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Maytag & Maytag Dependability Plus / dont buy maytag or their extended warranty

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My complaint is against Maytag and Maytag Dependability Plus (the extended warranty). I bought a Maytag washer in November 2003, I then bought the extended warranty thru Maytag Dependability Plus in November 2004. In February 2005 I had to call for service because my machine was making a horrible screeching sound and water was leaking out of the front of the machine. The maytag repairman came out to fix the problem. Then in November of the same year I had to call again for the same problem, well it turned out to be an ongoing problem. I would call when it screeches, they would come out and lubricate it, that lubrication would last about a month or two then I would have to call them again, well this happened over and over again. I have called them for this problem about 6 times. The last time they had a technician from a local appliance repair shop (I guess all the lonely Maytag repairmen were busy) Well he knew exactly what the problem was immediately and said he would have to order parts. Maytag Dependability Plus called me back a few days later to let me know that I have reached my service limit, meaning that the service calls have now exceeded the amount I paid for the washer and they would not provide any more service to me unless I paid for it. Well this floored me because I thought that was the reason I bought the extended warranty in the first place so if something does go wrong with the washer I would be covered. NO, thats not right. So, I said OK then obviously I must have bought a "lemon" and we can go about it that way. NO, in order for it to be a "lemon" they must have repaired the same problem three times. I argued that they have been here at least 6 times for the same problem and their argument was they haven't "repaired" it three times, they only lubricated it. So now my washer has completely seized up, my floors are flooded and I had to go out and buy a new washer as this argument has been going on for over two months now, and all over a washer that lasted 3 years!

Maytag and Maytag Dependability Plus does not care about their customers at all.

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  12th of Sep, 2007
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I bought a dependable Maytag washer 3 1/2 years ago. My extended warranty was also with Maytag Dependability Plus. After a year they had to install a new transmission and two weeks ago after a flood in my laundry room they informed me it would be too expensive to repair and they are "buying me out" for $142.00 (wow). The only recourse I have is to go to court and that ofcourse is too expensive. They know know that no one will take them to court so that is how they get away with doing what they wish. So after 3 1/2 years I too have to purchase a new washer. So much for the dependable Maytag. I want to scream everytime I see the Maytag repairman comercial on TV. No wonder he is bored, he doesn't have to repair broken Maytags.

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