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MBD Attorneys / settlement letters

1 South Africa Review updated:

I have been liasing with thesee attorneys since August and i am not getting any joy. i have sent more than 50 emails and they are just not budging. i have settled one account with them and they do not want to issue me wih a confirmation letter for my record and another account they are just delaying and interest is growing on it. the people i have been liasing with are Faith Khanyi [], Kaayama Cozyn [], Zukiswa Mhlobo []

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  • Nt
      25th of Apr, 2012
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    I have a problem with MBD I paid up my Woolworth's acc I was told by the then consultant that it is paid up and she will send me a letter clearing my name I never received the letter and I never complained some years later I was called by an MBD consultant who told me that the was little money left in that account and over the years it grew into 955 I told them that's not my acc I won't give them even * cent from my money now finished paying a virgin active account and I'm requesting a letter but I haven't received it even now instead they tell me my name is at credit bureau for Woolworth's really frustrated as I know the same will happen again

  • Ku
      25th of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Gooday my name is Kutlwano David Mathele:
    ID number 7803095414082, cell number 0836853289
    physical address 10 Winchester Gardens, bosvleir street, Winchester Hills.

    There is a debit order of R1000 for Ref : MBDC:78000281739248161024 yesterday from apparently me still owing Virgin Active Glenvista money.


    Initially when they called I originally authorised the debit order as they threatened to blacklist me, then my later suspicion led me to PERSONLY go to the Virgin Active branch in Glenvista JHB to enquire. The receptionists called Virgin Active head office and it was confirmed that I actually don’t owe Virgin Active a cent. In fact I settled my account In March. I immediately called this MBDLC company to tell them I don’t owe a cent, they told me Virgin Active must send a letter releasing me of this debt.

    I also physically went to my FNB branch at The Glen Mall and enquired if I can cancel that debit order. The lady assisting me at the bank confirmed that this debit order will not go through, NO MATTER WHAT! I’m disappointed, because this debit order did go through.

    I’m sending this email to Virgin Active and FNB as well because I expect them to deal with MBDLC .Please reverse this debit order and note I don’t owe Virgin Active and MBDC any money.


  • Sz
      8th of Aug, 2017
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    I settle my account at mbd for Mr price at the 2nd ofAugust 2017 the consultant said I must wait for 2-3dayz to receive my statement by Email bt it almost 5 dayz now and I'm still waiting for dat email. My ID Number is 8907160697080 cell no 0711028222 and email

  • Re
      29th of Nov, 2017
    +1 Votes

    Good Day
    Am still waiting for my updated statement to settle my Truworths account my ref : 0278000574996463 kindly attend to the matter its urgent.
    My email :

    MBD Attorneys you guys must to do something about your service we cant keep on calling, sending emails and no one attends or at least acknowledge our inquiries your service is really really poor.

  • Me
      19th of Feb, 2018
    +2 Votes

    Anybody waiting for confirmation letters - stop waiting. they are con artists that try and get more and more money from you. stop paying them and ask for the latest statement as well as a copy of the letter from (whomever you owed money to), requesting them to "take action" against you. they cannot provide that, so why pay. I refuse to pay, or even take calls from them. I have listed them on true caller as a spam and they should be treated as such. [censor] and spam in equal measures.

  • Ts
      14th of Mar, 2018
    +2 Votes

    I was called by a very rude consultant today. Who insists i owe vodacom 19 000, this is not the first time i get this called, after my account was debited twice.

    Because i was telling the consultant i do not have an account vodacom and started asking me where would the information coming from..I mean, you call me and you ask me where you got the information??Ridiculous!!!She started screaming over the phone and i hanged up..

  • Th
      9th of May, 2018
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    Good day,

    I am really in a dilemma with these MBD attorneys, I have been requesting the settlement letter for a Virgin Active account that was settled about 12 years ago without any luck and have been taken from pillar to post. This i only discovered when i tried to join one of their gyms in Jabulani. Can someone please assist as I need to get on with my contact no: 0847772590.


  • Be
      30th of May, 2018
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    Good Morning,

    I requested a paid up letter on the 28th of May 2018, I settled my account at MBD for Woolworths. The consultant said to me paid up letter it will take 1 to 2 day to receive by email, now it's 3 days. I phoned yesterday even this morning MBD consultant they put me onhold after fews minutes they hang up. Ref:7800056188316180525 kindly send paid up letter to my


  • Fa
      4th of Jun, 2018
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    Good morning

    I have requested (5times) statements from MBD Attorneys and still waiting. They keep on phoning me to pay the account. I called African Bank and was told the account was written off their side. Now I'm being told by MBD that they bought the loan over from African Bank (also requested that letter between African Bank and MBD Attorneys) I've requested a statement from MBD Attorneys to give me an indication the interest I'm being charged and why I'm still paying when it was written off. Not sure how this works as I took out a loan from African Bank and not with MBD Attorneys. This morning 4th of June 2018, I again received a call from MBD and again requested a statement. After repeating myself to the, I think, 3rd or 4th consultant re waiting on a statement, he says goodbye and puts the phone down.

