Maytag Toploaderservice repair who they contract with them.

Contact may tag on Thursday about problem with my washer. They made the appointment for repair company to come out . Three days later the repair company calls and cancelled the appointment and said may tag order the part and will send it to my home and then I am to call for new appointment . I received a part, just the day before my original cancelled appointment and they made another appointment for another week. Mean While my washer full of water with clothes and they have not even looked at the thing to make sure that part really is what wrong the machine. Then I was pissed cause I don't thing what their guessing is wrong with it. Then I have to wait even longer. I called may tag and of course the apologize but could not even do anything cause the computer have been down all day. I realized they warranty answering service is not even in our state . What happen to their repairmen and why are they in our state? Who going to pay for my clothes that will be smelling of mold and who going to pay for my time to go to laundry mat while I am waiting for repair service . Two weeks have to go by and probably have to wait longer because it probably is right part. It first may tag I brought and it's just over a month old. I was under the impression may tag was good name I guess I might be. Wrong . At least when I got Sears brand I did not have to wait a week and they looked at machine and got the part with in the hour if the did have it on their truck right at parts place around the corner from my house.

  • Maytag Customer Care's Response, Jan 13, 2017

    Hello, Virginia. My name is Melanie and I work for Maytag. We are truly sorry to learn of your appliance concerns and we can try to help. We ask that you sent your model with serial number, address, and phone number to [protected] Please include your ID (Virginia Carter ) and record number (100104) so we are able to locate your file. Thank you.

Jan 11, 2017

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