McDonaldsunethical behaviour from a manager

It was midnight on Sat 21-01-17 at 12.01am. I used the drive-thru at Caloundra, Bullcock St. to order 3 frozen slurpees of each flavour. After waiting for approx 2mins at the silent speaker box I thought the restaurant was closed so I proceeded to the payment window. As I was waiting for service I noticed the neon sign advertising open 24hrs. I continued to wait another few minutes, still wondering if they were open for service? Then a staff member appeared with the cash till in her hands and a look on her face that could kill. I waited patiently while she placed the till in the register. She then unlocked and slammed the window open and said rudely that I can only order if I have cash as the tills were down and no cards will be accepted. I replied that I have $3 for mixed slurpees as she ignorantly turned away from me and said she has to go get the calculator. Then a lovely young girl took over and asked what happened. I told her and she apologised for the managers poor service. On collection of my order the manager rudely said there is only 2 flavours available. I made my choice as she rolled her eyes at my request. It was an effort for her to serve me and then she gave me a wrong order. I was too scared to complain about it so I asked her if she is the manager. 'Yeeahhh' was the rude reply as she turned away from me so I yelled from my car window that her service was horrible. I returned later that morning approx 11am to order a tall caramel latte. It was the worst latte I've tasted, the coffee was burnt, the milk smelled off and there was way too much flavour overpowering. It was extremely hot and it burnt my mouth (I still have blisters now) I found the managers service absolutely appalling! I'd like a written apology from her personally and a refund on the latte that burnt my mouth and was undrinkable. I will never return to that restaurant. But on a bright note I will vote McDonalds at Kuluin number one for outstanding service and quality of the menu every time. Thank you

Jan 23, 2017

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