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Maytag Dishwasher / maytag's customer service is awful!

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I am now 3 weeks without use of my Maytag dishwasher because it has been recalled for starting house fires. It seems that there is a breach in the rinse agent something or other, and the liquid was leaking onto wires. You know, the whole electrical/liquid thing? Not good.

So, I called the day that I got my recall notice in a Consumer Reports email. I was told on 3/2/07 that my repair parts would arrive within one week. Then I should schedule the repair with a local dealer.

At the end of week two, I called again, and I couldn’t get through to a live person for 5 minutes because I was forced through their automated reporting service again. Of course at the end of this time, I was steaming and further frustrated because this call happens to be on a Saturday, 3/17/07, and Maytag didn’t bother to staff up their dishwasher recall line on the weekend, despite the fact that this dishwasher recall affects 2 million+ customers.

I had sent a couple emails to Maytag over the previous week asking where my parts are, and nobody on email customer service had any idea. So I emailed again expressing my displeasure with this situation and requesting a phone call back. The return call came on Tuesday, 3/20/07, 18 days after being told that my parts would arrive within one week, and I was told that the parts are back-ordered.

On 3/23/07, I called the dishwasher repair line again. Sharon took all my info and said that I wasn’t in their system despite calling and reporting this problem twice. She said there has been no parts back-order, and she expedited shipping of the parts to me.

So, Maytag has been lying to me for 3 weeks and somehow they lost my repair record in their system despite confirming it by mail 2 weeks ago. I am at the 3-week mark, starting week four tomorrow, washing dishes by hand and frustrated as all hell at Maytag. I didn’t make the decision to put shoddy parts in my dishwasher when it was assembled. So, I am waiting as fast as I can, my frustration slowly burning.

Maytag’s customer service is awful, and their repair man is no longer lonely.

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  • Ka
      25th of Apr, 2007
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    I agree with you about the Maytag Recall. After calling and being told my parts would be sent out in about a week, and then receiving a letter from them saying I should either received the parts or they would be arriving shortly I waited another 3 weeks for them to arrive. I called the service person when they came and they came within two days to fix the machine. Unfortunately when they were replacing the parts the control panel broke which he said wasn't uncommon so now I have to wait again for Maytag to send me those parts. The repairman said this recall has been a real pain in the you know what. I suppose it will be another month before I get my parts again. I will no longer be buying Maytag when I shop for appliances.

  • Al
      6th of May, 2007
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    Same story. It's been six weeks, three emails, and a phone call and I still don't have the required part to repair the recall issue. None of the contacted people have any knowledge of how to resolve the issue or who I should contact to help.

    This company has expressed absolutely no regrets about the defective dishwasher or the inconvenience of simply not using it (or having my home and family endangered by the thing).

    Yup, I, too am frustrated and will avoid Maytag products in the future.

  • M
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    Forget about the Maytag repairman, he is only an illusion. Now the next illusory item brought forth by the think-tanks and powers that be which rule Maytag (Whirlpool) is the management and organization of its DISHWASHER RECALL campaign. Just as false as the Maytag repairman, but not nearly as nostalgic, this once glorious company whose products have once meant quality are now littering the unsuspecting public with appliances that pose severe fire hazards in the households which they are kept and frequently used. The new grand fictional scheme offered up by, Whirlpool are the supervisors who are at this present time handling the recall claims of these hazardous appliances. Whirlpool has outsourced this recall agents/supervisors/escalation team to call centers throughout the country. One of these such places is West Corporation, a call center that places people with only three days of training directly on to the phones in order to fool the public into believing they are the Recall escalation supervisors. First of all this is quite far from being a supervisory position because the only thing they are supervising are the PC monitors with carefully phrased scripting. Now talk about fictitious!

  • Lu
      8th of Oct, 2007
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    I will never buy another Maytag product. I have a three year old dishwasher that has been plagued with problems since I bought it. I am also having trouble with my Maytag washin machine , trying to find a reliable service man is a joke , the Maytag Service Repairman is definitiely a myth. It is too bad that Maytag was fallen so far in quality and service. I was once a loyal buyer - no more!

  • Sh
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    I will never in my life buy a Maytag again! The customer service is despicable if not criminal. They think they can get off the hook by telling us to "just not use the dishwasher". Well, I did not spend hundreds of dollars to wash my dishes by hand! Furthermore it's been proven that you cannot get the water hot enough (without a dishwasher) to get your dishes clean enough to eat off safely. Most cases of the flu are not flu at all but illness from eating from unclean plates. When I spoke to a supervisor at Maytag she could not care less that I can't use my other kitchen appliances if I turn off the circuit breaker so now I won't sleep nights worrying my house will catch on fire in my sleep! She said it would be approximately 3-4 weeks to get it fixed or I could have a $75. voucher to buy a new one. When was the last time you saw a brand new dishwasher for $75.00!! If anyone out there is interested in joining me in a class action suit against Maytag, please e-mail me at

  • Jo
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    We had the recall performed, then shortly there after the dishwasher quit working. After several weeks of attempting to get Mr. Appliance, the “authorized repair company”, to come out and look at the dishwasher, according to the same people who did the recall work the new defect is “not related”. We tried dealing with Maytag and Whirlpool and got nothing but a run around. Today we called Jessica Belmontes @ 269-923-5000 in the Maytag Executive Offices, once again we got nothing but a run around, absolutely NO help. My message to anyone who will listen is avoid Whirlpool / Maytag like the plague. They should be forced to take their Maytag repair commercial off the air.

