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harassment at office on unknown debt

I am being harassed on a daily basis on my cellular number as well as my office. I am being rudely screamed...

paid up account cheque account, unethical behavior

I have a Standard Bank Account with MBD. I have made payments to them and requested settlement amounts. My...

Unethical Behaviour

We went through a financial crisis in 2013, and despite our attempting to make payment arrangements with Woolworths and Edgars, (long story), MBD Inc. landed up with these accounts? we were paying Edgars "at the time". A "Default" was even revealed on our Credit report? How could we successfully manage arrangements with FNB-home loan, Standard bank-vehicle and even Direct Axis-personal loan. Good question???
MBD Inc refuse our requests to supply us with documentation such as Statements of Account which I understand we are entitled to?
Until december we were paying via debit order. Then mid-December we receive an sms(of course we are being charged per sms monthly), that they are "tracking our payment". We have received this same sms every month and we have believed this "tracking" to be for their benefit. No clue to what it meant. UNTIL...
24 hours later, money is removed from our Bank Account by MBD Inc. We were beyond upset. Upon calling them they explained the TERM TRACKING. Where did MBD Inc. ever get authority to check the balance of our Bank Account. How did they get access? Is this a normal practice that consumers are not aware of????
UNTHINKABLE: We had kept this money available for the very fact that our Medical Aid Benefits had long since in the year been exceeded and we "NEEDED" the money to purchase Medication for myself. I have a severe inoperable Spinal C0ndition as well as an Auto Immune Disease which practitioners in SA are still trying to interpret. I REQUIRE MEDICATION. (we can supply documentation). MBD INC did not have a right to our money until the 25th of the month as per Debit Order. They were not concerned with our plight. Thank You Lord for family assistance.
We cancelled our Debit Orders immediately. Now we are being telephonically harassed by MBD Inc, despite our still not missing a payment. We now EFT them the money.
Our Account Number for Woolworths is [protected]
Our Account Number for Edgars is [protected]. We require accountability. They are not above the Law?
We need documentation and we pray you will guide us regarding their taking money from our account "without our permission".

Sent these people a paid up letter but they keep calling and emailing me

I have spoken to so many agents and sent a paid up letter to so many people but not even 1 of them updated...

Paid up letter regarding my Truworths Account

I am so frustrated regarding the service that I have been receiving from the company Munnik Basson Dagama...

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rude & inconsiderate

I keep getting calls from consultants here and now they have pushed the bar, I got a call from them on 08/02/2012 on my cell and on my work number. I did not authorize them or anyone to call me on my work number. My work is my work and they should respect that and not involve my personal stuff at work, they have no right to do that. I phoned them back to ask them not to use my work number but the consultant I spoke to was very rude and shouted at me, which I shouted back at her. Its actually none of the consultants business how my finances are and when I decide to do what with my hard earned money, these people have no empathy and no sense of understanding, all they care about is making commission and they force people to commit to things they can at the time. If I get Black listed, that should be my problem, not theirs. Please train your consultants to speak with consumers properly and respect people's privacy & requests.

settlement letters

I have been liasing with thesee attorneys since August and i am not getting any joy. i have sent more than 50...

Threat to hand over

I received a letter from MBD Inc (Munnik Basson Dagama Inc.) stating that I must pay an amount of R23000 in a FNB account for credit card arrears. Failing to do so will lead to further action from them. Upon investigation I found that it was a credit card and amount in 1997. I was again phoned today by a representitive of the same company on my cell phone, which number I did NOT revealed to them. (Nor my ID Nr) The person was quite arrogant and said he give me time untill tomorrow, and then want to know how I intend the way forward.
More difficult is that their is nobody specifict to talk to and phone calls show as unknown numbers. They could not explain why this came up after fourteen years .
I will appreciate advice as this could possibly lead to blacklisting which will have a serious affect on my business.
Thank you in advance

  • Ga
    gabbyferre Sep 06, 2011

    MBD buy old Creditors Books from Companies.
    These Creditors Books are often Lapsed. ie your not legally bound to pay up as its been written off.
    MBD seek to trace and track anyone who owes monies to any particular Entity then add on their commissions.
    Whether they in fact hand this money upon receipt over to the Entity concerned remains to be another story.
    They Bully, Intimidate, harass and Extort by threatening letters and sms messages.
    Let them go through the process of Issuing Summons. IE Let them sue you. 10 to 1 they wont.
    In any event they have no legal wright to Claim as the amounts are more than likely Lapsed and written off in terms of your Consumer rights.
    The law is that if nobody advises you after one year that you owe them money by way of an invoice or Statement, then it falls away and your not leggaly bound to pay this.
    IGNORE MBD. Report them for Harrasment, Intimidation, Extortion, possession of private and personal info.
    Complain to the Office of the Credit Ombudsman..Maanie Van Schalkwyk
    Also to the Council of Debt Collectors
    And also go and lay a charge of harrasment and intimadtion at your Local SAPS.

