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I placed my order on July 10th and eagerly waited for it to arrive. My product shipped out on the 13th and with rapid delivery I received my product @ the 17th. After using the product I can tell you it has some nice features, however the cleanser isn’t quite as cleansing as I like. It left makeup on my towel, so I don’t know that it really got everything. I also started having an allergic reaction in my eye area where small bumps started forming and my eyes itched and discharged a little. After adjusting my usage a little bit, I decided this product is not for me. And decided to make a call to their customer service department to cancel their 30 day auto delivery and get my guaranteed refund back.

So, I made the call today, (August 12th)… First I waited for what seemed like forever to get anyone to answer the call. (I am finding that this is typical when you are trying to cancel a subscription to something, so I wasn’t real surprised.) A customer account representative then picked up the call and I proceeded to tell her I would like to cancel my account. She gave her apologies that I didn’t like the product and asked me why (as, I assume, she was trained to do) I proceeded to tell her about my experience with the allergic reaction and the cleanser. She then tried her best to convince me that “the fruit extract is only in 4 of 5 of the products” and maybe I should try them all separately… I politely declined and told her I would still like to cancel.

She began the cancelation by first telling me that a new shipment was already in route to my house and that there was nothing she could do to stop it. “No problem”, I will ship it back as soon as I get it and will need to be refunded for the charge and shipping as it was before the 30 days as specified on their site. I also asked for my refund for the introductory set per their 60 day guarantee. (of course, she didn’t offer that information – I had to ask for it).Well, this is not their policy… “I’m sorry ma’am, but we cannot refund the shipping cost.” She proceeded to tell me that not only did they give me 30 days, but they also gave me an extra 10 days in order to receive the product the first time. (If you are doing the calculation, 30 days from my order date, July 10 is August 19nd) She then let it slip that their real policy is actually after 3 weeks, they send out the next shipment. I debated with her the difference between 30 days and 3 weeks… getting no where in the process.

I asked to speak to someone who could do something to fix this issue. She passed me on to another person (who I assume was her supervisor). I then debated the issue of the guarantee and the return with her. I explained that I called within the first 30 days to find that you have already shipped the next shipment of products… what gives? After some debate, she finally said “well you should have called us 2 weeks before we shipped.” WHAT???? Are you freaking kidding me? I said, “Well according to your policy online, it says 30 days, not call 2 weeks before I think you are shipping.” She then proceed to tell me that my invoice (that I didn’t have with me) said the date they would ship the next set. Of course, she didn’t have THAT information to look up…she couldn’t tell me the date they gave me or what my invoice said…but was adamant that it was just the way they do business and there was nothing that could be done. It was not their error.

I then asked her “do you know what your website says?”

She then proceeded to pull up the website…I was put on hold so she could review the website… After a long pause, she then returned to the call to tell me that the shipping costs would be refunded next week (I hadn’t even been charged for the product yet) and they were crediting my account for the 1st set (per the guarantee). My account would also be refunded once they received the 2nd shipment back from me.

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  • Ol
      Oct 29, 2009

    Every time you view an infomercial for anything, no matter how tempting the offer or straightforward the pitch, the FIRST thing you should do is go on the internet, type in the name of their product or website, then put the words "don't buy" in front of that, or the word “scam” or "rip-off" behind that.

    That will get you past the first three pages of phony websites, constructed to blindside you with glowing comments and testimonials. You will then get to pages like this one, and get a real eyeful of what that company is all about, and eventually learn what virtually all infomercials are all about.

    Their objective is remarkably simple. They want nothing more nor less than to pry your credit card number away of you. This gives them license to get into your pocket and steal as much as they can, as fast as they can - before you are put through some very frustrating and time-consuming steps to cut them off.

    And know also that, as things stand now, you have almost no hope of recovering what they've already taken.

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