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MBDdaily sms to [protected] re tv licence [protected] for a jacobs

For the past year I have been receing a sms daily from MBD.
This TV licence does NOT belong to me. It belongs to a friend Albert Jacobs whom I assisted some 4 years ago to sort out his financial debt. At that stage he sold the TV set, to raise money. I do not know his whereabouts at all.
I am FJ Marais licence [protected], being paid by debit order from SABC.
I have phoned them & they undertook to harass me, but it still continues.
Please help me stop this annoying sms's
FJ Marais

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    Mar 08, 2018

    MBD Credit Solutions — customer service

    The JHB agents are rude with no manners and approach. I spoke to two female agents and they speak to you a...

    MBD Consultants and SABC — debt collection

    I was sent a letter saying I owe r447 to sabc tv licence reference [protected] Over the last two months I paid...

    MBD — poor service - not resolving my account

    Good day I have been in contact with MBD attorneys from 7 August 2017 with regards to my account. I have made...


    MBD Credit Solutiontelemarketer

    Vinola of MBD credit solutions, phone me and demand payments. She keep on talking and harass me on the phone. Please take note I am in the current position due to Pneumonia that I have picked up as I am having TB for a long period. I am recovering at home and don't need staff members working for MBD Credit Solutions to be treated this way. She just demand and tell me in no uncertain terms what will happen to me. This is rude! Hope the dear Lord put something on your way.

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      MBDtv licences and mbd

      How on earth do we get rid of the MBD's daily harassment regarding a television license that has already been paid.

      I phone the number [protected] for details. The number seems to connect to a call centre - the background is extremely noisy - I ask them to send me proof of outstanding amount - to date nothing. Just a continuous stream of incoming sms's and sometimes phone calls. PLEASE help me get rid of these people - or should I lay a charge of harassment?

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        • Cr
          Cristal Silva Aug 29, 2018
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          MBD credit solutions or whatever they are called.

          This "company" is calling my mother every single day on her mobile and landline, she is an elderly lady of 79 and has never had any accounts opened in the country, be it clothing accounts, mobile contract etc. However since she does not speak English, I take the calls and when I ask what the matter is about, due to the background noise and music (making it sound so legal) I cannot understand what is being said, I normally hang up or they hang up.

          Our DSTV account is paid through the bank monthly (debit) we always receive a proof of payment
          Our Insurance company is the same the money is debited from her bank account.

          People are unfortunately being scammed off their hard earned money and harassed into paying bills that either never existed or have been paid for already.

          Please ignore these calls or if you have any doubts or fears, get in touch with a lawyer or take legal action.

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        MBD Credit Solutions — harassing & spam smses

        I started receiving SMS's from this company a few weeks ago making unfounded/false statements. The SMS'...


        Transaction Capital Recoveries / MBD — tv licence harassment

        I am being harassed via sms almost daily for a tv licence that isn't mine. I have phoned numerous time...


        MBD Collectorsrude, unprofessional staff

        I received a call today from mbd's ever so rude consultants at 07:35, I answered the call and confirmed that i'm the actual person they are looking for, now that guy as he was busy reading the script I tried to stop him as I wanted him to call me at 09:30, he kept asking me to confirm my date of birth, I kept on saying hello, hello, hello to explain that I can't take his call now, but he ended reading out my date of birth to me, that's when I asked him to please call me at 09:30, never got a response from him, he just hung up on me and I know I will be charged for this bad services provided to me.. I will not pay for this charges whatsoever... Mbd get your consultants trained in a well-mannered way please for crying out loud!!!

