McDonalds / customer service

We pulled up to McDonald's to get a big mac. It was my first big mac so I was excited. So we processed to order the big mac. We pulled up to the 1st window to pay and we asked her does she like big macs. After she answered the questions we went to the 2nd to get the burgers and asked the lady the same question. We were also recording my reaction to the big mac. So we went home to eat but when we opened the bag it was quarter pounders. So we had to waste gas to go back up there and they told us to go to the 1st window. The lady at the 1st window was nice about it and she was going to let use have the quarter pounder and give use the big mac, we were satisfied. Yet again we went to the 2nd window to get the burgers. The manager was there and she asked for the burgers the other lady told us we could have. She then throws them away. My dad got upset and debated on how they should of gave use the burgers because they messed up the order and made us waste our gas that could've got me to school. Overall the manager was rude and and disrespectful.

Jun 02, 2018

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