  • Sa
      13th of Dec, 2007
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    We bought a MDBH975AWB dishwasher August 2006 and it has been broken more than fixed. The last break was November 23 and am still waiting on the part to come in and the dishwasher to be fixed. Again, I will not have a dishwasher for all of our Christmas company. I actually have used the dishwasher less time than I've been able to use it. Supposedly the panel keeps going out (3 times now). The contract repair person is giving us the run around as well as directly called Maytag. This is my first and LAST MAYTAG PRODUCT! I will never own another Maytag. They are useless as well as the people who stand behind them.

  • Or
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    My recall experience was not exactly the same as those previously reported and the final result was excellent, but took time to get it done.

    Thank you MAYTAG for your help.

    I called the recall number, they verified my model number and provided a list of local recall repair providers. I selected the closest one and called them. I had to leave a message and eventually they called back. I was told I needed to produce the receipt to have the recall service performed. I again called the recall 800 number, but even after waiting over 30 minutes I was unable to get a "live" person. I hung up and looked up a general contact number from and got a real person
    within 2 or 3 minutes. I described my problem to this person, they looked up my serial number and said I didn't need my receipt. They ordered the recall repair kit and told me to contact a service facility when it arrived. I'm not sure how long it took, possibly 2 or 3 weeks. I did not call the same service facility. I selected one I was familiar with that was not as close.
    THEY did not give me any BS, were very polite and performed the recall service the same week! It consisted of completely replacing the door with everything inside of it, plus a complete wiring harness and door gasket. It has worked perfectly ever since and I am completely satisfied with the final results.

    I do think Maytag had a problem with their Recall 800 number.
    Apparently it was unable to process the volume of calls they were constantly receiving and I'm sure they have learned from this oversight.

  • Ap
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    Maytag Washer customer service is no better. I have been without a washing machine for 4 weeks and my recalled part has yet to arrive. They did finally answer (a human) and assure me that they would re-send the part, which will take another week to arrive. Do NOT by anything Maytag. The think the Maytag man as fleed the country.

  • Th
      17th of Aug, 2010
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    We bought a new, very top-of-the-line Maytag dishwasher in April of 2003. Nothing but problems since. Maytag (and now owner Whirlpool) REFUSE to replace this lemon. And, please, stop sending out stinkly repairmen who are smokers! Ugh! They smell like death and stink up my home!

    No more Maytag, Whirlpool, Jenn Air, KitchenAid or any other Whirlpool-owned products. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Ha
      19th of Oct, 2010
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    Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool! Wirlpool sucks. Maytag use to be great. It's a lie that Whirlpool is still claiming these products as Maytags!!

    I'm a single mom, after 10 years my Maytag dishwasher racks were rusted out and the tines all missing, but the thing still washed beautifully. I called to see if I could just purchast new racks. Indeed I could and with a discount since I would be buying both racks, it would be only $300!! Yippee! SO, I went to purchase a new dishwasher for $450 and with rebates, it was down to $400. Being single and no job at the moment, I decided I could uninstall old one and re-install new one, giving them my old one to haul off. I installed it fine, it didn't fill with water... I let it go for a couple weeks because I just moved and I figured I must have done something wrong and felt it might take me awhile again to undo everything. SO, when I finally had some time, I did, and everything appeared to be installed properly. Still didn't fill with water. SO I called them and they set up an appliance repair man to come out. He finally did and after 30 minutes or more of trouble shooting said it's the appliance, and he'd order parts and come back out when the parts got in.
    I got the appliance on 9/28/10 to my house, it was now 10/19! I called Home Depot where I bought it and they said they would just deliver me a new one on Thursday, but I would have to uninstall the lemon and reinstall the new one again. I called Maytag/Whirlpool and asked them if they would please do the installation free of charge so I don't have to go thru this again. She talked to her supervisor and came back with : "We don't do that." I said, " Oh, you send out lemons that don't work, but you won't install to make sure it's not a lemon this time?" She said." Mam, you chose to install it yourself! All our dishwasher aren't lemons" I said, " Well if you didn't send out lemons, I wouldn't be on the phone to you right now! I think you owe it to your company to do this installation! If they aren't all lemons, it shouldn't be a problem." But she said no again. SO here I am, I am telling you there is NO such thing as customer service with these guys. They dont' care about their name, they aren't Maytag, they just as soon sell their whirlpools I guess! I wont be buying either and I'm debating if I should go back down there and see what else I can buy instead. THis really sucks! If I go through with installing this next one, and it's a lemon, I'm going to be spit fire mad!!

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