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McDonalds / mcdonalds runs out of high chairs!

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First of all let me tell you I am not one to complain, but when I get bad service I have to speak up. Me my husband, and my two children went to Mcdonalds for a family outing.

While I went to order the food my husband went to find a seat with my two children. Upon arriving with our meals I found a high chair. I thought good, I need a high chair for my 16 month old. I was very disappointed to find that the high chair was broken. I had to hold my 16 month old in my lap, while I ate. This totally ruined my meal, as I could not enjoy it!!!

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  • Ma
      6th of May, 2007

    I'm sorry but the whole point of eating is to nourish your body, not to enjoy the food as you would a football game. Your whole argument seems to be backed by a selfish desire to get a free meal. So sad that you find having your own child on your lap an inconvenience to you happily engorging yourself with food.

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  • Ho
      29th of Jul, 2007

    When my two children were at the age of needing high chairs, we had our own portable. Why? There is no guarantee that the restaurant would have one or two that was not in use. I know that my wife and I were not the only people in the world that have children, and that it is a very good possibility when we stop to have a bite there is a VERY good possibility that a high chair may not be available. So we purchased a folding type child’s chair that is designed to be secured to a table. That chair was for the baby, for the older child we just took into the restaurant the car booster seat. Problem solved. It’s called being able to think for ones self instead of having other people solve your problems. My suggestion get over it and use your head for more useful purposes like solving your own selfish problems.

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  • Ti
      29th of Jul, 2007

    Did you even consider telling anyone there that the chair was broken? Maybe it had broken that very day and they just didn't know yet. I find it very childish to hold a grudge over them just bcuz of a high chair. Never thought it would be soooo haaard to hold your kid on your lap. It's no use demanding free food over this, bcuz you're reasoning has gone no where.

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  • Mi
      3rd of Aug, 2007

    I am currently a manager there and if you came to asking for that my answer would be "use one of the other 8 high chairs we have" or "theres no law saying we have to have high chairs, so get over it" you got what you paid for so stop complaining.

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  • Ty
      30th of Nov, 2007

    hi, my name is tyrone. I am an employee at mcdoanlds. i just got my paycheck and me and my follow employees have been payed way!!!! less then what we was suppose to receive. I was payed for 19 hours when i should have been played for AT LEAST!!! 80 hours of pay, and not including overtime. We have families and bilies and responsibilities. WE NEED THAT MONEY!!!

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  • Mr
      15th of Dec, 2007

    Move on you dumb ###!!! You have no idea what it's like working for customers with sour faces like you. If their is a problem, as appose to wining on here get of your fat ### and tell the manager. A lady and her child proberbly had a bad experiance cos u could not get off your fat ### and tell the shift manager so the chair could have been repairded!!! If the biggest issue in your life is a high chair, someone in your family is bound to get ill to teach you their are bigger things in life than a ###en high chair.

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  • Bi
      11th of Jul, 2008

    I just left a Mcdonalds store in Harrisburg, Illinois. I've gotten used to service that totally bites when the delivery truck is there, but tonight really ticked me off. I live 20 miles away and when I got home I found that I had no fries!!! I was willing to overlook the poor customer service at this particular McDonalds until tonight. Get it right, or sell out to Burger King!!!

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  • Pe
      18th of Aug, 2008

    It sucks that they ran out of high chairs. But crap happens and it is not always their fault. Most of the time customers break stuff, and staff are unable to get it fixed because they need to call someone for repairs. GET OVER IT

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  • Dr
      8th of Jul, 2010

    That's it? Bring the car seat in and sit it in a booth...tada you have a high chair.

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  • Wi
      22nd of Oct, 2010

    While working at a Mc Donald's in Pana, Illinois. I experienced the worst type of treatment you could imagine by the suposed professionals working there. I had a sign placed on my back that said" I an a Hore", when I became angry I was told that I was over reacting to the situation. Some of the teen age boys I was working with were told that I was a stripper and the "guys" took up a collection for me to do a poal dance? when I complained I was told I misunderstood what was going on--I do not think so! During my employment there I caught the managers daughter drinking "vodka" in the office while on the clock. There are managers working in the store that will provide your teenager with booze if they ask among other things. I have had a knife pulled on my by another employee and nothing was done by the managers of the store. I am a person with disabilities and was forced to do work which would make my condition worse and was told do it or else you dont have a job. I have been psyically shoved by a manager that caused me to fall in the floor and was told that it was an accident and that again I was over reacting to the situation----I don't think so! this Mc Donald's is not a good work environment for anyone and something should be done--I tryed but failed.

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  • Ro
      3rd of Nov, 2010

    Oh my god. I'm so sorry that you had to hold your child! That must have been a terrible experience for you! You could have put her on the floor, or just let her get hurt on the broken chair if it was that awful! Your life is forever ruined by that one experience when you actually had to TOUCH your child!

    Just freaking let a manager know and move on with your life. It's McDonald's for [censor]'s sake. It's not a life altering experience.

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  • Vo
      22nd of Jan, 2011

    In USA servise zero but in Europe - on the first place in the world.
    So, if you ever will wisit Ukraine, visit Mc donald's to compare...I assure you, you would be completly shocked:-)
    Welcome to European Union!

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  • Ae
      29th of Aug, 2011

    Maybe theyres others who need them too. If you see people that have them but not using them for an infant you then you would have a complaint

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