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McDonalds Australia / no coffee

1 P. O. Box 536 Waikerie S. A. 5330, Waikerie, South Australia, Australia Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 08 85412419

I really love McDonals Latte and being from the country we have 100 K. ms to our nearest Maccas. We were in the city at Glenelg and there was a 24 hour Maccas there I promised my granddaughter she could have a hot chocolate and my son and myself wanted a latte each. Imagine my surprise when we were told quite rudely the coffee machine goes off at 9 p. m. A 24 hour outlet and no coffee after excuse me what about late night customers. It was only 9.30 when we were there. Imagine my disgust on Tuesday this week when we drove to Renmark 100 k's east. At last my latte but no sorry the machine is broken oh boy that's the last time I hold out for a Macca's Latte best take a thermos from home. Very disgruntled customer. Waikerie S. A. Susan

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  • Mr
      7th of Mar, 2008

    McDonald's Latte will make you very fat.

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  • Do
      13th of Mar, 2008

    I live in the country in Karratha WA, and sometimes take my little girl for a treat and play. The last few times I have been there I found the place digusting and dirty. We ate our lunch then looked over to see heaps of flys in the corner, and the windows look like they never have been cleaned in ages. So I wwent in the playground part and the place was totally filthy and there was an old ice-cream stuck on the roof of the plastic clear lookout. Also I noticed funny enough there aircon was not working and looked up and there is a big hole in the roof, so I wander if it was just taken out or being fixed ( we only live in the hottest part of WA averaging 30-45 degrees in summer. So Parents be worned always check before you eat cause you never know what germs your little ones can get. This has made me feel sick so I would just like everyone to know dont go there. Nothings probably been cleaned for ages or years in the playground.

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  • Ge
      1st of Sep, 2008

    Wonderful. Were you planning to operate the coffee machine after nine-thirty love? There isn't enough crew to man all stations after nine-thirty, so instead of three people attempting to run the entire store, we down-size available stations.
    Late night sales are majority single meals with soft drinks, so there is no point keeping a coffee machine on, which takes more money to run than it actually makes.
    If you're so desperate for a coffee, do your research. If you were half an-hour late, back luck- it's your problem, not ours.
    Sorry- I broke the coffee machine on purpose- just to deprive you of your pick up. You're complaint is the most ridiculous, unreasonable and childish I've ever heard. Think I'll print it off, and bring it in; just so we can have a good laugh at how stupid some people really are.
    If you know anybody willing to work overnights and run the coffee machine, just for you, by all means, please do let me know.
    And also- before sending a letter, please work on the most crucial point- grammar. Nobody will take you seriously when one of the most basic, cruical skills of communication is quite clearly not evident.

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  • Na
      14th of Sep, 2008

    mcdonalds at st clair is the worst i have ever been to.and having 5 children i have been to a fair share of mcdonalds over the years, they NEVER get an order correct, whether its forgetting a complete meal which they have charged you for, they always forget the sauce and the toy for the happy meal, it just seems they give you anything, it was so bad one time we actually called the health department as there was hair all through the burger, and if you happen to complain; the manager is extremely rude, instead of apoligising they become quite rude, i totaly refuse to go to this store now, i think a good mcdonalds is run by good managers, not by kids who have just come out of school, sure give them a job there, but making them managers at that age is ridiculous

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  • Tr
      3rd of Nov, 2008

    Visited McDonalds tonight and ordered a quarter pounder and medium shake which I paid $7.75 for. Their prices have obviously gone up at the same ratio the world stock market has recently risen, maybe they are not making enough money?
    Then in my car the shake spills down my top after it spilt down my dash as the lid was not on properly, oh then the quarter pounder is warm!
    I am absolutely furious that these morally bankrupt greedy people still get away with this, I then look up their website to try and lodge an official complaint which takes me back to pre-school as their website is like one big game targeted at children and I can find nowhere to lodge a complaint!
    McDonalds senior management resemble cockroaches and maggots.
    What a crafty, crafty unconscious organisation.

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  • Co
      30th of Mar, 2009

    people really can find anything to complain about. i mean come on: mcdonalds management are well trained as a manager at mcdonalds they have a program that means it only takes a year to get a management certificate from university after being a manager at mcdonalds, so pray tell me how they resemble çockroaches and maggots.' and mrs five children if the mcdonalds at st clair is so bad- why do you keep going back? The management you describe in your complain is first extremely rude and then quite rude- so which one is it? They probably just decide to block you out as the woman who complains áll the time.' McDonalds workers wear hats to prevent hair from getting in burgers and as a girl you have to wear your hair tied back. Do you realise how petty all these complaints sound- clap clap on being a bunch of immature wining gits. Except for the original complaint- the coffee machines need to be cleaned, they are complex peices of machinery- if it happened at a coffee shop would you be a bit more understanding? ### happens and the cafe closes at 9 o'clock it advertises that fact everywhere so what's the problem? If you went to a normal cafe and it closed at 5 and it was five thirty would you complain then?

