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Maytag / Neptune Washer / poor quality product!

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I bought a Maytag Neptune Front Load washer Model# MAH8700AWW in May of 2006 for $913.00, it is September 13, 2007 and I am having to pay $409.40 (Parts, shipping, labor and taxes) to replace the control board and the door lock assembly. (The washer stopped mid cyle and the door would not open.) The control board burned up and damaged the door lock assembly.

I called Maytag and was told that my washer only had a 1 year warranty and that expired and that Maytag does not offer an extended warranty for this washer. (Wonder why? Hmmm) After going through the entire spill about that I paid $913.00 for the washer in May of 2006 and that it is ridiculous that I am having to pay to have something so expensive replaced. (The control board is $375.00, the door assembly is $99.00.) They offered me a 6 month service contract, which would pay for the repair if the same thing happened again, after I paid for the repair. I then told them that was not sufficient so they offered me a 1 year service contract. Again, what good would that do me if the control board burns up again 15 months later. I then asked if they could at least pay 50% of the repair costs and after some time they agreed to give me a 50% discount on parts, which I had to order and have delivered to my house. I took that after realizing that was the best I was going to get. Without that discount I would have had to pay $634.38 for the repair which is over half of what I paid for the washing machine in the first place.

I would not ever suggest that you buy a Maytag anything!!! They obviously do not stand behind there products, but then again when their products are made in other countries I guess it's stands to reason.!! (My washer was made in Korea by LG!)

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  • Be
      8th of Dec, 2007
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    I have the same washer - just 2 days ago heard about a recall. Am trying to find out all details but can't contact Maytag until Monday. What is the recall? Shouldn't a recall be taken care of 100% to customer's satisfaction.

  • Je
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    we bought that neptune washer and dryer when it first came out..only lasted 7 years..spent 1500 at first..replaced two computer boards and door lock and then the drum bearing went rid of it after that..there was a class action law suit towards that washer..what finally happened was we received a 250 certificate towards a new washer..went back to the old style top load and have not had a problem. I was told by a maytag rep that the life expectancy for washer now are only 7 years because everything in electric now

  • Ja
      14th of Feb, 2011
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    We have the same washer, I brought it used, what a mistake that was. This washer is terrible it vibrates violently and it is not getting an E3 error everytime you try to wash. I was told the contol board was replaced and to make sure you are using the washer on a concrete floor. I guess I was taken advantage of with this terrible machine.

  • Br
      11th of Nov, 2011
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    I have a neptune washer and as of the last 2 yrs have had nothing but problems finally got them to replace the motor and the control panel, and now my machine will not spin out all of the water. The repair person told me I needed to get cement board.and put down on top of my carpet to make the machine level. My seal was full of mold according to my repairman.
    I have had 2 set of Maytag machines since I have been married this is the 3rd and the worst investment I have ever made. SO DISAPPOINTED. i HATE THIS MACHINE

  • Un
      9th of Jan, 2012
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    We have the same washer - Maytag Neptune MAH8700AWW. The worst purchase ever! It has no filter to prevent coins and debris from going behind the rubber gasket, into the outflow, and into the pump! We have paid over $1000 in repairs! We want our money back!!

  • An
      15th of Feb, 2012
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    We have had the same terrible problems with our Maytag Neptune as well. We purchased the extended warranty and went through more than 6 weeks of a series of repairs, including the motherboard, locking mechanism, heater and motor. This was the second time it had to be worked on. Now, it won't drain water in the spin cycle, and we found that quarters were slipping in and grinding down the fins on the water pump. So we have to replace the water pump ($160 part) and the beaters in the washer drum (3 at $30 each). We could have had a good used machine at that price, and of course the warranty is expired. I noticed when they repaired it last time that it wasn't pumping out the water like it used to, and that one of the beaters was loose. I didn't realize the problem though and I was so sick of them coming to repair that I let it go until it was too late to be covered under warranty!!

  • Ho
      2nd of Jan, 2013
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    Hate my Maytag Neptune MAH8700- it vibrates all over the floor, could never use max extract(it probably would have came unplugged, I have the second computer board going on it, they think :.. won't spin out hardly at all, clothes come out soaking and some loads run for 3-4 hrs before its done(clothes still wet).. $300 to replace board, but dont even know if that includes labor(probably not), I have had this machine for 7yrs. Was told maytag was made by samsung for a couple years and that is the problem..Why didn't they recall them then???!!! These machines were not cheap! I don't even want to stick money into repairs, I just want it gone... going back to top load!!

  • Jo
      17th of Jan, 2013
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    I have the same issues with the E3 error - the repairs were going to cost in excess of $600, and that may not include the cost of a new board - another $300! Can anyone tell me if there is a class action suit or a push for a recall so we can get reimbursed for repairs? I am mad, this is crazy. The vibration issues is another problem, sounds like Maytag owes us all a new washer.

  • Ha
      18th of Jul, 2013
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    Purchased Maytag Neptune Model PMAH8700AWW back in 2007. Paid over $1000 back then and thought that I would not have to call the repairman for many years. Well it has only been 6 years and the "mother board" is broke. The repairman cannot even get the part as they are "out of stock." The cost to repair would be and additional $555.00. The fact that the part is out of stock, what does that tell ya? I am throwing in the towel and going to purchasing another washer and another brand!!! P.S. repairman said that this model had recalls and numerous complaints and from what I am reading on the internet, he is telling the truth. Very disappointed with this purchase!