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  • Jo
    joseph thubane Nov 19, 2019

    I have paid my account with Identity in full I'm asking mbdc to send me settlement letter my details are as follows ;; Joseph Thubane, Id 6912145398087, email address [email protected]

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Collection of prescribed debts

Munnik Basson Dagama Lawyers are harrasing me on a prescribed debt of 2004/2005. To the best of my knowledge, I do not have any outstanding debts at ABC Shoes which ceased to exist in 2004/2005. ABC shoes or Edcon, the company that took it over, never contacted me about outstadning debts. Now, in 2011, the rude Munnik Basson Dagama lawyers are threatening to put me under administration, take a judgment against me and garnish my salary for the money. They will not listen to my side of the story, they actually forced me to make settlement arrangements. How disgusting, unprofessional and mean can they be? What kind of law practitioners are they? I wonder which law school did they go to, or to that matter, if they really are qualified lawyers? No suitable qualified lawyer will ever try to collect on a prescribed debt!!!

phoned about a debt 11 years old

MDB call centre phoned us on Friday 26 Feb 2010 about a cell Contract we had in 1999, although we did pay off this debt, I don't keep receipts for 11 years. I've faxed (according to the reception there is only 2 fax nr in the whole MDB - they were down for more than 3 hours) and e-mailed ( the first time the receptionast gave me the wrong e-mail addresses) the formal prescription through to them. When I phoned this morning to hear if this was sorted out, The Call centre phone rang for more than 5 min( 2 times) the thrid time they picked up the phone and I could hear the voices in the back groud, but no-one spoke to me. I then spoke to the Call centre Manager, how told me the qry is not opened yet and I need to wait till they'll phone me. I told her I need to finalize this and she told me again I need to wait. I asked to speak to her manager and she refused and put the phone down. Since then I can't reach her.

rude and unprofessional

I received a call from MBD at 18h15 today (23 Feb 2010), the first call came through, and I couldn't hear the person on the other end, the second call came through, I could hear her but the call dropped, on the 3rd occasion, the reception was much better. The consultant's name was Thobile, she was very rude and unproffessional, I tried to explain to her that I have a networkreception problem at my house, but I couldn't even get a single word in, she was shouting at me and accusing me of having dropped the line, she asked me very rudely 'when are you going to pay?',

If this is the attitude we are getting from debt collectors, then how does MBD ever plan to recover any of their debts. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she told me in a very rude and bad tone, that if that's what I want, then I should call back. I'm very disappointed at this. MBD should re-look their strategy, if they are hoping to get people to pay this way, they might end up chasing debtors away and not being able to meet their targets.

identity account

ive been paying my identity account through the lawyers munnik basson dagama and i finished paying them and i...

Stay away

I had an account with Truworths that I last paid more than 3 years ago. I tried to settle the account in 2008 with no luck because Truworths and the law firm at the time could not give me any details. I start getting calls in 2010 about the account, 3 years later. I tried to make arrangements to pay with no success. I evently was able to pay the full outstanding amount in September, as per the telephonic conversation.

I heard nothing for about 2 weeks and didn't receive any letters about the matter. All of a sudden I'm called again and told there is an outstanding amount of almost R500 still to be paid for calls regarding the account. I'm not informed that the lines are recorded, who the person is or who they are calling from. They are now harrassing me and I'm going to report this firm to the legal BAR as they are performing ilegal actions.

I've been promissed 4 times in the last month that a Query Manager will contact me and no one has done so. With this, they are adding into this "bill" I have my proof that this account is settled and have had enough now. I'm on the verge of taking legal action against this firm.

