McDonald's / store appearance

Stanton, MI, United States

On 10/21/2018 my family and I stopped in to get something to eat and as of entering the establishment it was filthy. Like no one had touched or cleaned anything. Food and debris on floor and tables. I had to ask the cashier if someone could clean a table for us to even sit at. The cashier told me that they had just had a rush. My family and i agreed it was not true . Looked to us it had been that way for awhile. The cashier said they were short in workers so they did not have a chance to clean. Then a worker finally went out to clean and sweep under a table so we could sit down. We ordered our food and finally got to sit at that table. Probably about 20 minutes later they finally came out to clean the place. Its sad to say that a customer had to ask for a clean table in all aspect they should've been doing their jobs instead of standing in the back talking. I dont know if i will be back to this business. Its the McDonalds in Stanton, Michigan.

Oct 23, 2018

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