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I have been receiving sms's from these people since late December with regards to a Mr Price account. (My account is fully paid!) I have confirmation of this from Mr Price. At first I couldn't even get a hold of them. Today 01/14/2019 I got a hold of them and spoke to a representative.

The account that they are harassing me for is for a Miss Gloris M... a former employee of mine. These people will not give me a reference number for my call, they will not tell me who I am speaking to, they only laugh and say you will continue receiving these sms's..

I am NOT ARREARS in on any account! I also asked for their head office's number which they will not provide me. Is this ethical behaviour from a law firm?

Please assist!

Jan 14, 2019
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  • Ma
      Oct 14, 2019

    Good day, i am from Western Cape, SA...I am under debtreview, which order was emailed numerous times to MBD Attorneys as proof. the consultant told me she does not care about my debt review and she will not speak to my Debt Counseller. The Consultants are very rude and very annoying and REFUSE to understand when I tell them NOT TO PHONE ME AT WORK as I am not allowed to receive calls on the works landline and that they should contact me on my cell which I know is on their system, and they are now even harrasing my husband...I now had enough of the consultants from MBD...should I get another call from ANYONE at MBD I will lay a legal complaint against MBD... Debt Check can be contacted regarding my Debt Reviewr NOT ME. i have had enough now and the next phone call a legal complaint will be lodged and a case of harrasment will be lodged.

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