    I can be contacted via email:

  • Ge
      15th of Jun, 2018
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    Somebody please assist this company has been harassing me for the last 2 weeks regarding a standard bank tjeck account of 15 -16 years ago, phones standard bank and they don't have anything on this account. Asked MBD for the statement of this account they can't provide it. Im am going to make a case at SAPS regarding this. I cant even remember this account.

    Assistance would be appreciated.


  • Le
      30th of Oct, 2018
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    @Gerhard82 If it's more than 3 years ago, even if there was debt outstanding, it has prescribed. Tell them that, then ignore them.

    What I usually do (I work at a law firm - not MBD - is tell MBD to issue summons. They won't sue, because if they issues summons on prescribed debt, you can go to court and get a cost order against them (prescription is a valid legal defense). :)

  • Ma
      25th of Aug, 2018
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    Who is also getting harassed, victimized and intimidated by MBD to pay SABC license that I do not watch. It's their job too block their miserable channels due to upgrading from analogue to digital. It's against my belief to sponsor the Anc. I receive a 0 salary - can submit the proof and all they do is wasting it on Hlaudo Motsaneng and eating KFC. I don't have property, I don't have a car, I don't get a salary - so with what must I pay this exactly?
    so what about the other millions not paying? Who can help please

  • Ju
      22nd of Sep, 2018
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    @Marlize13 This mbd it's been two years now deducting 600 on my account without sending me statement what must I do

  • Zi
      29th of Aug, 2018
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    I have a problem with MBD . I Paid up my account for standard bank and the consultant told me I would get a settlement letter. I have never received this settlement letter and I'm still being harassed about outstanding payments when I've paid this account already!

  • Bp
      17th of Sep, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Melany Katheen Freeks, (MBD)

    Your company are still harrasing my everyday with sms's.

    1. I don't own a TV and as such also refuse to pay for a licence. I is my choice not to own a TV and nobody can force me to own one.
    2. Why should I go to a police station to get an avidavit? You want to proof that I don't own a TV, then send an inspector out.
    3. I refuse to own a TV watching SABC's proganda and the rubbish that they put on.
    4. Either stop harrassing me or take me to court.
    5. You are welcome to phone me.

    Regards B Pretorius

  • Sh
      16th of Oct, 2018
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    MBD has incompetent, unprofessional staff that render horrendous service! Have spent hundreds of rands on phone calls and sent daily emails (ave 3-5 per day) to get a settlement letter for months, to no avail. It beats me how financial institutions like Standard Bank can associate with these types of firms. No wait, I know! Same unsavoury, incompetent and unprofessional bunch!

  • Us
      28th of Oct, 2018
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    Service - none existing
    Professional competent call centre staff - a joke
    What a joke, they can not issue a person with detailed statement. (basic accounting)
    Do no know where these clowns come from

  • Le
      30th of Oct, 2018
    +1 Votes


    Hi everyone!

    I have read all the comments and I am so sad for everyone having to go through this.

    The best advise I can give is make sure you know your rights. If you had any kind debt with any company, please make sure you know when that debt prescribed. As a rule, if no action is taken by the company owed, the debt expires after 3 years and nothing further can be done. There are exceptions (like court orders and TV licenses), but normal debt like loans or credit agreements or gym memberships or arrears accounts etc. expire after exactly 3 years. It's called prescription and you can look it up - there's a Prescription Act.

    Don't let these horrible people bully or intimidate you. It doesn't matter if they bought the debt (meaning it was ceded to them). If it's more than 3 years ago, they have zero right to claim it. They know this, so this is why they try to bully people into paying it.

    Other tips I can give:

    1. If the debt prescribed, tell them it has prescribed. If they argue, they must prove that it hasn't. Insist on proof;
    2. Turn the tables on them in every way you can - ask for proof of everything. If they phone again, without having sent it, ask for it again and state that you will not do anything until you have received it.
    3. ALWAYS insist on a DETAILED STATEMENT (meaning that every single charge is accounted for);
    4. Wherever possible, refuse to deal with MBD, and deal with the original service provider directly;
    5. If MBD continues to harass you, tell them that you will lay a complaint at the law society - they are a firm of attorneys and are governed by the various law societies.
    6. Try to stall for as long as you can. Very soon (March 2019) there will be an Ombudsman for legal services, who will be able to deal with these complaints in the same way that other Ombuds do.

    MBD are cowards (like all bullies) and usually back off when they realise you know your rights. Hang in there!

  • Mt
      23rd of Nov, 2018
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    I have also received communication from them since August, my MTN contract was cancelled and my last payment was due, I went to ABSA and paid my account directly to MTN stating my cellular number as reference. Then MBD started hassling me and I have sent proof of payment of my MTN last installment 10 times to and today they called again said they never received it and the system shows nothing, so the amount keeps accruing. Very unhappy with MTN and will never take any contracts from them.

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