Mechanicsville CVS Pharmacywont fill doctors called in percription

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My wife had an operation on both of her feet our doctor gave us a oxycodone percription .after i got her home she started vomiting the next day out doctor said i was the pain percription (oxycodone) and she was calling in to the CVS pharmcy .i drove to the pharmcy ( this was sunday) to get a different pain medcine and peomethizine for her nausea. When i got there the pharmist said the doctor doesnt have the athority to call in narcotoic for her paitent. This was unnessassary pain and suffering for my wife they were very smug and rude at CVS and so proud that they could deny a doctors request

Dec 14, 2014
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  • Co
      Jan 01, 2015

    While I understand the concern with your wife's pain. As of October 1st or 31st 2014, All schedule 2 Narcotics cannot be called into pharmacy. Either written or electronic prescriptions are required. I am surprised the doctor was not aware of that. CVS should have called the doctor though and asked him to send a written or electronic prescription in. Letting anyone suffer through unnecessary pain and suffering is morally wrong. Just my thoughts

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  • Dw
      May 25, 2015

    Letting someone suffer in pain seems to be the "norm" these days, especially in Florida. It is cruel and totally unnecessary as pain meds were developed for PAIN. The whole situation makes me sick. I suffer everyday with chronic pain, unable to find pharmacy that has medication in stock or simply refuses to fill. Yet I hear of people filling prescriptions for controlled substances at same pharmacys that denied mine and I have come to the conclusion that they fill these rxs for CASH vs accepting my medicare insurance. Shameful. And Florida attorney general thinks shes got prescription drug abuse under control? Give me a break.

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