  • Ma
      2nd of Aug, 2013
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    I have been repairing appliances for 25 yrs, 14 of them as a "maytag Man" I am qualified to say that if you own a model MAH8700 & have a problem with it, don't even waste 85.00 on a diagnosis. Scrap it. This machine went from the drawing board to retail with no testing & the consequences were immediate. Maytag wouldn't "stand by" it because they were in their dying throes when it came out. (Samsung built it in Korea in it's entirety) and Whirlpool (the company that bought out Maytag) wants nothing to do with it. Neither do service technicians. The E3 error so common to this machine is virtually impossible to isolate without part swapping. The culprits in this case cost about $300.00 each and have about a 50% chance each of being the problem. If the technician is wrong, he eats the cost and it winds up costing him money to fix YOUR machine. For that reason, I will not touch one of these things except to clean out a drain pump or replace the tub boot.

  • Ki
      8th of Oct, 2013
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    I bought this washer and paid 1110.00 for it. Worst purchase I have ever made! Coins break the fins on the water pump. I continuously check all pockets, but it seems that somehow I miss a coin!! We have had 5 pumps on this washer!! 2 or 3 of the pumps was under the extended warrant. We have purchased two pumps after warranty! Is there not something to catch a coin prior to reaching the pump?

  • Da
      22nd of Feb, 2014
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    I read these comments and wonder it just re-enforces my belief that it is always a good idea to consult Consumer' Reports for reliability data and recommendations for any purchase over $200.I bought one of these washers second hand, and am taking it apart to fix a washer that fills the house with smoke and a burnt rubber smell, and a "noisy" machine. What I find is a torn door seal, abraded plastic tub lip, one of the 3 pump fins broken, bad tub bearings (the likely cause of the damaged door seal, and abraded tub lip). The door seal is $75-$100, , apparently one cant buy a new impeller for the pump but must buy the whole pump assembly with motor and mounting base for $100...

    Maytag has really done their reputation irreparable damage. I will not purchase any Maytag products going forward. I vote with my money, and corporate business practices embracing outsourcing with no concern for the people that depend on US jobs to raise their families, and on top of that, produce garbage that we get to spend our reduced incomes on. For shame Whirlpool.,

  • Me
      1st of Mar, 2014
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  • Su
      5th of Apr, 2014
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    Am I the only one who doesn't have a complaint? I purchased my Neptune Washer and Dryer in 2006 too but I LOVE MINE!! I have not had ANY major issues with either one them. Sure, I replaced a pumped in mine because one of my husbands guitar picks chewed up the fins, but really that's my fault. I heard something clunking around in the pump but didn't get to it quick enough. Took me a total of 10 minutes to replace. Now, if I hear something clunking around in there, I take the 5 minutes out of my time to get it out of there?! I am getting an E3 code now. I wouldn't doubt the motor is bad. 8 yrs of doing laundry every other day...sometimes heavy loads...well that happens. You have to take into consideration, just as with the motor or transmission in your car...if you are constantly towing heavy things behind it, eventually your transmission or motor may go. ESPECIALLY without normal maintenance. I just purchased a motor for it...sure, it isn't cheap but I know how to turn a wrench, so I will be installing the new one myself. NOTHING is made like it used to be! HELL! My mother had a Maytag washing machine for 25 yrs with no issues. NOTHING is quality made anymore...I don't care if you paid $5000 for your washer and will eventually have an issue or two with it.

  • An
      23rd of Jun, 2014
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    I unfortunately have this washer as well... about every couple months the washer will not drain and every couple months, my husband takes it apart to extract the coins from the pump. This is despite our efforts to ensure there are no coins in our pockets. Insanity! We keep a shop vac permanently in the laundry room because the repairs are so frequent. These were not inexpensive so we've been living with it for about 6 years now. Not sure what we'll do when we finally break down and replace -- I'm certain we wont buy Maytag or Whirlpool.. I do understand Maytag was in transition however Whirlpool should have done something here. Aren't most of the appliances the same manufacturer for the most part?? Whirlpool/LG/Maytag/Kenmore?? Not sure about GE & Samsung. Guess I need to do my homework a little better next time around.

  • Er
      7th of Jul, 2016
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    I own the same Maytag Neptune washer bought in 2006 its not 2016. 9 years we loved this machine. No problems ever. Within the last year however, I have extracted coins from the pump 4 times. The second time they broke the impellers off the pump. The pump being jammed up burnt the control board. New control board on eBay $79.00. New Pump on eBay $34.00. But since then I've gotten the "nd" (Not Draining) error code twice and have found coins in the pump. My question is why 9 years with no coins in the pump and now all of a sudden 4 times in one year?
    Is there a filter that has been catching the coins or keeping them in the drum that had gone bad? in those first nine years we did periodically find coins in the drum but none that had passed through to the pump. Any insight here would be helpful! Still love the machine BTW!

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