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  • Sm
      22nd of Apr, 2009

    The time the coffee goes off is the same as the time breakfast ends. Coffee/McCafe closes at 9 and if you come after that time you can't get it. Simple. Would you prefer that the next time you go to get coffee from maccas it tastes disgusting because the opportunity to clean the machine hasn't been given?

    Also, it is completely out of the Maccas staff if a machine breaks down. If your coffee machine at home had broken down would you get angry at your family because it wasn't working? The crew have absolutely no control over whether or not the machine works! It's just misfortune for you that it happened to be broken down when you really wanted a latte.

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  • Jo
      1st of May, 2009

    Today, I had Cross Country districts at Loganlea High School. I am in grade 12, and had a great day running, so once we were all dismissed, my friend and I decided to go to the McDonald's just down the road. I barely go to this McDonald's, probably twice before in my life. I usually find the service, food and everything in general at McDonald's quite good. However, McDonald's Loganlea/Meadowbrook was disgusting in all aspects. Firstly, i went to the toilet while my friend waited in line; absolutely disgusting; the floor was dirty and the urinal wouldn't flush. Then, my friend and I waited in line. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally we were served by a woman, who was not a good representation of McDonald's staff, she could have at least tried to be presentable. My friend ordered a small cheeseburger meal with justwith a frozen mixed coke. (My friend also works at McDonald's, not this one.) I ordered a small McChicken Meal with coke. We waited for our meals, and waited, waited. Finally, i got my drink; lid not on properly, coke all over the bench and... flat. I asked my friend to ask for a new one because she would know what to say (working at McDonald's herself.) She said "Excuse me, this coke is flat."
    The woman replied "And? Whadda ya want me to do about it?"
    "Umm, can we have a new one please?" says my friend.
    "New coke?"
    Why would I want a new coke, obviously if that coke was flat, the rest of it would be too.
    "No, can we have a different flavour please?" asked my friend.
    I got a new flavour drink, but then we were asked by the guy on the next register if we had school passes? School passes? We were at Cross Country districts! We explained this to him but he said he needed to see 'school passes'. We explained to him again in a 'more easy to understand' language that we had cross country districts at Loganlea High down the road. He replied with "Okay, that's fine."
    We recieved our meals and sat down. My McChicken burger was all over the place. Gross. My friends cheeseburger was a bun with a patty. She went to the counter to ask for cheese on her 'cheese'burger. To the same woman she said "Excuse me, I only got meat on my burger."
    "Whaddid ya want?" was the reply.
    "Cheese, " said my friend.
    "So it's got cheese on it, you want meat?" asked the woman.
    "No, it's got meat on it, I want cheese please, " replied my friend.
    "So, you don't want meat?" asked the woman.
    "No, I want meat and cheese, " said my friend.
    The woman got some cheese, slapped it on the burger and handed it back to my friend. We were again asked for 'school passes' by the same guy. We again explained that we didn't have them as we were at Cross Country Districts that day, but we had already been dismissed. He told us he would refund us our money, take back our food and we would have to leave the store. We contested our right to be in the store, but were told again, to leave. We left, food in hand, and sat in the carpark. Since we did not have access to bins, as they were inside, we stormed right back in and put our rubbish on the counter. We said "There's our food, but since we're such nice people, don't worry about a refund, have a great day."


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  • Ni
      11th of Jul, 2009

    o get the fuk over it seriously. half of that would be ###.

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  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2009

    This burger if you could call it that came from geelong west /shannon ave geelong,
    its pathetic its rubbish & a rip off .
    They should rename themselves Mc CRAPS because thats what they sell...Theives!!!
    I paid good money i should get a good burger & NOT a BIG CRAP instead,
    thanks maccas youve done it again.

    BEWARE: The only GOOD McDonalds in geelong is on the Princess Fwy across from Fords ALL the others sell
    RUBBISH & they Dont take any PRIDE in what they sell...


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  • Ni
      15th of Aug, 2009

    dont go to maccas. cause trust me staff hate customers like you that ### about everything!!

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  • Br
      22nd of Oct, 2009

    Bunch of sooks. If you go to macca's you should expect crap food, crap service and crap everything! But seriously, if they dont do coffee after 9 then what are you complaining about? Its pretty black and white there. Also the "lattes" at Micky D's are ### anyway.

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  • Pe
      18th of Dec, 2009

    absolute discrace that i went 2 mcdonalds "24 hour" 2nite and it was only the drive through open... which was fine but when my mates and myself tried to walk through to order our meals we were told we couldnt be served!! All because we wern't in a car. One would think that if your a paying customer willing to hand over your hard earned money that you would be served with a happy smile and pleasent attitude!! But one would be wrong! Instead we were rudely told to "piss off", and leave without being served because we wern't in a vehicle... The store in which i speak of is Wodonga (Biralee) and its an absolute discrace that we were treated like that... So to the big, fat, googly eyed manager... smoke my balls!!!

