McDonald's / no receipt provided

I just purchased food from McDonalds on Doc Dr. In West Chester, Ohio 45069. I requested a receipt and they refused to provide a receipt because the machine was jammed and they didn't have time to fix it. THIS IS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I asked for a receipt and the employee just said "It's broke, there's nothing I can do." This gives off the wrong image by the employee stating that there's nothing they can do. There's multiple things that can be done in this situation. You could apologize for not being able to provide the guest with a receipt, although that doesn't fix the situation it lets the guest know that you value their complaint rather than just tossing it aside and saying there's nothing that can be done. Secondly, you can personally write the total for each of the items purchased, this is a simple solution but probably not suggested out of laziness. Third, you could call someone who would know how to fix the printer, just saying that there's nothing that can be done is just pure laziness. A customer should not be denied a receipt for a purchase. I WANT MY RECEIPT!

May 27, 2018

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