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Maytag Dependability Plus / avoid a whole lot of headache!

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Over a year ago, my partner and I purchased a new compact washer and dryer set from Whirlpool on the recommendation of our local dealer. Though there are a few quirky features (to the washer in particular), we were generally pleased with our purchase. For an additional $99.00 we invested in a “Maytag Dependability Plus” Certificate which boasts that it is “. . . a valuable tool in helping you avoid unexpected repair expenses . . .” It is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.

A little over a year passed since the date of purchase and the problems started. The washer was not spinning during its cycle, leaving the clothes soaking wet and soapy. The door would not open after the cycle was “done”, holding our clothes hostage until they began to mildew. It was time to use our “Maytag Dependability Plus”.

Upon my first call to Maytag, I discovered that we were mistakenly documented as having (2) dryers instead of (1) washer and (1) dryer. Even though the model #s and serial #s corresponded to (1) washer and (1) dryer, we were subjected to a 3 week wait before the wording on the certificate was changed so that service could be scheduled. Four weeks after my initial call, a technician came out to examine the machine. He poked around a bit and determined that some parts needed to be ordered to fix the problem. One week passed, the parts arrived, and I scheduled the next service visit. The technician returned and decided that these parts were not the ones in question and that a new set of parts needed to be ordered to fix the problem. We patiently waited ten more days for the new parts to arrive. I scheduled the third visit. The technician returned and again determined that he did not have sufficient parts - he placed a third order for parts. Throughout this process, we did not see any advances toward the function or “dependability” of our washer.

I put in several calls to Maytag during this odyssey outlining the problems with the service. I got the run around each time and was told that I did not qualify for a replacement washer. The certificate states that after (4) visits to repair the same part, they will replace the unit with a new one (the Lemon Law). That’s where they have you - the technician has ordered one part after another, never the same part twice. Under this policy, we will surely endure the next five years without a washer before the same part is ordered four times.

Two months without laundry and at least three days taken away from work far outweighs the $99.00 spent on our “Maytag Dependability Plus” coverage. Had we foreseen the money and time lost to horrible service, we certainly would have spent the extra money up front to procure much nicer, more dependable, Bosch or LG units and we would have avoided a whole lot of headache.

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