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  • Ni
      20th of Dec, 2009

    people that walk through do stupid things like jump through the window!! thats why

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  • Wb
      1st of Jan, 2010

    You cannot walk through a drive through, its a law. Due to occupational health and safety regulations, we are not able to serve people who walk through, and are encouraged to call security / police if people have a problem with that. HELLO IT IS CALLED A DRIVE THROUGH, NOT A WALK THROUGH. Also, coffee machines tell us when their clean cycle is, all we do is put the cleaning tablets in and put the milk tubes into a cleaning container, if we don't, the machines are unusable.. MC Cafe shuts at 9pm, because sales after that time are minimal. If you came thirty minutes late, chances are the person who was rostered on for a MC cafe shift would have left, and unless the other crew were trained in MC cafe, they can't serve you MC CAFE products. Complaining about the closing time, would be the same as complaining that McDonald's shuts at 11, and you got there at 11:30, and they won't serve you. Managers at McDonald's go through a lot of training to become qualified. McDonald's Australia and independent store owners spend a lot of money sending the managers away to do courses and training, and they get a higher qualification then the people who do a management course a university. McDonald's does a great deal for the community, for it's employee's and for young people all over Australia.

    People often complain about the service there, but they don't have to deal with people who complain all day, about stupid things. If you order a meal, say what size you want, otherwise you will get the standard size, MEDIUM. If you don't say you want a fanta with your meal, how are we suppose to know? If we ask you if the order is correct after reading it back to you, or displaying it in the drive through and you say yes, don't bring it back 5 minutes late and say its wrong, because we asked you.If we hand you a receipt, and you give it back to us, don't bring your meal back 5 minutes later and complain you were missing something, and want a replacement, without proof of purchase. If you bought a lamp from a light shop, and it broke, you would need the receipt to return it, McDonald's is the same. just because we serve food doesnt mean we can just give you things for free. Prices change, just because your favorite burger went up 20 cents doesnt mean you can yell at us, it's not like we saw you coming and thought " ohh, thats frank who orders a big mac, lets change the price, so he can complain"! And yes, sauce costs money. don't complain. Someone makes that sauce. If you were that person you wouldn't appreciate people giving it away for free when you spent money to make it, its 50 cent, suck it up or go elsewhere. It' also not our fault if the power goes out, if it happens for longer then a few minutes, we need to waste all the products, and wait for everything ( grills, vats, toasters etc - that have been on for hours prior to the open of the shop that day) to heat back up, this takes time, if you can't wait go elsewhere, don't wait for 3 minutes then complain, we told you there would be a wait of about 5 to ten minutes..
    I challenge all of you out there who complain about the staff, to go open a store, and find good quality, intelligent, clean, friendly presentable staff, its just not that easy. But McDonald's is willing to give people a go, which is more then i can say for all of you who complain. We all make mistakes sometimes. and i challange the same people to work at Mcdonalds, as a manager or just crew, its not as easy as everyone would think, just like any job, there are the easy parts, and the parts you aren't so good at. But majority of people are willing to try and improve.

    I'm 16, and I work at McDonald's as a crew trainer, and im more then proud to say that! I go to school and i earn my own money, I don't like being referred to as an idiot, or a ###head, or a ###, or anything else you call me, because of a machine problem or because I asked you to repeat something, or because you ordered something we don't sell, or because we had a price increase. I do my job to the best of my ability, and I am dedicated to making peoples experience within our store a good one, but people are becoming too impatient and too angry, over small things. Give me a break, give all of us a break. If you don't like the service provided to you, then by all means, complain. But show some respect, to the people who actually try.

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  • Ni
      2nd of Jan, 2010

    totally agree with u. im in the same situation.. 16, crew trainer at maccas.. i wouldnt changee my job for anything. i love the staff i work with and the job is great. but am also sick of stupid customers who ### about everything!

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  • Je
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    Have you customers ever thought of how rude you can be to the staff? Have you considered you dont listen when we read the order back and you nod or agree to what we have said? Have you bothered to notice that we can be a extremely busy workplace with staff calling in sick and no one else available, so we manage to run the store on the crew we have?

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  • Te
      22nd of Jun, 2010

    maccas suckss, hungry jacks is so much better. atleast you will get the right meals..

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  • Pr
      10th of Aug, 2010

    I am really surprised to see comments from the owner or may be the staff from the restaurant on 2008-09-01 by Georgia.In that post there is no salesmanship no humanity.How come these people are doing business.They don't have any respect for their clients.I feel so sorry for those clients who went their and had lots of problem.Anyway Georgia you have to change your attitude.

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  • Sp
      8th of Apr, 2011

    do you have any idea about how bad customers treat us. I've been abused, spat on, hit and called disgusting names by customers all because we don't have eftpos in drive through. We try our hardest while being screamed at to go faster and put up nasty customers. We get paid a disgustingly low amount for the amount we work. I just sat there for 4 hours in darkness because the power went out and we must stay there in case it comes back on without being paid. Your complaint is so petty. Do you actually work or are you just a dole bludger like most of our nasty customers are.

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