McDonald's / food ordered at drive thru

Menomonee Falls, WI, United States

i ordered 2 mc doubles and 2 sausage mc muffins plus a med diet coke I pulled around the corner and paid $6.59 and pulled up to car in front of me 9 min later the car in front got their food and pulled into a parking space. The girl in drive thru hands me a bag with one sand and says have a nice day - I asked what is this showed her my receipt and she just closed the window, as I looked up I see the lady from the car that was in front of walking into the store holding a bag and one sand in her hand so I watched as she got to the counter and one other employee grabbed the bag they tried to give me and handed it to her, Now the drive thru girl hands me the bag from the woman and I said I am not accepting that I have no idea what she did with it in her car, she then asks me to pull up and 4 more vehicles got their food, she walks up to my car with new bag, I had to ask for my soda . drove home opened bag and surprise 2 mc doubles ice cold and half opened sausage mc muffin (1) not 2 that I ordered. I called Mc Donald's complaint line and spoke to Samantha Ref#[protected] and she said she was sorry for the disappointing service, said would talk to Franchisee and have them get back to me. then sends me 1 mc double coupon and 1 breakfast sand coupon . I am 66 years old don't insult my intelligence I lost 5.40 because I threw the sandwiches out not knowing what was done to them. and you think a coupon makes up for health dept. laws broken . I will never set foot in a Mc Donald's again if this is there idea of customer service store was on Silver Spring and Pilgrim road in Menomonee Falls, Wi I recommend not going there at this time.

Ted Grosse

Oct 21, 2018

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