  • Sj
    S.J.B Nov 01, 2010

    Hi, I’ve got the same problem here! Please file your complaint with hxxp:// as well so they can respond to this matter. is a complain board for all local SA companies. Good luck…

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  • De
    Demmella Jun 20, 2011

    I've paid my Edgars account in full last year (2010). Edgars have delisted me from ITC. I'm now receiving letters from Munik Basson Dagama that I owe N$300, what for??? I've tried several times to query, call their switchboard and when you get put through, that's where the call ends. I'm not getting through to anyone and I dont understand why I still owe them. One thing for sure, Edgars wouldnt have send a paid up letter to ITC provided this N$300 stil reflected on their system. I'm angry, I'm disapointed and I'm not paying any extra penny...

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my 9 year old daughter would be able to do a more effective job then they do

This is now the 4th call I have had from this company. How they are able to keep operating with the attitude they have towards the people they call is beyond me. I am barely able to understand a word their operators say, they are extremely abusive and expect me to give my ID number to them when I see private number on my phone. as soon as this has happened each and every time the abuse and threats start, I have asked I don't know how many times for their telephone number so I can in fact confirm they are in fact who they claim to be and yet again further abuse and threats. I'm sure that my 9 year old daughter would be able to do a more effective job.

In my opinion I wonder where you got the permission to call yourself attorneys from, I think *** would be more appropriate.

FNB, I think you should be more careful in your selection of who you use in future.

really guys, you need to do something about your service

This is related to my previous complaint for MBD attorney. Really guys, you need to do something about your service. I paid off my woolworths loan account AND got a letter from yuo stating it was paid off. To my horror, I get an SMS From you saying I owe R211.04. What on earth os your problems? I have had it with you!!!

  • Nt
    ntombenhle Feb 17, 2016

    My name is ntombenhle mkhwanazi my id number is 7507180325038. I have a account with foschini and I never paid long time ago .And some other day the lady called me about you discount and we made that agreement of paying R266.18 per month for three months then after that I finished. The debit order was started at the end of January 2016 and the money was collected by the 29/01/2016.The problem is now I received a calls every day from MBD LC they say I did not pay for that account. So I'm confused because at the same time I receive an sms it says .MBD LC THANKS YOU FOR THE PAYMENT MADE ON YOUR FOSCHINI ACC. TO PAY BY DEBIT ORDER REF NO IS ;0278000498472468 . So really im confused can u please help me about this

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incompetent and rude call center staff

This morning was the last straw. I am done with mvd’s call centre staff that has no manners. This is crazy. I missed a payment last month because I did not have money!!! I am a single parent and struggle to get somewhere in life. Then you get incompetent call centre staff that treats you like a criminal if you miss a payment. I am done with you. If your staff can’t talk to me with respect, then they should not call me. Your staff are rude, it’s not like I didn’t pay for a year. I missed one month!!! Maybe you should send your staff on courses to teach them how to work with people (Clients) not dog’s!!!

stay away from them

After lodging my first complaint, I received a telephone call from MBD regarding my Standard bank credit card account, which was settled in full in 2005. I have confirmed with Standard bank and Sterling that this account has been settled. This account was never handed over to MBD, but was settled with Sterling. What does MBD have to do with it? It has been 4 years ago since it was settled.

I am still waiting for feedback regarding my Woolworths account which I would like to settle. All I want is a full statement of my account.

  • Mi
    Missy Masoga Oct 14, 2018

    I am very upset with mbd, i was informed that my account will be handed over to mbd, i was notified of the amount i needed to pay
    . I therefore settled the amount requested. After a month, mbd is now sending me messages and calling me to pay my account. This is harassment as based on my knowledge, my account was settled.

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  • Ls
    L Snyman Oct 31, 2018

    I have received a sms on the 22nd of October. I phoned a consultant today and told her Ive never signed for a RCS document. I ask her who gave me over to the attournies and where is the orginal document to proof where I signed for it. She couldnt answer me. I dont know what to

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  • Lo
    Louise Heyneke Aug 24, 2019

    Call you for debt already paid!! They are calling 8-10 times a day, this is during working hours. Can't someting be done? I am sure this is not legal. Now they black list you as well?? Where do they stop?? Emails is not helping as they clearly do not read them.

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  • Ke
    KEaM Oct 08, 2019

    Woolworths handed over by woolworths, i made an arrangement to settle my account. MBD debited R900 from my account in March and stopped debiting me. Now in September I receive a call that I owe R1400. You are now telling me its the interest I owe the client. Thats bullshit

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  • Ja
    Jason goeieman Oct 19, 2019

    Hi my name is Mr jb goeieman my id number is 7208265179087 I request a statement of my Standard Bank account my email is [email protected]

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