a time. They push in 5, 6, or 7 carts at a time. Some of them say that they can’t push in ten carts at a time. When I had told them this they told me that wasn’t my concern. No one else got in trouble but me. On August 21, 2016 they had fired me for those reasons. My knee still hurts and I am fearful that Meijer won’t pay for my knee injury. I was so upset that I had dropped my bottle of water by accident and spilled my slushy all over my snacks for work.

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  • Ab
      Dec 25, 2017

    @angry exemployee This is so typical at Meijers. They do not value hard working employees. Not at all. Squeeze as much as they can out of all the employees and wonder why moral is so low. They said they want to change the culture of Meijjer. Their idea is to let us have a jean day we can pay for. The charge us for wearing jeans on a designated day.

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