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Maytag Dishwasher / I will never ever buy another maytag appliance ever again!

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This dishwashers rollers that the racks sit on are very cheap. They break constantly and I have had to replace them several times and have ended up super gluing them. I e-mailed Maytag and their response was basically too bad. The service man that came and worked on the racks told me that there was a problem with them, but even the ones that he replaced them with broke. I will never ever buy another Maytag appliance ever again!!!

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  • Va
      2nd of Feb, 2007
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    Not that I'm an industry insider or anything, "ahem," but - Maytag is recalling more than two-million dishwashers.
    Evidently because they can catch fire.

    The company says dishwasher liquid is leaking (possibly from the drying agent reservoir) and making the appliances short-circuit.
    So far: More than three-hundred families have had problems and at least four people have been injured.
    To find out if your dishwasher is being recalled check below to see if your make and model is included.

    Brand Model numbers MUST
    begin with… AND serial numbers MUST end
    Maytag® MDB3, MDB4, MDB5,
    MDB6, MDB7, MDB8,
    MDB9, MDBD, MDC3,
    MDC4, MDC5, DWU9 SM, SQ, SS, SU, SW, SY, SZ, UB,
    UD, UF, UH, UK, UM, UQ, US, UU,
    UW, UY, UZ, WB, WD, WF, WH, WK,
    WM, WQ, WS, WU, WW, WY, WZ,
    YB, YD, YF, YH, YK, YM, YQ, YS, YU,
    YW, YY, YZ
    Jenn-Air® JDB3, JDB4, JDB5,
    JDB6,JDB7 UB, UD, UF, UH, UK, UM, UQ, US,
    UU, UW, UY, UZ, WB, WD, WF, WH,
    WK, WM, WQ, WS, WU, WW, WY,
    WZ, YB, YD, YF, YH, YK, YM, YQ,
    YS, YU, YW, YY, YZ

    Sold at: Department and appliance stores and by homebuilders nationwide from July 1997 through June 2001 for between $370 and $800.

    Manufactured in: United States

    Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using these dishwashers, disconnect the electric supply by shutting off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it and inform all users of the dishwasher about the risk of fire. Contact Maytag for either a free in-home repair, or a $75 cash back reimbursement following the purchase of a new Maytag®, Jenn-Air®, Whirlpool® or KitchenAid® dishwasher. Consumers should not return the dishwasher to the retailer where it was purchased, as retailers are not prepared to take units back.

  • Wi
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    I have been trying to get a part for my dishwasher that was recalled since Feb. 10-o7. We have been on the phone several times , one person said that it had been shipped, but she lied about it. I was on the phone most of the day April 9 and also the 10th. I still do not have a part. They keep giving me more phone numbers to call. I have gave them the model and serial number so much i could scream.

  • M
      6th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Forget about the Maytag repairman, he is only an illusion. Now the next illusory item brought forth by the think-tanks and powers that be which rule Maytag (Whirlpool) is the management and organization of its DISHWASHER RECALL campaign. Just as false as the Maytag repairman, but not nearly as nostalgic, this once glorious company whose products have once meant quality are now littering the unsuspecting public with appliances that pose severe fire hazards in the households which they are kept and frequently used. The new grand fictional scheme offered up by Maytag oops, I mean Whirlpool, are the supervisors who are at this present time handling the recall claims of these hazardous appliances.

    Whirlpool has outsourced these recall agents/supervisors/escalation team to call centers throughout the country. One of these such places is West Corporation, a call center that places people with only three days of training directly on to the phones in order to fool the public into believing they are the Recall escalation supervisors. First of all this is quite far from being a supervisory position because the only thing they are supervising are the PC monitors in front of their faces with carefully phrased scripting for talking to angry consumers about their recall issues. Now talk about fictitious!

  • Ro
      29th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    I too am no covered in cobwebs waiting for the Maytag repairman. I am sure he is in the same dreams as the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. We have called and waited, called and waited, called and waited. When we do get through the service is great and the promises sound good, but, we still don't have the part. My fingers look like prunes from washing dishes and the quality time spent with my wife washing dishes is a benefit. Maytag appliances, as far a I'm concerned has a future in our household. We will tell story and fairy tales to our grandchildren about the wonderful service and great product Maytag builds in the "never, never land" - 'cause purchasing one in real life - "never, never".

  • La
      17th of Nov, 2007
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    I have a Maytag dishwasher, an expensive one at that, the wheel on the upper rack cracked within a year. The only way to replace the wheel (has to cost under a dollar) is to purchase the entire upper rack which is $159.60. The maytag company said "it is only $159.60." Only!!

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