Mcdonalds Ewa Beach Hawaii / complaint against employees and managers with bad attitudes and not safe

Ewa Beach, HI, United States

On January 3rd, 2017 at about 7 a.m. at ewa beach Mcdonalds 11077, had a door locked and closed with no sign letting people know to go through the other door, which elderly people and disabled people could have gotten hurt from the pressure washing from the side entrance with no warning or sign, all the customers was letting the employees and the managers know that they should post a sign for safety reasons for the customers, we had gotten yelled at from some of the staff and they had refused to hear our safety concern, they have managers that don't belong being managers at this store and workers that should not interfere or bother the customers while they are working and yelling at customers because they don't like the person. your employees should be working and not sit down with customers and not complain about the other employees or managers, because a few of them have worked their for along time does not make it right for them to do such things it is unprofessional and makes the store look bad, these people need proper training and to resolve their issues privately. your employees on the floor are arguing and calling each other names has caused to paid customers very uncomfortable, which this has been addressed before but to no resolution. I will have to call the better business bureau if this prolongs. I go their to visit friends and family. Their has also been truancies from students in the intermediate and high that comes in and no one from management says anything to them and disrupts the elderly and disabled to be able to enjoy their food, further more their has been undercooked fries and very bad salads from vegetables are brown and too much high prices for very little to eat. the food service is not very good. And it is not right for employees to speak filipino, behind any ones back while they are working they need to speak in English, it is very rude in America and Hawaii for people to do so. If this prolongs the better business bureau will be contacted immediately.

Jan 8, 2017

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