McDonalds1530 3rd ave, seattle at 12:40 pm 1/24/17

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I ordered a Grand Big Mac and a filet o'fish.

Your security guard got into an argument with an unruly customer.

When the customer nudged your guard the security guard started boxing the man's face, repetitively.

The man did not fight back screaming "What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it!"

Your security guard hit the man at lest six right and left punches in his head, across his temple and face.

After it was over (about 3-4 minutes) I got up, threw away my food and left.

I believe that McDonald's is liable because I do not think this guard handled the situation properly and I should at least be reimbursed.

KS# 3
1 Grand Big Mac $6.39
1 Filet O'fish $4.89

KVS Order 40
Store # 4308


Jan 24, 2017
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  •   Jan 24, 2017

    Get over it. It was none of your business. If you were that concerned, you would have called 911.

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