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Coshocton, OH, United States
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I have tried numerous times to get a hold of this McDonalds for a party.
I'm either greeted with an annoying Hellloooo. Or the phone isn't answered at all. I refuse to answer to someone that is annoyed. I get that working in customer service isn't easy. But I too also working in a field that I'm to be professional. This has been happening for the passed 2 months. Now the time has passed for the party. I wanted to get questions answered such as how much the party was going to cost, if I had to provide my own cake. I have even stopped in and bought food and I can't believe that I have seen people on their cellphones, people touching their hats and then trying to take orders. There is no excuse for rudeness. I'm tired of the treatment from the Coshocton store. The mangers are just as bad. Even the Store Manager!!

Jan 27, 2017

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