        I had to call them back after receiving an sms that i've missed a payment which was due on the 02 july, I never arranged for any of that, I called one of the unprofessional, rude consultant who just didn't care of what I told him, I also mentioned to him that I will not be paying the r2168.50 as i'm not liable for those other charges made towards the balance I had received from transunion, they failed to follow up on the account, I had to go out of my way to find out what has been affecting my credit applications that's when transunion provided me with a credit report of which then stated that I have r1716 of which I then received a discount my balance was r1480.48 and that's what i'm willing to settle, after all the strings I pulled only then that's when I was bombarded with sms' from mbd, no calls nothing, i'm always going out of my way to follow up on this but nothing is being received from mbd except for them adding up charges on my balance for something that was never rendered to me... Please be advised that I never agreed on making any payment on the 02 july, I will not be settling r2168.50 for something never provided to me, r1480.48 is what I will be settling and that's that, the other remaining balances they will take it from their rude, unprofessional staff

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          MBD Collectionpathetic, incompetent service

          I'm not happy with the service provided at all, I settled one of my accounts through MBD however, it appeared that there's still one of my accounts outstanding accounts that still needed to be settled, I then got in contact with Nkosinathi who's always been very helpful, who advised that my Identity is still outstanding, he then on the 26th January 2017 provided me with a letter stating that I have R1850 for that account but I somehow received a discount the money I had to settle was R1480.48, telephonically we arranged that I pay the amount over a period of 2 months (R740), on the 28th February I got in contact in again with Nkosinathi advising him that I will have to reduce my instalment due to my Dad's health as he needed medication for his heart operation and it required R5000 he's a pensioner he could not afford unless I help him with the payment, the prompt response received from Nkosinathi was how much will I be able to pay monthly I asked him to make it R350, unfortunately I still did not manage to meet with the instalment as I'm still helping my Dad with his medical expenses. According to my knowledge I have R1480.48 that still needs to be settled and NOT R2153.93, I'm uncertain of how it came to this amount as I'm always the one getting in contact with MBD regarding the account and none of their consultants who are rude, who has bad attitude has ever made any contact with me, the last call I made to MBD was confirmation of payment that is still outstanding I was told that it's R2153.93, I repeatedly told that consultant that I WILL NOT BE PAYING THAT AMOUNT, the amount I will be settling is for R1480.48 and not more than that, with all these extra charges it's not going to be my problem as no communication was made out to me, I have to call and enquire every single time about the account.. Just to clear the air I will be settling the amount of R1480.48 and not R2153.93, MBD will have to settle the R673.45 on their own that is not my problem i will not pay for services not rendered to me, even if it means that I settle the R1480.48 over 6 months so be it.. I'm not happy at all with the service provided, please let your consultants be trained properly and leave their stinky attitude outside work.

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            • Updated by Juks · Jul 01, 2017

              My balance is increasing daily, I fail to understand why as there is no communication carried out here... Just so you know your PATHETIC agents are not doing their job as supposed to they will attempt on calling me as soon as I answer they hang up, when I try to return the call nobody answers, as mentioned before I'm not willing to pay for the extra charges against me... I have pulled a report from Transunion in May of which they advised that I have R1716 outstanding of which a discount was given to me I then had to settle R1480.48, I went out of my way to gather all this information whereby MBD failed to, but it's OK for them to keep on having additional payment against my name for the services never rendered to me, WITH THE MAIL SENT TO ME YESTERDAY THAT I NEED TO SETTLE R2153.91 I'M NOT GONNA BE PAYING THAT MUCH YOU SORTED OUT YOURSELVES, I DON'T MIND HAVING MY LAWYER TO DEAL WITH THIS HONESTLY, I'm not going to be held for your company's incompetency and bad attitude offered by your agents.. I'm going to say this ONE LAST TIME, I'M WILLING TO SETTLE THE R1480.48 I WAS ADVISED ON THAT'S IT... HOW YOU GETTING THE OTHER OUTSTANDING AMOUNT NOT MY PROBLEM, YOU CAN DEDUCT IT FROM YOUR RUDE, INCOMPETENT STAFF, NONE OF THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF THINGS WERE HANDLED ACCORDINGLY... JUST WANNA THANK TRANSUNION AND NKOSINATHI FOR THEIR PROMPT RESPONSE, WE REALLY DO NEED TO HAVE DETERMINED PEOPLE LIKE YOU IN THIS BUSINESS... MBD KEEP YOUR EMAILS SHOULD THERE BE ANY EXTRA CHARGES HELD AGAINST MY NAME, I'M NOT WILLING TO ENTERTAIN THAT, SO R1480.84 IS WHAT I'M SETTLING... YOUR CIRCUS YOUR MONKEYS ON HOW YOU RECEIVE THE OTHER R673.43 THAT AIN'T AND WILL NEVER BE MY PROBLEM, THOSE ADDITIONAL CHARGES ON MY BALANCES YOU WILL HONESTLY PAY THEM OFF.. THANK YOU

            MBD Credit Solutionsunethical behaviour

            This company is harassing me about a so called bad debt on a Telkom account. I have not had a Telkom line for or account for the past 6 years. This company sends me Sms daily and keeps on phoning me up to 3 times a day. They even phone my place of work. I have tried being friendly, rude and threatening with legal action. Not even an Affidavit seem to work.

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              MBD Credit Solutions / MBD Attorneys — Account/customer service

              Horrible service!!! Pathetic, incompetent staf[censored] My woolworths in store account was handed over to these...

              MBDUnauthorized charges

              I had an arrangement for a debit for the 29th December, i received an sms yesterday (22nd) stating that the debit order will go off on the 29th and that they will start tracking on the 23rd (today).
              1. No one explained to me what tracking means.
              2. The amount was debited on the 23rd instead of the 29th
              3. I saved that money for Christmas, my salary only gets deposited on the 29th.
              4. I spoke to an extremely RUDE lady at the call center (i don't recall her name) i asked to speak to her Supervisor but she refused and put the phone on the side, i could hear her typing and was literally screaming on the phone so that she can hear me and put me through her Supervisor. She kept on typing and ignored me so i hung up and called again and spoke to a different lady who was a bit more pleasant.
              5. I can't afford to go to the bank and reverse the transaction because I am at work. ALL my Christmas money with the family is gone.
              I would love for someone to explain to me what is the point of setting up a debit order for a specific date if it will be debited when they feel like it?????
              I am ANNOYED to the max and something needs to be done about this. MBD should employ competent people who are able to speak properly to people.

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                MBD — File unknown, so no help

                These so called attorneys are truly unbelievable. I have been in-between jobs for quite some time now and my...


                MBDPaid up truworths account that is not cleared

                I have settled my Truworths account in August 2016. I initially contact Truworths for a settlement amount and account details. I was surprised a month later when I was told that my account was in arrears. When I contacted Truworths I was told that the account has been handed over to MBD. I than made contact with MBD to notify them of the payment. I was told to send proof of payment. To date nothing has been done. I have been doing follow-up calls and speaking to different consultants. All I am told is to send the proof of payment to an email address where no oneever give a response. The only time I get a call from MBD is when they remind me that I owe. This has become a repetition of always been told to send proof of payment and a manager will call, but to date no manager has called.

                Everyday I get text messages and emails reminding me of the debt. I have tried several occasions to deal the matter with MBD but had no luck.

                Name: Portia Kgokong
                Cell: [protected]

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                  MBD Credit Solutions — Confirmation letter of paid up account.

                  Good day I had an account with Fashion Express which was handed over to MBD Credit Solutions. Earlier thi...


                  MBD Inc. — Settlement letter

                  I was out of work I couldn't pay my RCS credit card MBD Inc consulted me and we made agreement to pay my debt...


                  MBD Credit Solutions — Harassing sms

                  I started receiving SMS's from this company a few months ago. I eventually phoned them to ask what it...


                  MBD inc — truworths settlement letter

                  I paid my truworths acc with you long time ago and I was promised to get a settlement letter within a week...


                  MBDRefund request

                  I have accidentally paid amount of 4265 into the wrong account which was Mbd's account I phones them the next day where I chatted to mamushi jocobeth she emailed me a refund request form and asked me to attach my bank statement aswell as proof of payment and send it back to her that I did immediately currently I've been waiting more than 2 months for this money to be refunded Im not rich I have other bills to pay it took you a minute to take my money but to pay it back takes 2 months when I try to email and phone this girl she does not respond or is never available I reported you to the ombudsman this is freaking ridiculous and yet you know to stalk me when I did not pay my Woolies account now no one has the decency to pick op a god damn phone

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